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Population: 168,660     2000 census
Area: 647,960 Acres
County Seat:* Fremont* 1850 - 1851 Washington* 1851 - 1857 Cacheville* 1857 - 1861
Washington* 1861 - 1862 Woodland 1862 - present
Date: February 18, 1850 Original county


Mining Districts
Name Type
Historical Landmarks


851 Woodland Opera house 1885
864 Gable Mansion 1885


Census Totals

1850 1860 1870 1880
1,086 4,716 9,899 11,880


Territorial History

1850 One of the 27 original counties
  Territory from Solano to Yolo (1857)
Territory from Yolo to Colusa (1851)


* Yolo County was originally to be named Fremont County. In 1850 Yolo County was first named Yola County and then later in 1850 the name was changed to Yolo
* Fremont was south of present knights Landing
* Washington was later named Broderick (across the river from Sacramento
* Cacheville was first named Huttons. Renamed Cacheville when it was made the county seat and is presently named Yolo
In the original act of 1850, the name was spelled "Yola." Yolo is an Indian name variously believed to be a corruption of an Indian tribal name Yo-loy meaning "a place abounding in rushes" or of the name of the Indian chief, Yodo, or of the Indian village of Yodoi. 

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