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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
Poison Meadow Creek Tulare stream 355756N 1182523W   Fairview
Poison Oak Spring Tulare spring 355442N 1184319W   California Hot Springs
Ponca Tulare pop place 360231N 1190058W 459 Porterville
Pond Meadow Tulare flat 364252N 1184304W   Mount Silliman
Ponderosa Tulare pop place 360620N 1183138W 7200 Sentinel Peak
Poop Out Pass Tulare gap 364120N 1184650W   Muir Grove
Poplar Tulare pop place 360312N 1190832W 374 Woodville
Poplar Post Office Tulare post office 360321N 1190833W   Woodville
Porter Ranch Airport Tulare airport 360119N 1180543W   Long Canyon
Porter Slough Tulare stream 360740N 1191424W   Cairns Corner
Porterville Tulare pop place 360355N 1190057W 459 Porterville
Porterville Cemetery Tulare cemetery 360355N 1185939W   Success Dam
Porterville Fairgrounds Tulare park 360358N 1190030W   Porterville
Porterville Junction (historical) Tulare ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Porterville Municipal Airport Tulare airport 360146N 1190345W   Porterville
Porterville Post Office Tulare post office 360408N 1190101W   Porterville
Portex (historical) Tulare pop place 360844N 1190134W   Lindsay
Portuguese Meadow Tulare flat 354806N 1183427W   Tobias Peak
Portuguese Pass Tulare gap 354801N 1183451W   Tobias Peak
Portuguese Peak Tulare summit 354727N 1183503W   Tobias Peak
Posey Tulare pop place 354817N 1184055W   3600Posey
Poso Forest Service Station Tulare locale 354827N 1183836W   Posey
Poso Park Tulare pop place 354839N 1183802W   Posey
Potato Hill Tulare summit 361910N 1185634W   Chickencoop Canyon
Pothole Creek Tulare stream 355714N 1184935W   Gibbon Peak
Potwisha Tulare pop place 363103N 1184756W   Giant Forest
Potwisha Campground Tulare locale 363103N 1184758W   Giant Forest
Potwisha Recreation Site Tulare locale 363058N 1184756W   Giant Forest
Powder Horn Meadow Tulare flat 355627N 1183622W   Johnsondale
Powderhorn Grove Tulare woods 355607N 1183616W   Johnsondale
Powell Meadow Tulare flat 360916N 1181453W   Monache Mountain
Powell Ranch Tulare locale 362033N 1190128W   Rocky Hill
Pratt Ranch Tulare locale 355912N 1185553W   Fountain Springs
Precipice Lake Tulare lake 363303N 1183335W   Triple Divide Peak
Prewit (historical) Tulare pop place 360936N 1190119W   Lindsay
Primero (historical) Tulare pop place 363609N 1191704W   Orange Cove South
Primrose Lake Tulare lake 363113N 1181634W   Mount Whitney
Profile View Tulare cape 364154N 1184439W   Mount Silliman
Pumpkin Canyon Tulare valley 355017N 1184316W   Posey
Pup Meadow Tulare flat 355351N 1183435W   Johnsondale
Putman Canyon Tulare valley 362052N 1184504W   Dennison Peak
Putman Creek Tulare stream 362052N 1184504W   Dennison Peak
Pyles Camp Tulare locale 360817N 1182837W   Hockett Peak
Quail Tulare pop place 360035N 1191809W 273 Tipton
Quail Flat Tulare flat 363100N 1190345W   Auckland
Quail Flat Tulare flat 364318N 1185428W   General Grant Grove
Quail Trap Canyon Tulare valley 354751N 1184242W   Posey
Quaker Meadow Tulare pop place 360637N 1183313W   Sentinel Peak
Quaking Aspen Campground Tulare locale 360714N 1183239W   Sentinel Peak
Quaking Aspen Group Campground Tulare locale 360709N 1183250W   Sentinel Peak
Quaking Aspen Meadow Tulare flat 360706N 1183241W   Sentinel Peak
Quarter Circle 5 Ranch Tulare locale 354411N 1181840W   Weldon
Quedow Mountain Tulare summit 355630N 1185255W   Fountain Springs
Quinn Peak Tulare summit 362006N 1183514W   Quinn Peak
Quinn Snow Survey Cabin Tulare locale 361929N 1183431W   Quinn Peak
Rabbit Island Tulare island 354021N 1182219W   Weldon
Rabbit Meadow Tulare flat 364246N 1185234W   General Grant Grove
Radnor Tulare pop place 354949N 1191539W 295 Delano West
Rag Gulch Tulare valley 354726N 1190743W   Delano East
Ragle Canyon Tulare valley 362612N 1190122W   Woodlake
Rail Flat Tulare flat 354936N 1184406W   Posey
Rail Flat Ridge Tulare ridge 354920N 1184440W   Posey
Railroad Canyon Tulare valley 355013N 1184426W   Posey
Rainbow Mountain Tulare summit 362525N 1183255W   Mineral King
Ramshaw Meadows Tulare flat 362059N 1181515W   Kern Peak
Rancheria Canyon Tulare valley 363349N 1190129W   Auckland
Rancheria Creek Tulare stream 361208N 1184538W   Springville
Rancheria Flat Tulare flat 363347N 1190125W   Auckland
Ranger Lake Tulare lake 363958N 1184138W   Mount Silliman
Ranger Meadow Tulare flat 363858N 1183501W   Sphinx Lakes
Rattlesnake Creek Tulare stream 363510N 1190717W   Auckland
Rattlesnake Creek Tulare stream 362501N 1182437W   Chagoopa Falls
Rattlesnake Creek Tulare stream 360833N 1182413W   Hockett Peak
Rattlesnake Meadow Tulare flat 354839N 1181612W   Cannell Peak
Rattlesnake Point Tulare locale 362526N 1182506W   Chagoopa Falls
Rattlesnake Ridge Tulare ridge 355740N 1184421W   California Hot Springs
Rattlesnake Spring Tulare spring 363030N 1190305W   Auckland
Rattlesnake Spring Tulare spring 363659N 1190951W   Stokes Mountain
Rayo Tulare pop place 362700N 1191114W 374 Ivanhoe
Rector Tulare pop place 361819N 1191431W 344 Exeter
Red Fir Tulare pop place 363620N 1184555W   Giant Forest
Red Fir Meadow Tulare flat 363509N 1184324W   Lodgepole
Red Hill Tulare summit 362117N 1181648W   Kern Peak
Red Hill Tulare summit 360359N 1183732W   Solo Peak
Red Hill Tulare summit 362821N 1185024W   Case Mountain
Red Hill Grove Tulare woods 360417N 1183643W   Sentinel Peak
Red Kaweah Tulare summit 363223N 1183017W   Triple Divide Peak
Red Mountain Tulare summit 363045N 1190539W   Auckland
Red Spur Tulare ridge 363201N 1182556W   Mount Kaweah
Red Spur Creek Tulare stream 362949N 1182411W   Chagoopa Falls
Redbanks Tulare pop place 362520N 1190836W 427 Ivanhoe
Redrock Creek Tulare stream 361347N 1181822W   Casa Vieja Meadows
Redrocks Meadows Tulare flat 361610N 1181616W   Kern Peak
Redwood Camp Tulare locale 360654N 1184110W   Solo Peak
Redwood Canyon Tulare valley 363816N 1185353W   General Grant Grove
Redwood Corral Tulare pop place 355857N 1183942W   California Hot Springs
Redwood Creek Tulare stream 363720N 1185336W   Shadequarter Mountain
Redwood Creek Tulare stream 362618N 1184146W   Silver City
Redwood Creek Tulare stream 355951N 1183954W   California Hot Springs
Redwood Meadow Tulare flat 363146N 1183802W   Lodgepole

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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
Redwood Meadow Tulare flat 355824N 1183547W   Johnsondale
Redwood Meadow Campground Tulare locale 355835N 1183527W   Johnsondale
Redwood Meadow Grove Tulare woods 363147N 1183835W   Lodgepole
Redwood Meadows Ranger Station Tulare locale 363149N 1183806W   Lodgepole
Redwood Mountain Tulare ridge 363956N 1185506W   General Grant Grove
Redwood Mountain Grove Tulare woods 364138N 1185505W   General Grant Grove
Redwood Mountain Overlook Tulare locale 364307N 1185503W   General Grant Grove
Redwood Saddle Tulare gap 364231N 1185508W   General Grant Grove
Reinhardt Spring Tulare spring 355302N 1180319W   Sacatar Canyon
Reynolds (historical) Tulare pop place 361340N 1190422W   Lindsay
Richgrove Tulare pop place 354748N 1190625W 510 Richgrove
Ridenhour Creek Tulare stream 362753N 1190130W   Woodlake
Rifle Creek Tulare stream 361923N 1183138W   Quinn Peak
Right Stringer Tulare stream 362127N 1181931W   Kern Peak
Right Stringer Pass Tulare gap 361925N 1182054W   Kern Peak
Rincon Tulare basin 355814N 1182724W   Fairview
Rincon Trail Tulare trail 360217N 1182705W   Durrwood Creek
River Hill Tulare summit 362748N 1184911W   Case Mountain
River Spring Tulare spring 361514N 1181636W   Kern Peak
River Valley Tulare valley 363320N 1183710W   Triple Divide Peak
Roads End Tulare pop place 355536N 1182954W 3630 Fairview
Roads End Station Tulare locale 355603N 1182903W   Fairview
Roaring River Ranger Station Tulare locale 364239N 1183501W   Sphinx Lakes
Robla (historical) Tulare pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Roble Lomas Ranch Tulare locale 363140N 1190723W   Auckland
Roche Tulare pop place 360423N 1190038W   Porterville
Rock Creek Tulare stream 362845N 1182418W   Chagoopa Falls
Rock Creek Patrol Cabin Tulare locale 362939N 1182010W   Johnson Peak
Rock Spring Tulare spring 363301N 1190352W   Auckland
Rockford (historical) Tulare pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   Porterville
Rockhouse Basin Tulare basin 355610N 1180940W   Rockhouse Basin
Rockhouse Meadow Tulare flat 355326N 1181133W   Rockhouse Basin
Rockslide Lake Tulare lake 363435N 1182625W   Mount Kaweah
Rocky Basin Lakes Tulare lake 362649N 1181857W   Johnson Peak
Rocky Creek Tulare stream 360215N 1184520W   Globe
Rocky Hill Tulare pop place 361805N 1190700W 408 Rocky Hill
Rocky Hill Tulare summit 360507N 1185746W   Success Dam
Rocky Hill Tulare summit 361714N 1190504W   Rocky Hill
Rocky Hills Tulare summit 361219N 1190019W   Lindsay
Rodeo Flat Tulare flat 360302N 1181209W   Crag Peak
Rogers Camp Tulare locale 360631N 1183810W   Solo Peak
Roosevelt Park Tulare park 363237N 1192248W   Reedley
Rose Street Tulare locale 362652N 1190656W   Woodlake
Rosedale School (historical) Tulare school 361147N 1191002W   Cairns Corner
Rotary Park Tulare park 361902N 1191829W   Visalia
Rough Creek Tulare stream 361845N 1182400W   Kern Lake
Round Meadow Tulare flat 360241N 1183544W   Sentinel Peak
Round Meadow Tulare flat 355749N 1182155W   Sirretta Peak
Round Meadow Tulare flat 361313N 1182840W   Hockett Peak
Round Meadow Tulare flat 363404N 1184606W   Giant Forest
Round Mountain Stringer Tulare stream 361206N 1181032W   Monache Mountain
Round Valley Tulare basin 361305N 1190127W   Lindsay
Rowell Creek Tulare stream 364253N 1184605W   Muir Grove
Rowell Meadow Tulare flat 364258N 1184427W   Mount Silliman
Roys Park Tulare park 361730N 1191225W   Exeter
Rube Creek Tulare stream 355355N 1184350W   California Hot Springs
Ruiz Park Tulare park 362048N 1191705W   Visalia
S D A Cemetery Tulare cemetery 363153N 1192546W   Reedley
Sacatar Canyon Tulare valley 355937N 1180520W   Sacatar Canyon
Sacatar Meadow Tulare flat 355926N 1180506W   Sacatar Canyon
Sacatar Meadows Airport Tulare airport 355923N 1180449W   Sacatar Canyon
Sacratone Flat Tulare flat 360904N 1182250W   Hockett Peak
Saddle Camp Pass Tulare gap 361802N 1182142W   Kern Peak
Sagebrush Gulch Tulare valley 361353N 1183043W   Camp Nelson
Saint Anns Cemetery Tulare cemetery 360223N 1190143W   Porterville
Saint Johns Tulare pop place 362305N 1190551W   Woodlake
Saint Johns River Tulare stream 362457N 1192552W   Traver
Saint Johns School (historical) Tulare school 362324N 1190553W   Woodlake
Salmon Creek Tulare stream 355345N 1182800W   Fairview
Salmon Creek Falls Tulare falls 355438N 1182606W   Fairview
Salt Creek Tulare stream 362736N 1185215W   Case Mountain
Salt Creek Ridge Tulare ridge 362343N 1184634W   Case Mountain
Salt Lick Meadow Tulare flat 362328N 1182005W   Johnson Peak
Salyer Farms Camp One Tulare locale 360554N 1193114W   Corcoran
Sam Lewis Camp Tulare locale 360333N 1181418W   Crag Peak
Sam Spring Tulare spring 360256N 1182407W   Durrwood Creek
Sand Creek Tulare stream 362822N 1192020W   Monson
Sand Flat Tulare flat 355251N 1183437W   Johnsondale
Sand Flat Tulare flat 354725N 1184214W   Posey
Sand Hill Ridge Tulare ridge 360248N 1183008W   Sentinel Peak
Sand Meadows Tulare flat 362140N 1183915W   Moses Mountain
Sandspur (historical) Tulare pop place 362357N 1190201W   Woodlake
Sandy Meadow Tulare flat 363400N 1182215W   Mount Whitney
Saucelito Tulare pop place 355845N 1191040W   Sausalito School
Sawtooth Pass Tulare gap 362737N 1183342W   Mineral King
Sawtooth Peak Tulare summit 362715N 1183315W   Mineral King
Sawyer Peak Tulare summit 363551N 1191010W   Stokes Mountain
Scaffold Meadows Tulare flat 364253N 1183511W   Sphinx Lakes
Scarlet and Davis Canyon Tulare valley 355310N 1183230W   Johnsondale
Scenic Heights Tulare ridge 360522N 1190124W   Porterville
Scenic Meadow Tulare flat 364102N 1183547W   Sphinx Lakes
Schaeffer Meadow Tulare flat 361719N 1181156W   Templeton Mountain
Schaeffer Meadow Tulare flat 360345N 1182430W   Durrwood Creek
Schaeffer Mountain Tulare summit 360434N 1182354W   Durrwood Creek
Schaeffer Stringer Tulare stream 361619N 1181137W   Templeton Mountain
Schenley Ranch Tulare locale 360054N 1191010W   Woodville
Schoolhouse Spring Tulare spring 363144N 1190417W   Auckland
Schultz Creek Tulare stream 354802N 1183158W   Tobias Peak
Scodie Meadow Tulare flat 355327N 1180010W   Sacatar Canyon
Scratch Hill Tulare summit 362046N 1184618W   Dennison Peak

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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
Sentinel Butte Tulare summit 362649N 1190635W   Woodlake
Sentinel Peak Tulare summit 360057N 1183133W   Sentinel Peak
Sequoia Tulare pop place 362539N 1190658W 449 Woodlake
Sequoia Field Tulare airport 362654N 1191908W   Monson
Sequoia Guard Station Tulare locale 364148N 1185624W   General Grant Grove
Sequoia National Forest Tulare forest 360001N 1183001W   Sentinel Peak
Sequoia National Park Tulare pop place 363351N 1184622W 6409 Giant Forest
Sequoia Ranch Airport Tulare airport 360859N 1184808W   Springville
Sequoia and King Canyon National Park Tulare park 363030N 1183425W   Triple Divide Peak
Sevenmile Hill Tulare ridge 363350N 1184201W   Lodgepole
Seville Tulare pop place 362909N 1191320W 353 Ivanhoe
Seville Lake Tulare lake 364100N 1184305W   Mount Silliman
Shadequarter Lookout Tulare locale 363402N 1185722W   Shadequarter Mountain
Shadequarter Mountain Tulare summit 363340N 1185807W   Shadequarter Mountain
Shadley Creek Tulare stream 363522N 1190041W   Auckland
Shake Camp Campground Tulare locale 361458N 1184013W   Camp Wishon
Shake Camp Pack Station Tulare locale 361457N 1184017W   Camp Wishon
Shannon Ranch Tulare locale 355927N 1185027W   Gibbon Peak
Sharknose Ridge Tulare ridge 362331N 1181017W   Cirque Peak
Sheep Camp Lakes Tulare lake 364048N 1184243W   Mount Silliman
Sheep Creek Tulare stream 363011N 1185435W   Shadequarter Mountain
Sheep Creek Tulare stream 361647N 1183030W   Quinn Peak
Sheep Mountain Tulare summit 361831N 1183724W   Quinn Peak
Sheep Ridge Tulare ridge 363306N 1185514W   Shadequarter Mountain
Shell Mountain Tulare summit 364147N 1184743W   Muir Grove
Shepherd Cove Tulare basin 362838N 1185127W   Case Mountain
Shepherd Peak Tulare summit 362928N 1185238W   Kaweah
Shepherd Saddle Tulare gap 363011N 1185206W   Giant Forest
Sherman Creek Tulare stream 363455N 1184606W   Giant Forest
Sherman Pass Tulare gap 355926N 1182154W   Sirretta Peak
Sherman Peak Tulare summit 360036N 1182327W   Durrwood Creek
Shortys Cabin Tulare park 363906N 1183202W   Sphinx Lakes
Shotgun Creek Tulare stream 362003N 1183159W   Quinn Peak
Shotgun Pass Tulare gap 362321N 1183204W   Mineral King
Siberian Outpost Tulare basin 362821N 1181825W   Johnson Peak
Siberian Pass Tulare gap 362809N 1181615W   Johnson Peak
Siberian Pass Creek Tulare stream 362942N 1182015W   Johnson Peak
Sidehill Meadow Tulare flat 361608N 1182002W   Kern Peak
Sides (historical) Tulare pop place 361510N 1190554W   Rocky Hill
Sierra Christian Camp Tulare locale 354801N 1183851W   Posey
Sierra Glen Tulare pop place 363822N 1185957W   General Grant Grove
Sierra Heights Tulare pop place 361114N 1190340W 407 Lindsay
Sierra Vista Ranch Tulare locale 354743N 1191055W   Delano East
Silas Reynolds Meadow Tulare flat 361246N 1181304W   Monache Mountain
Silliman Creek Tulare stream 363613N 1184414W   Lodgepole
Silliman Crest Tulare ridge 363930N 1184245W   Mount Silliman
Silliman Lake Tulare lake 363808N 1184201W   Mount Silliman
Silliman Meadow Tulare flat 363748N 1184331W   Mount Silliman
Silliman Pass Tulare gap 363947N 1184219W   Mount Silliman
Silver City Tulare pop place 362758N 1183842W 6935 Silver City
Silver Creek Tulare stream 361411N 1183901W   Camp Wishon
Silver Creek Grove Tulare woods 361429N 1183851W   Camp Wishon
Silver Lake Tulare lake 362259N 1183158W   Mineral King
Simmons Post Camp Tulare locale 360639N 1183943W   Solo Peak
Siphon Canyon Tulare valley 360821N 1184611W   Springville
Sirretta Meadows Tulare flat 355636N 1181924W   Sirretta Peak
Sirretta Pass Tulare gap 355537N 1181927W   Sirretta Peak
Sirretta Peak Tulare summit 355526N 1182001W   Sirretta Peak
Skagway Grove Tulare woods 363700N 1185052W   Giant Forest
Skunk Spring Tulare spring 355602N 1184242W   California Hot Springs
Skunk Spring Saddle Tulare gap 355604N 1184259W   California Hot Springs
Sky Blue Lake Tulare lake 363158N 1181626W   Mount Whitney
Sky Parlor Meadow Tulare flat 362740N 1182624W   Chagoopa Falls
Slapjack Creek Tulare stream 362604N 1184243W   Silver City
Slate Mountain Tulare summit 360500N 1183432W   Sentinel Peak
Slick Rock Tulare pillar 360122N 1184410W   Solo Peak
Slickrock Canyon Tulare valley 363642N 1190544W   Auckland
Slide Spring Tulare spring 363300N 1184653W   Giant Forest
Smith Meadow Tulare flat 355753N 1181350W   Rockhouse Basin
Smith Meadows Tulare flat 360835N 1181428W   Monache Mountain
Smith Mill Tulare pop place 360525N 1183927W   Solo Peak
Smith Mountain Tulare summit 360739N 1181326W   Monache Mountain
Smith Mountain Cemetery Tulare cemetery 363317N 1192045W   Orange Cove South
Smith and Failing Meadow Tulare flat 360925N 1183318W   Camp Nelson
Smyrna (historical) Tulare pop place 363100N 1192151W   Orange Cove South
Snail Head Tulare summit 360718N 1184841W   Globe
Snake Creek Tulare stream 361047N 1180926W   Monache Mountain
Snake Spring Tulare spring 355727N 1182253W   Fairview
Snow Creek Tulare stream 355757N 1181743W   Sirretta Peak
Snowslide Canyon Tulare valley 362052N 1184404W   Moses Mountain
Soda Butte Tulare summit 361920N 1183415W   Quinn Peak
Soda Creek Tulare stream 360917N 1183947W   Camp Wishon
Soda Creek Tulare stream 360927N 1182306W   Hockett Peak
Soda Creek Tulare stream 362729N 1182808W   Chagoopa Falls
Soda Creek Tulare stream 361229N 1181035W   Monache Mountain
Soda Flat Tulare flat 361342N 1182025W   Casa Vieja Meadows
Soda Spring Tulare spring 360747N 1184856W   Springville
Soda Spring Tulare spring 362603N 1183501W   Mineral King
Soda Spring Tulare spring 360811N 1182827W   Hockett Peak
Soda Spring Tulare spring 362042N 1182422W   Kern Lake
Soda Spring Creek Tulare stream 361518N 1183055W   Quinn Peak
Soda Springs Tulare spring 361238N 1181040W   Monache Mountain
Soda Springs Tulare pop place 360221N 1184526W   Globe
Soldier Meadow Tulare flat 355846N 1183803W   California Hot Springs
Solo Peak Tulare summit 360616N 1184019W   Solo Peak
Soroptimist Park Tulare park 362016N 1191703W   Visalia
South Alder Creek Tulare stream 361205N 1183847W   Camp Wishon
South Bear Creek Tulare stream 361204N 1184523W   Springville
South Branch South Branch Tule River Tulare stream 360634N 1191454W   Woodville
South Branch Tule River Tulare stream 360552N 1192017W   Tipton

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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
South Creek Tulare stream 355804N 1182912W   Fairview
South Creek Falls Tulare falls 355818N 1182931W   Fairview
South Fork Campground Tulare locale 362101N 1184550W   Dennison Peak
South Fork Deep Creek Tulare stream 360520N 1192930W   Taylor Weir
South Fork Gordon Creek Tulare stream 355637N 1184404W   California Hot Springs
South Fork Grove Tulare woods 362128N 1184302W   Moses Mountain
South Fork Kaweah River Tulare stream 362525N 1185507W   Kaweah
South Fork Meadows Tulare flat 362045N 1183830W   Moses Mountain
South Fork Meadows Tulare flat 362443N 1181435W   Cirque Peak
South Fork Middle Fork Tule River Tulare stream 360943N 1184224W   Camp Wishon
South Fork Ranger Station Tulare locale 362059N 1184554W   Dennison Peak
South Fork Sugarloaf Creek Tulare stream 364238N 1184039W   Mount Silliman
South Fork Tule River Tulare stream 360411N 1185433W   Success Dam
South Fork Valley Tulare valley 353959N 1182001W   Weldon
South Guard Tulare summit 364135N 1182900W   Mount Brewer
South Guard Lake Tulare lake 364135N 1182941W   Mount Brewer
South Lake Tulare pop place 353813N 1182158W   Weldon
South Mountaineer Creek Tulare stream 361359N 1183350W   Camp Nelson
Spa (historical) Tulare pop place 355631N 1192628W   Alpaugh
Spanish Camp Tulare locale 361236N 1185438W   Frazier Valley
Spear Creek Tulare stream 354816N 1183909W   Posey
Spear Creek Summer Home Tract Tulare pop place 354912N 1183536W   Tobias Peak
Speas Creek Tulare stream 355022N 1184342W   Posey
Speas Creek Tulare stream 355409N 1183101W   Johnsondale
Speas Dirty Camp Tulare locale 355532N 1183354W   Johnsondale
Speas Meadow Tulare flat 355539N 1183342W   Johnsondale
Speas Ridge Tulare ridge 355707N 1183204W   Johnsondale
Sphinx Crest Tulare ridge 364343N 1183202W   Sphinx Lakes
Sphinx Lakes Tulare lake 364352N 1183054W   Sphinx Lakes
Spinks Corner Tulare pop place 361243N 1191356W   Cairns Corner
Spring Lake Tulare lake 362818N 1183321W   Mineral King
Springville Tulare pop place 360749N 1184902W 1033 Springville
Springville District Ranger Office Tulare locale 360608N 1185056W   Globe
Springville Post Office Tulare post office 360748N 1184901W   Springville
Squaw Creek Tulare stream 362102N 1184502W   Dennison Peak
Squirrel Creek Tulare stream 362626N 1184615W   Case Mountain
Star Ranch (historical) Tulare locale 355626N 1192858W   Alpaugh
Starvation Creek Tulare stream 355410N 1183844W   California Hot Springs
Starvation Creek Grove Tulare woods 355603N 1183723W   Johnsondale
Steve Barton Point Tulare cape 362415N 1190147W   Woodlake
Stevenson Gulch Tulare valley 360928N 1184114W   Camp Wishon
Stillwell Ranch Tulare locale 363855N 1190559W   Miramonte
Stoil Tulare pop place 355505N 1192528W 205 Alpaugh
Stokes Mountain Tulare summit 363105N 1191148W   Stokes Mountain
Stokes Stringer Tulare stream 362604N 1181537W   Johnson Peak
Stone Corral Canyon Tulare valley 363042N 1191042W   Stokes Mountain
Stone Corral School (historical) Tulare school 362752N 1191218W   Ivanhoe
Stone Place Tulare pop place 355409N 1184400W   California Hot Springs
Stony Creek Tulare stream 363836N 1185038W   Muir Grove
Stony Creek Campground Tulare locale 363952N 1184956W   Muir Grove
Stony Creek Picnic Area Tulare locale 364005N 1184948W   Muir Grove
Stony Creek Village Tulare pop place 363951N 1185023W   Muir Grove
Stony Meadow Tulare flat 360438N 1182407W   Durrwood Creek
Stormy Canyon Tulare valley 354903N 1182731W   Kernville
Story Creek Tulare stream 363343N 1191223W   Stokes Mountain
Stout Tulare pop place 361058N 1190446W 387 Lindsay
Strathmore Tulare pop place 360844N 1190335W 402 Lindsay
Strathmore Indian Reservation Tulare reserve 360735N 1190359W   Lindsay
Strathmore Junction (historical) Tulare ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Strathmore Post Office Tulare post office 360853N 1190339W   Lindsay
Strawberry Creek Tulare stream 361752N 1181044W   Templeton Mountain
Strawberry Meadows Tulare flat 361802N 1181056W   Templeton Mountain
Street Canyon Tulare valley 360012N 1184635W   Globe
Success Tulare pop place 360342N 1185519W 652 Success Dam
Success Dam Tulare dam 360336N 1185515W   Success Dam
Sugarbowl Dome Tulare summit 363311N 1183850W   Lodgepole
Sugarloaf Tulare summit 363349N 1190401W   Auckland
Sugarloaf Tulare summit 364350N 1183929W   Mount Silliman
Sugarloaf Meadow Tulare flat 364341N 1183945W   Mount Silliman
Sugarloaf Mountain Park Tulare pop place 355020N 1183613W 6000 Tobias Peak
Sugarloaf Peak Tulare summit 354937N 1183701W   Tobias Peak
Sugarloaf Saw Mill Tulare locale 355008N 1183705W   Tobias Peak
Sugarloaf Valley Tulare basin 364409N 1183805W   Mount Silliman
Sugarloaf Village Tulare pop place 354933N 1183800W 5200 Posey
Sulphur Ridge Tulare ridge 362838N 1185855W   Kaweah
Sultana Tulare pop place 363244N 1192021W 360 Orange Cove South
Summers Park Tulare park 362057N 1191740W   Visalia
Summers Ridge Tulare ridge 361110N 1181108W   Monache Mountain
Summit Creek Tulare stream 361007N 1180612W   Haiwee Pass
Summit Lake Tulare lake 361830N 1183806W   Moses Mountain
Summit Meadow Tulare flat 361945N 1184100W   Moses Mountain
Summit Meadow Tulare flat 361257N 1180654W   Haiwee Pass
Summit Trail Tulare trail 360253N 1183508W   Sentinel Peak
Sunland Tulare pop place 360121N 1185853W 546 Success Dam
Sunny Point Recreation Site Tulare locale 362658N 1183547W   Mineral King
Sunny Point Recreation Site Tulare locale 362657N 1183546W   Mineral King
Sunset Campground Tulare locale 364416N 1185750W   General Grant Grove
Sunset Meadow Tulare flat 364352N 1184555W   Muir Grove
Sunset Point Campground Tulare locale 361359N 1184140W   Camp Wishon
Sunset Rock Tulare summit 363438N 1184629W   Giant Forest
Surprise School (historical) Tulare school 360724N 1191458W   Woodville
Suwanee Creek Tulare stream 363450N 1184703W   Giant Forest
Suwanee Grove Tulare woods 363521N 1184750W   Giant Forest
Swale Campground Tulare locale 364425N 1185826W   General Grant Grove
Swall Tulare pop place 361427N 1191710W 314 Tulare
Switchback Peak Tulare summit 363218N 1184723W   Giant Forest
Sycamore Creek Tulare stream 361109N 1184750W   Springville
Sycamore Gap Tulare gap 355336N 1184316W   California Hot Springs
Sycamore Spring Tulare spring 355423N 1183937W   California Hot Springs
Table Creek Tulare stream 363911N 1183154W   Sphinx Lakes

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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
Table Meadow Tulare locale 361524N 1183002W   Quinn Peak
Table Meadow Creek Tulare stream 361456N 1183052W   Camp Nelson
Table Meadows Tulare flat 363706N 1183808W   Lodgepole
Table Mountain Tulare summit 363938N 1182823W   Mount Brewer
Table Mountain Tulare summit 355920N 1183610W   Johnsondale
Tableland Tulare area 363736N 1183701W   Sphinx Lakes
Tagus Tulare pop place 361617N 1192202W 295 Visalia
Tagus Ranch Tulare locale 361626N 1192154W   Visalia
Tailholt (historical) Tulare pop place 354840N 1185031W 1100 White River
Talus Lake Tulare lake 363857N 1183003W   Sphinx Lakes
Tamarack Creek Tulare stream 361805N 1183107W   Quinn Peak
Tamarack Lake Tulare lake 363454N 1183348W   Triple Divide Peak
Tar Gap Tulare gap 362525N 1183830W   Silver City
Tarbell Pocket Tulare basin 363612N 1185623W   Shadequarter Mountain
Taurusa Tulare pop place 362504N 1191509W 343 Monson
Tawny Point Tulare summit 363743N 1182227W   Mount Williamson
Taylor Creek Tulare stream 355005N 1181253W   White Dome
Taylor Meadow Tulare flat 354949N 1181731W   Cannell Peak
Taylor Weir Tulare dam 360317N 1192912W   Taylor Weir
Telegraph Flat Tulare flat 354839N 1185552W   Quincy School
Templeton Cow Camp Tulare locale 361834N 1181406W   Templeton Mountain
Templeton Meadows Tulare flat 362000N 1181315W   Templeton Mountain
Templeton Mountain Tulare summit 361850N 1181223W   Templeton Mountain
Tennessee Knob Tulare summit 355844N 1185716W   Fountain Springs
Tennessee Ridge Tulare ridge 355726N 1185638W   Fountain Springs
Terminus Tulare locale 362444N 1190050W   Woodlake
Terminus Dam Tulare dam 362501N 1190009W 694 Woodlake
Terra Bella Tulare pop place 355745N 1190236W 487 Ducor
Terra Bella Post Office Tulare post office 355744N 1190231W   Ducor
Tharps Log Tulare locale 363342N 1184426W   Lodgepole
Tharps Peak Tulare summit 362340N 1185552W   Kaweah
Tharps Rock Tulare pillar 363507N 1183958W   Lodgepole
The Hazards Tulare area 361436N 1182256W   Hockett Peak
The Major General Tulare pillar 363040N 1181526W   Mount Whitney
The Minster Tulare pillar 364257N 1182511W   Mount Brewer
The Miter Tulare summit 363202N 1181551W   Mount Whitney
The Needles Tulare summit 360633N 1182903W   Durrwood Creek
The Pothole Tulare basin 355827N 1184812W   Gibbon Peak
The Wye Tulare locale 364327N 1185715W   General Grant Grove
Thermal School (historical) Tulare school 355057N 1190314W   Richgrove
Thompson Camp Tulare locale 355515N 1184232W   California Hot Springs
Thompson Camp (historical) Tulare locale 355722N 1183431W   Johnsondale
Thompson Camp Spring Tulare spring 355736N 1183411W   Johnsondale
Thompson Peak Tulare summit 355618N 1184227W   California Hot Springs
Thompson Ridge Tulare ridge 355618N 1184225W   California Hot Springs
Three Rivers Tulare pop place 362620N 1185413W 825 Kaweah
Three Rivers Post Office Tulare post office ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   Kaweah
Three Rocks Tulare summit 361847N 1181959W   Kern Peak
Thunder Mountain Tulare summit 364010N 1182827W   Mount Brewer
Thunderhawk Field Tulare airport 361434N 1190858W   Cairns Corner
Tibbets Creek Tulare stream 355547N 1181006W   Rockhouse Basin
Tiffin (historical) Tulare pop place 361101N 1190137W   Lindsay
Timber Gap Tulare gap 362806N 1183550W   Mineral King
Timber Gap Creek Tulare stream 362954N 1183650W   Mineral King
Timberline Lake Tulare lake 363402N 1181945W   Mount Whitney
Tip Top Mine Tulare mine 354802N 1183443W   Tobias Peak
Tipton Tulare pop place 360334N 1191840W 272 Tipton
Tipton Cemetery Tulare cemetery 360302N 1192021W   Tipton
Tobias Creek Tulare stream 355509N 1182933W   Fairview
Tobias Creek Trail Tulare trail 355351N 1183133W   Johnsondale
Tobias Lookout Tulare locale 355100N 1183418W   Tobias Peak
Tobias Meadow Tulare flat 355149N 1183415W   Tobias Peak
Tobias Peak Tulare summit 355100N 1183418W   Tobias Peak
Tobias Trail Tulare trail 355051N 1183456W   Tobias Peak
Todds Hill Tulare ridge 361324N 1190450W   Lindsay
Tokay Tulare pop place 363307N 1192129W 355 Orange Cove South
Tokopah Falls Tulare falls 363631N 1184121W   Lodgepole
Tokopah Valley Tulare flat 363627N 1184249W   Lodgepole
Tonyville Tulare pop place 361455N 1190523W   Lindsay
Toolville Tulare pop place 361715N 1190700W   Rocky Hill
Toowa Range Tulare ridge 361758N 1181529W   Kern Peak
Tower Rock Tulare summit 362021N 1182346W   Kern Lake
Trail Crest Tulare gap 363337N 1181732W   Mount Whitney
Traver Tulare pop place 362719N 1192902W 285 Traver
Traver Post Office Tulare post office 362713N 1192912W   Traver
Trico Gas Field Tulare oilfield 355059N 1193115W   Hacienda Ranch
Triple Divide Pass Tulare gap 363552N 1183128W   Triple Divide Peak
Triple Divide Peak Tulare summit 363534N 1183147W   Triple Divide Peak
Trocha Tulare pop place 354753N 1190846W 455 Delano East
Trout Creek Tulare stream 355636N 1181008W   Rockhouse Basin
Trout Meadows Tulare flat 361250N 1182515W   Hockett Peak
Trout Meadows Forest Service Station Tulare locale 361214N 1182531W   Hockett Peak
Trout Meadows Spring Tulare spring 361302N 1182509W   Hockett Peak
Troy Meadow Tulare flat 360420N 1181421W   Crag Peak
Troy Meadow Campground Tulare locale 360404N 1181409W   Crag Peak
True Meadow Tulare flat 354808N 1181831W   Cannell Peak
Tucker Mountain Tulare summit 363820N 1191231W   Tucker Mountain
Tufa Falls Tulare falls 362637N 1183543W   Mineral King
Tulainyo Lake Tulare lake 363554N 1181646W   Mount Whitney
Tulare Tulare pop place 361228N 1192047W 288 Tulare
Tulare Cemetery Tulare cemetery 361221N 1191955W   Tulare
Tulare Peak Tulare summit 362443N 1183344W   Mineral King
Tulare Post Office Tulare post office 361232N 1192035W   Tulare
Tule River Indian Lands Tulare area 360605N 1183852W   Solo Peak
Tule River Indian Reservation Tulare reserve 360230N 1181900W   Bonita Meadows
Tule River Indian Reservation Tulare reserve 360137N 1184317W   Solo Peak
Tunnel Air Camp Tulare locale 362244N 1181554W   Johnson Peak
Tunnel Forest Service Station Tulare locale 362200N 1181716W   Kern Peak
Tunnel Log Tulare locale 363309N 1184537W   Giant Forest
Tunnel Meadow Tulare flat 362237N 1181617W   Johnson Peak
Tunnel Rock Tulare pillar 363008N 1184841W   Giant Forest

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