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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
Tuohy Meadow Tulare flat 362015N 1184008W   Moses Mountain
Turnbull (historical) Tulare pop place 360255N 1193108W   Corcoran
Turner Flat Tulare flat 355024N 1184426W   Posey
Turner Peak Tulare summit 355130N 1184434W   Posey
Tussock Bench Tulare bench 360201N 1181107W   Crag Peak
Twin Buttes Tulare summit 362531N 1191143W   Ivanhoe
Twin Buttes Tulare pop place 362800N 1191220W   Ivanhoe
Twin Lake Tulare lake 363930N 1184248W   Mount Silliman
Twin Lakes Tulare lake 361759N 1183709W   Quinn Peak
Twin Peak Tulare summit 354834N 1184247W   Posey
Twin Peaks Tulare summit 363955N 1184218W   Mount Silliman
Twin Springs Tulare spring 355010N 1184018W   Posey
Tyler Creek Tulare stream 355302N 1184223W   California Hot Springs
Tyler Creek Fire Control Station Tulare locale 355254N 1184155W   California Hot Springs
Tyler Gulch Tulare valley 354851N 1185530W   Quincy School
Tyler Meadow Tulare flat 354958N 1183318W   Tobias Peak
Tyler Peak Tulare summit 355347N 1184202W   California Hot Springs
Tyndall Creek Tulare stream 363608N 1182457W   Mount Kaweah
Tyndall Creek Patrol Cabin Tulare locale 363800N 1182324W   Mount Brewer
Tyndall Creek Ranger Station Tulare locale 363813N 1182323W   Mount Brewer
Uchiyingich (historical) Tulare pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   Unknown
Uhi Pocket Tulare basin 355157N 1184048W   Posey
Uhi Station Tulare locale 355309N 1183844W   California Hot Springs
Uhl Hill Tulare summit 355202N 1184247W   Posey
Ultra Tulare pop place 355751N 1185951W 512 Fountain Springs
Upper Funston Meadow Tulare flat 362658N 1182424W   Chagoopa Falls
Upper Grouse Valley Tulare basin 361757N 1184851W   Dennison Peak
Upper Monarch Lake 104-020 Dam Tulare dam 362712N 1183354W   Mineral King
Upper Parker Meadow Tulare flat 355800N 1183805W   California Hot Springs
Upper Pyles Camp Tulare locale 360942N 1182247W   Hockett Peak
Upper Springhill Campground Tulare locale 355154N 1182653W   Kernville
Valhalla Tulare area 363402N 1183503W   Triple Divide Peak
Van Gordon Creek Tulare stream 361737N 1185541W   Chickencoop Canyon
Vance Tulare pop place 361327N 1190609W 363 Lindsay
Vandalia Cemetery Tulare cemetery 360215N 1190015W   Porterville
Vandalia School (historical) Tulare school 360224N 1190029W   Porterville
Vanderhoof Ranch Tulare locale 362849N 1190528W   Woodlake
Vandever Mountain Tulare summit 362355N 1183448W   Mineral King
Venice Cove Tulare valley 362226N 1191125W   Exeter
Venice Hills Tulare other 362225N 1191049W   Exeter
Venida Tulare pop place 361958N 1190745W 410 Exeter
Vestal Tulare pop place 355023N 1190502W 500 Richgrove
Vestal Sub Station Tulare locale 355028N 1190502W   Richgrove
Veterans Park Tulare park 360426N 1190306W   Porterville
Vidette Lakes Tulare lake 364434N 1182425W   Mount Brewer
Village Park Tulare park 362025N 1191736W   Visalia
Vincent Tulare pop place 360500N 1190840W   Woodville
Vincent Meadow Tulare flat 355234N 1183252W   Johnsondale
Vincent Ranch Tulare locale 354735N 1184238W   Posey
Vine Street Public School (historical) Tulare school 360350N 1190053W   Porterville
Visalia Tulare pop place 361949N 1191728W 331 Visalia
Visalia Cemetery Tulare cemetery 362014N 1191817W   Visalia
Visalia Municipal Airport Tulare airport 361907N 1192334W   Goshen
Visalia Oaks Park Tulare park 362000N 1191815W   Visalia
Volcanic Creek Tulare stream 362156N 1182119W   Kern Peak
Volcano Falls Tulare falls 362107N 1182333W   Kern Lake
Volcano Meadow Tulare flat 362117N 1181927W   Kern Peak
Von Hellum Creek Tulare stream 354810N 1183911W   Posey
Wagonshed Creek Tulare stream 363014N 1190039W   Auckland
Wales Lake Tulare lake 363558N 1181849W   Mount Whitney
Walkers Cabin Tulare locale 361708N 1183237W   Quinn Peak
Wall Spring Tulare spring 363313N 1184621W   Giant Forest
Wallace Creek Tulare stream 363436N 1182440W   Mount Kaweah
Wallace Lake Tulare lake 363644N 1181849W   Mount Whitney
Walnut Grove School (historical) Tulare school 361449N 1192546W   Paige
Ward Canyon Tulare valley 360752N 1184658W   Springville
Ward Spring Tulare spring 360700N 1184630W   Globe
Warm Sulphur Spring Tulare spring 363522N 1190047W   Auckland
Washapie Mountain Tulare summit 363930N 1190922W   Tucker Mountain
Washburn Cove Tulare basin 362741N 1185302W   Kaweah
Waukena Tulare pop place 360819N 1193031W 192 Waukena
Weaver Creek Tulare stream 364330N 1184821W   Muir Grove
Weaver Lake Tulare lake 364210N 1184750W   Muir Grove
Welcome School (historical) Tulare school 360724N 1190240W   Porterville
Wells Creek Tulare stream 362025N 1185540W   Chickencoop Canyon
West Alpaugh (historical) Tulare pop place 355316N 1193032W   Hacienda Ranch NE
West Fork Clover Creek Tulare stream 363956N 1184500W   Mount Silliman
West Fork Ferguson Creek Tulare stream 364252N 1183658W   Sphinx Lakes
West Horse Meadow Tulare area 355124N 1183328W   Tobias Peak
West Meadow Tulare flat 360252N 1182149W   Bonita Meadows
West Spur Tulare ridge 364324N 1182505W   Mount Brewer
West Stringer Tulare stream 361538N 1182009W   Kern Peak
West Stringer Saddle Tulare gap 361847N 1181915W   Kern Peak
West Tulare (historical) Tulare pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
West Venida Tulare pop place 362028N 1190744W   Exeter
Western Camp Tulare locale 364340N 1185300W   General Grant Grove
Westfield Tulare pop place 360528N 1190237W   Porterville
Weston Meadow Tulare flat 364322N 1185306W   General Grant Grove
Wet Meadows Tulare flat 362109N 1183448W   Quinn Peak
Whaleback Tulare ridge 363749N 1183149W   Sphinx Lakes
Wheat Camp Tulare locale 360227N 1193135W   Corcoran
Wheatland School (historical) Tulare school 355512N 1190623W   Ducor
Wheatons Tulare pop place 360157N 1184206W   Solo Peak
Wheel Meadow Grove Tulare woods 360733N 1183351W   Camp Nelson
Whitaker Forest Tulare forest 364210N 1185553W   General Grant Grove
White Chief Lake Tulare lake 362433N 1183552W   Mineral King
White Chief Mine Tulare mine 362438N 1183526W   Mineral King
White Chief Peak Tulare summit 362422N 1183550W   Mineral King
White Dome Tulare summit 355154N 1181251W   White Dome
White Meadow Tulare flat 361137N 1183410W   Camp Nelson

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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
White Mountain Tulare summit 361524N 1182830W   Kern Lake
White River Tulare stream 355106N 1191713W   Delano West
White River Tulare pop place 354840N 1185031W 1100 White River
White River Campground Tulare locale 355040N 1183806W   Posey
White River Summer Home Tract Tulare pop place 355058N 1183734W   Posey
Whitendale Park Tulare park 361837N 1191741W   Visalia
Whiteriver Post Office (historical) Tulare post office ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   White River
Whitman Creek Tulare stream 362345N 1183951W   Silver City
Whitney Creek Tulare stream 363303N 1182407W   Mount Kaweah
Whitney Meadow Tulare flat 362556N 1181556W   Johnson Peak
Wilcox Canyon Tulare valley 363338N 1190922W   Stokes Mountain
Wilcox Creek Tulare stream 363051N 1190754W   Stokes Mountain
Wilcox School (historical) Tulare school 363132N 1190821W   Stokes Mountain
Wild Hog Canyon Tulare valley 363840N 1190301W   Miramonte
Wildrose Meadows Tulare flat 360446N 1180605W   Long Canyon
Williams Meadow Tulare flat 364343N 1184111W   Mount Silliman
Willow Creek Tulare stream 362645N 1182700W   Chagoopa Falls
Willow Creek Tulare stream 361629N 1183059W   Quinn Peak
Willow Glen Park Tulare park 362002N 1192054W   Visalia
Willow Meadow Tulare flat 363700N 1184400W   Lodgepole
Willow Meadows Tulare flat 361355N 1182455W   Hockett Peak
Willow Meadows Campground Tulare locale 361357N 1182500W   Hockett Peak
Willow Spring Tulare spring 360139N 1180331W   Long Canyon
Wilson Creek Tulare stream 360827N 1183826W   Camp Wishon
Wilsonia Tulare pop place 364406N 1185720W 6600 General Grant Grove
Wimp Tulare pop place 363002N 1191435W   Stokes Mountain
Window Cliffs Tulare cliff 362330N 1182230W   Johnson Peak
Windy Creek Tulare stream 360328N 1183909W   Solo Peak
Windy Creek Tulare stream 355622N 1183512W   Johnsondale
Windy Gap Tulare gap 360239N 1183510W   Sentinel Peak
Windy Gap Tulare gap 361948N 1183606W   Quinn Peak
Windy Ridge Tulare ridge 361942N 1183619W   Quinn Peak
Windy Springs Tulare spring 360134N 1180607W   Long Canyon
Wishon Station Tulare locale 361122N 1183956W   Camp Wishon
Wolverton Tulare locale 363546N 1184408W   Lodgepole
Wolverton Corrals Tulare locale 363522N 1184451W   Lodgepole
Wolverton Creek Tulare stream 363550N 1184512W   Giant Forest
Woodcock Meadow Tulare flat 364244N 1185319W   General Grant Grove
Woodlake Tulare pop place 362449N 1190552W 440 Woodlake
Woodlake Airport Tulare airport 362355N 1190626W   Woodlake
Woodlake City Park Tulare park 362453N 1190543W   Woodlake
Woodlake Junction Tulare pop place 362450N 1190657W 438 Woodlake
Woodlake Post Office Tulare post office 362456N 1190550W   Woodlake
Woodlake Valley Tulare flat 363055N 1190804W   Stokes Mountain
Woodpecker Meadow Tulare flat 355849N 1181601W   Sirretta Peak
Woodville Tulare pop place 360537N 1191153W 335 Woodville
Woodward Creek Tulare stream 363927N 1185041W   Muir Grove
Woolley Canyon Tulare valley 363725N 1190304W   Auckland
Worth Tulare pop place 360309N 1185610W 538 Success Dam
Worthing (historical) Tulare pop place 361113N 1190457W   Lindsay
Wright Creek Tulare stream 363523N 1182317W   Mount Kaweah
Wright Lakes Tulare lake 363748N 1182127W   Mount Williamson
Wutchumna Ditch Reservoir Tulare reservoir 362424N 1190642W   Woodlake
Wutchumna Hill Tulare summit 362316N 1190155W   Woodlake
Wyeth Tulare pop place 363110N 1191557W   Orange Cove South
Yellow Jacket Canyon Tulare valley 355010N 1184224W   Posey
Yettem Tulare pop place 362911N 1191531W 343 Monson
Yokohl Tulare pop place 361932N 1190453W 464 Rocky Hill
Yokohl Creek Tulare stream 362101N 1190840W   Exeter
Yokohl Valley Tulare valley 361938N 1190447W   Rocky Hill
Yucca Creek Tulare stream 363244N 1185344W   Shadequarter Mountain
Yucca Mountain Tulare summit 363418N 1185207W   Giant Forest
Yucca Ridge Tulare ridge 363502N 1185116W   Giant Forest
Zalud Park Tulare park 360443N 1190113W   Porterville
Zante Tulare pop place 360653N 1190241W 416 Porterville
Zumwalt Ranch (historical) Tulare locale 355904N 1185330W   Fountain Springs

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