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Population: 247,289     2000 census
Area: 332,660 Acres
County Seat: San Rafael* 1850 - present
Date: February 18, 1850 Original county


Mining Districts
Name Type
Spanish Missions



Date Restored
Mission San Rafael Arcangel December 14, 1817 1949 replica on approximate site
Historical Landmarks


207 First Sawmill in Marin County 1834
210 Oldest House North of San Francisco Bay 1776
220 Mission San Rafael Arcangel December 14, 1817
221 Site of the Lighter Wharf at Bolinas 1850
222 Lime Kilns 1812
529 Angel Island  
552 Pioneer Paper Mill November 1856
630 St. Vincent's School for Boys 1855
679 Home of Lord Charles Snowden Fairfax  
917 Green Brae Brick Kiln  
922 Outdoor Art Club 1904
924 China Camp 1870
974 Golden Gate Bridge April 19, 1937
999 Marin County Civic Center 1962



Census Totals

1850 1860 1870 1880
323 3,334 6,903 11,326


Territorial History

1850 One of the 27 original counties
  Territory from or to no other county. Boundary alignment did change, to a small degree, the boundary only in the San Francisco Bay and no physical land boundary changed. The water came from San Francisco County.


*San Rafael was not the county seat at the beginning of 1850. The county was administered by Sonoma County for awhile.
The origin of its name is uncertain. One theory has the county named for Chief Marin, of the Licatiut Indians who inhabited that section of land. Another theory is that the bay between San Pedro and San Quentin points was named Bahia de Nuestra Senora del Rosario la Marinera by Ayala in 1775, and it is thought that Marin is an abbreviation of this. 

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