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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
Kern Point Tulare summit 363548N 1182636W   Mount Kaweah
Kern Ridge Tulare ridge 361628N 1182226W   Kern Peak
Kern Ridge Tulare ridge 363651N 1182756W   Mount Kaweah
Kern River Tulare stream 351604N 1191822W   Tupman
Kern-Kaweah River Tulare stream 363440N 1182453W   Mount Kaweah
Kessing Creek Tulare stream 360131N 1184120W   Solo Peak
Kettle Peak Tulare summit 364023N 1184357W   Mount Silliman
King George Peak Tulare summit 355217N 1184424W   Posey
King George Ridge Tulare ridge 355220N 1184448W   Posey
Kingfisher Ridge Tulare ridge 361355N 1181401W   Monache Mountain
Kingfisher Stringer Tulare stream 361212N 1181253W   Monache Mountain
Kings Canyon Tulare valley 364740N 1184100W   Cedar Grove
Kings Canyon National Park Tulare park 365700N 1183600W   ? ? ? ? ?
Kings Canyon Overlook Tulare locale 364311N 1185346W   General Grant Grove
Kings Kern Divide Tulare ridge 364138N 1182536W   Mount Brewer
Kings River Tulare stream 360300N 1194925W   Stratford SE
Kings-Kaweah Divide Tulare ridge 364140N 1184745W   Muir Grove
Klein Ranch Tulare locale 355021N 1185155W   White River
Kramer Creek Tulare stream 361537N 1184709W   Dennison Peak
Kramer Meadow Tulare flat 360610N 1183112W   Sentinel Peak
Lackeys Cabin Tulare park 364243N 1183501W   Sphinx Lakes
Lady Franklin Lake 104-011 Dam Tulare dam 362518N 1183336W   Mineral King
Lady Franklin Mine Tulare mine 362520N 1183416W   Mineral King
Lairds Corner Tulare pop place 360305N 1191352W 317 Woodville
Lake Canyon Tulare valley 362646N 1184555W   Case Mountain
Lake Heron Tulare reservoir 360300N 1190035W   Porterville
Lake Kaweah Tulare reservoir 362410N 1190010W   Woodlake
Lake Kaweah Dam Tulare dam 362410N 1190010W   Woodlake
Lake Kaweah Recreation Area Tulare park 362416N 1185824W   Kaweah
Lake Reflection Tulare lake 364159N 1182641W   Mount Brewer
Lake South America Tulare lake 364041N 1182353W   Mount Brewer
Lake Success Tulare reservoir 360336N 1185515W   Success Dam
Lake View School (historical) Tulare school 360120N 1192334W   Taylor Weir
Lamont Meadow Tulare flat 354915N 1180253W   Lamont Peak
Lamont Peak Tulare summit 354730N 1180226W   Lamont Peak
Lane Slough Tulare stream 362129N 1190819W   Exeter
Larson 712 Dam Tulare dam 360200N 1185054W   Globe
Last Chance Meadow Tulare flat 360019N 1183354W   Sentinel Peak
Last Chance Mine Tulare mine 354844N 1185210W   White River
Laurel Creek Tulare stream 362303N 1182430W   Chagoopa Falls
Lawson Peak Tulare summit 363340N 1183050W   Triple Divide Peak
Leavis Flat Campground Tulare locale 355246N 1184032W   California Hot Springs
Left Stringer Tulare stream 362157N 1182118W   Kern Peak
Leggett Creek Tulare stream 361629N 1182421W   Kern Lake
Lemon Cove Tulare pop place 362258N 1190125W 518 Woodlake
Lemon Hill Tulare summit 362424N 1185945W   Kaweah
Lemoncove Tulare pop place 362258N 1190125W 518 Woodlake
Lempon (historical) Tulare pop place 355956N 1185938W   Fountain Springs
Lewis Creek Tulare stream 361246N 1191102W   Cairns Corner
Lewis Creek School (historical) Tulare school 361053N 1190032W   Lindsay
Lewis Hill Tulare ridge 360622N 1190045W   Porterville
Lewis Stringer Tulare stream 361949N 1181332W   Templeton Mountain
Lilliput Glacier Tulare glacier 363453N 1183304W   Triple Divide Peak
Limekiln Hill Tulare summit 362424N 1190011W   Woodlake
Limestone Campground Tulare locale 355746N 1182848W   Fairview
Lincoln Park Tulare park 362015N 1191728W   Visalia
Linday Post Office Tulare post office 361211N 1190519W   Lindsay
Lindcove Tulare pop place 362128N 1190349W 460 Rocky Hill
Lindsay Tulare pop place 361211N 1190514W 383 Lindsay
Lindsay City Park Tulare park 361248N 1190534W   Lindsay
Lindsay Peak Tulare summit 361441N 1190333W   Lindsay
Linnell Post Office Tulare post office 361835N 1191323W   Exeter
Linwood Park Tulare park 361811N 1192020W   Visalia
Lion Canyon Tulare valley 363229N 1190026W   Auckland
Lion Creek Tulare stream 360556N 1182006W   Bonita Meadows
Lion Creek Tulare stream 361528N 1183055W   Quinn Peak
Lion Lake Tulare lake 363521N 1183221W   Triple Divide Peak
Lion Meadows Tulare flat 360739N 1182012W   Casa Vieja Meadows
Lion Meadows Tulare flat 361557N 1182949W   Kern Lake
Lion Ridge Tulare ridge 355403N 1183542W   Johnsondale
Lion Rock Tulare pillar 363457N 1183225W   Triple Divide Peak
Lion Spring Tulare spring 355506N 1183505W   Johnsondale
Lippincott Mountain Tulare summit 363116N 1183343W   Triple Divide Peak
Lisko Tulare pop place 360549N 1190211W 430 Porterville
List Tulare pop place 361634N 1190737W 377 Exeter
Little Baldy Tulare summit 363652N 1184813W   Giant Forest
Little Baldy Saddle Tulare gap 363710N 1184831W   Giant Forest
Little Bearpaw Meadow Tulare flat 363301N 1183803W   Lodgepole
Little Blue Dome Tulare summit 363351N 1183921W   Lodgepole
Little Bravo Lake Tulare reservoir 362412N 1190620W   Woodlake
Little Campbell Tulare summit 360608N 1185237W   Success Dam
Little Cannell Meadow Tulare flat 354729N 1181951W   Cannell Peak
Little Claire Lake Tulare lake 362520N 1183114W   Mineral King
Little Deer Creek Tulare stream 363430N 1184705W   Giant Forest
Little Dry Meadow Tulare flat 361138N 1181407W   Monache Mountain
Little Five Lakes Tulare lake 363005N 1183243W   Triple Divide Peak
Little Horse Meadows Tulare flat 360844N 1181813W   Casa Vieja Meadows
Little Kern Lake Tulare lake 361829N 1182412W   Kern Lake
Little Kern Lake Creek Tulare stream 361806N 1182413W   Kern Lake
Little Kern River Tulare stream 360800N 1182617W   Hockett Peak
Little Lake Tulare lake 363850N 1184212W   Mount Silliman
Little Lakes Tulare lake 363851N 1184211W   Mount Silliman
Little Manter Meadow Tulare flat 355308N 1181523W   Sirretta Peak
Little Oak Flat Tulare flat 362207N 1185545W   Chickencoop Canyon
Little Sand Meadow Tulare flat 363018N 1183914W   Lodgepole
Little Trout Creek Tulare stream 355757N 1181742W   Sirretta Peak
Little Troy Meadow Tulare flat 360334N 1181404W   Crag Peak
Little Whitney Cow Camp Tulare locale 362241N 1182037W   Johnson Peak
Little Whitney Meadow Tulare flat 362213N 1182043W   Kern Peak
Live Oak Gulch Tulare valley 363535N 1185444W   Shadequarter Mountain

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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
Live Oak Park Tulare park 361306N 1191921W   Tulare
Live Oak Pass Tulare gap 363410N 1185704W   Shadequarter Mountain
Liveoak Canyon Tulare valley 362752N 1190115W   Woodlake
Lloyd Meadows Tulare flat 360844N 1182843W   Hockett Peak
Lloyd Meadows Creek Tulare stream 360820N 1182839W   Hockett Peak
Lodgepole Tulare locale 363618N 1184328W   Lodgepole
Lodgepole Ranger Station Tulare locale 363615N 1184352W   Lodgepole
Log Bridge Campground Tulare locale 363621N 1184326W   Lodgepole
Log Cabin Meadow Tulare flat 361020N 1183339W   Camp Nelson
Log Corral Meadow Tulare flat 364347N 1185602W   General Grant Grove
Log Meadow Tulare flat 363334N 1184425W   Lodgepole
Loggy Meadows Tulare flat 361107N 1183206W   Camp Nelson
Lois Tulare pop place 360107N 1190136W 479 Porterville
Loma Tulare pop place 361528N 1191711W 319 Visalia
London Tulare pop place 362834N 1192632W 295 Traver
Lone Oak Cemetery Tulare cemetery 362243N 1191133W   Ivanhoe
Lone Oak Mountain Tulare summit 362725N 1190605W   Woodlake
Lone Pine Canyon Tulare valley 355020N 1184144W   Posey
Lone Pine Creek Tulare stream 363350N 1183605W   Triple Divide Peak
Lone Pine Meadow Tulare flat 363501N 1183413W   Triple Divide Peak
Lone Pine Mountain Tulare summit 355813N 1184408W   California Hot Springs
Lonely Lake Tulare lake 363653N 1183518W   Triple Divide Peak
Long Branch Tulare stream 360142N 1185053W   Globe
Long Canal (historical) Tulare canal 362314N 1190447W   Woodlake
Long Canyon Tulare valley 355938N 1180503W   Sacatar Canyon
Long Canyon Tulare valley 361316N 1181655W   Casa Vieja Meadows
Long Canyon Tulare valley 360833N 1184530W   Springville
Long Canyon Creek Tulare stream 361316N 1181653W   Casa Vieja Meadows
Long Creek Tulare stream 363302N 1191331W   Stokes Mountain
Long Meadow Tulare flat 363529N 1184405W   Lodgepole
Long Meadow Tulare woods 355846N 1183452W   Johnsondale
Long Meadow Tulare flat 354926N 1182019W   Cannell Peak
Long Meadow Tulare flat 361623N 1183955W   Moses Mountain
Long Meadow Campground Tulare locale 355851N 1183455W   Johnsondale
Long Meadow Creek Tulare stream 355952N 1183226W   Johnsondale
Long Meadow Grove Tulare woods 355858N 1183602W   Johnsondale
Long Mountain Tulare ridge 363114N 1190306W   Auckland
Long Stringer Tulare stream 361810N 1180756W   Templeton Mountain
Long Stringer Tulare stream 361346N 1181822W   Casa Vieja Meadows
Long Valley Tulare valley 363609N 1191123W   Stokes Mountain
Long Valley Tulare valley 354959N 1181125W   White Dome
Longley Pass Tulare gap 364121N 1182845W   Mount Brewer
Lookout Mountain Tulare summit 360329N 1182236W   Durrwood Creek
Lookout Point Ranger Station Tulare locale 362544N 1184543W   Case Mountain
Lort Tulare pop place 362034N 1190912W 388 Exeter
Lost Canyon Tulare valley 362735N 1182822W   Chagoopa Falls
Lost Canyon Creek Tulare stream 362736N 1182810W   Chagoopa Falls
Lost Creek Tulare stream 360340N 1180753W   Monache Mountain
Lost Grove Tulare woods 363904N 1184936W   Muir Grove
Lost Lake Tulare lake 364026N 1184215W   Mount Silliman
Lost Meadow Tulare flat 360826N 1181020W   Monache Mountain
Lost Trout Creek Tulare stream 361336N 1181534W   Casa Vieja Meadows
Lower Campground Tulare locale 355522N 1182940W   Fairview
Lower Peppermint Campground Tulare locale 360359N 1182925W   Durrwood Creek
Lower Pylos Camp Tulare locale 360831N 1182435W   Hockett Peak
Lower Springhill Campground Tulare locale 355141N 1182654W   Kernville
Lower Tobias Meadow Tulare flat 355238N 1183302W   Johnsondale
Lowes Corner Tulare pop place 360540N 1191352W   Woodville
Lucca Tulare pop place 361443N 1190520W 360 Lindsay
Lucky Canyon Tulare valley 363204N 1190034W   Auckland
Lucy Runyon Canyon Tulare valley 363415N 1190116W   Auckland
Lucys Foot Pass Tulare gap 364149N 1182515W   Mount Brewer
Lumer Tulare pop place 360215N 1185925W 499 Success Dam
Lumreau Mountain Tulare summit 360955N 1184656W   Springville
Lunch Meadow Tulare flat 355925N 1181303W   Rockhouse Basin
M-Bar-J Ranch Tulare locale 363645N 1190025W   Auckland
Machine Creek Tulare stream 355805N 1181741W   Sirretta Peak
Maggie Lakes Tulare lake 361632N 1183707W   Quinn Peak
Maggie Mountain Tulare summit 361550N 1183703W   Quinn Peak
Magnolia Tulare pop place 360122N 1185939W 507 Success Dam
Mahogany Creek Tulare stream 360315N 1181230W   Crag Peak
Mahogany Flat Tulare flat 360913N 1183927W   Camp Wishon
Malpais Creek Tulare stream 362134N 1182238W   Kern Lake
Mankins Creek Tulare stream 362750N 1185440W   Kaweah
Mankins Flat Tulare flat 363612N 1190948W   Stokes Mountain
Mankins Flat Tulare flat 362930N 1185738W   Kaweah
Mankins Spring Tulare spring 363601N 1190950W   Stokes Mountain
Manter Creek Tulare stream 355044N 1181252W   White Dome
Manter Meadow Tulare flat 355256N 1181656W   Sirretta Peak
Manzanita Canyon Tulare valley 361237N 1182112W   Casa Vieja Meadows
Manzanita Knob Tulare summit 361232N 1181828W   Casa Vieja Meadows
Maple Creek Tulare stream 363300N 1185145W   Giant Forest
Marble Canyon Tulare valley 363248N 1190035W   Auckland
Marble Falls Tulare falls 363322N 1184728W   Giant Forest
Marble Fork Kaweah River Tulare stream 363050N 1184805W   Giant Forest
Marshall Meadow Tulare flat 354808N 1183612W   Tobias Peak
Martin Hill Tulare summit 360245N 1185948W   Success Dam
Marvin Pass Tulare gap 364349N 1184403W   Mount Silliman
Matchin Tulare pop place 361931N 1190745W 407 Exeter
Mayors Park Tulare park 361947N 1191830W   Visalia
McClure Flat Tulare flat 363127N 1190250W   Auckland
McClure Spring Tulare spring 363125N 1190241W   Auckland
McConnel Meadow Tulare flat 362303N 1181432W   Cirque Peak
McConnell Meadow Tulare flat 361035N 1181332W   Monache Mountain
McCracken Pool Tulare locale 362515N 1190559W   Woodlake
McDermott Camp Tulare locale 355856N 1184241W   California Hot Springs
McIntyre Creek Tulare stream 360826N 1183514W   Camp Nelson
McIntyre Grove Tulare woods 360807N 1183502W   Camp Nelson
McKays Point Tulare cape 362321N 1190242W   Woodlake
McKee Canyon Tulare valley 362625N 1190146W   Woodlake
McKivitt Ranch Tulare locale 354933N 1191137W   Delano East

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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
Meadow Creek Tulare stream 355749N 1183703W   Johnsondale
Meadow Creek Tulare stream 361125N 1183941W   Camp Wishon
Meadow Flat Tulare flat 364111N 1185659W   General Grant Grove
Meadows Ridge Tulare ridge 363903N 1190209W   Miramonte
Mefford Field Tulare airport 360922N 1191934W   Tulare
Mehrten Creek Tulare stream 363217N 1184126W   Lodgepole
Mehrten Meadow Tulare flat 363504N 1184032W   Lodgepole
Memorial Park Tulare park 361950N 1191830W   Visalia
Menne Ranch Tulare locale 355306N 1190058W   Ducor
Merry Camp Tulare locale 355502N 1184006W   California Hot Springs
Merry Creek Tulare stream 355353N 1184040W   California Hot Springs
Merryman Tulare pop place 361933N 1190616W 437 Rocky Hill
Mesaville (historical) Tulare pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Middle Branch South Branch Tule River Tulare stream 360634N 1191454W   Woodville
Middle Creek Tulare stream 360149N 1183249W   Sentinel Peak
Middle Fork Deep Creek Tulare stream 360529N 1192841W   Taylor Weir
Middle Fork Kaweah River Tulare stream 363050N 1184805W   Giant Forest
Middle Fork Spring Tulare spring 355121N 1183845W   Posey
Middle Fork Tule River Tulare stream 360817N 1184820W   Springville
Midvalley Tulare pop place 361753N 1192314W 292 Goshen
Midway Mountain Tulare summit 363838N 1182900W   Mount Brewer
Milestone Bowl Tulare basin 363717N 1182906W   Mount Kaweah
Milestone Creek Tulare stream 363829N 1182530W   Mount Brewer
Milestone Mountain Tulare summit 363808N 1182903W   Mount Brewer
Milk Canyon Tulare valley 361006N 1184212W   Camp Wishon
Milk Ranch Lookout Tulare locale 362901N 1184648W   Case Mountain
Milk Ranch Peak Tulare summit 362901N 1184647W   Case Mountain
Mill Creek Tulare stream 355803N 1183225W   Johnsondale
Mill Creek Park Tulare park 361952N 1191533W   Visalia
Millard Corral Tulare locale 355822N 1184258W   California Hot Springs
Millys Foot Pass Tulare gap 364113N 1182542W   Mount Brewer
Milo Tulare pop place 361313N 1184859W 1800 Springville
Milo Post Office (historical) Tulare post office ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   Springville
Mine Hill Tulare summit 360323N 1185331W   Success Dam
Mineralking Tulare pop place 362703N 1183538W 7830 Mineral King
Mineralking Post Office Tulare post office ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   Mineral King
Miner Creek Tulare stream 360432N 1183829W   Solo Peak
Mineral Creek Tulare stream 362706N 1183709W   Mineral King
Mineral King Tulare pop place 362703N 1183538W 7830 Mineral King
Mineral King Post Office (historical) Tulare post office 362703N 1183538W   Mineral King
Mineral King Ranch Tulare locale 362034N 1191311W   Exeter
Mineral King Ranger Station Tulare locale 362709N 1183633W   Mineral King
Mineral Lakes Tulare lake 362548N 1183723W   Mineral King
Mineral Peak Tulare summit 362648N 1183349W   Mineral King
Miners Nose Tulare summit 362634N 1183615W   Mineral King
Miners Ridge Tulare ridge 362544N 1183615W   Mineral King
Minnehaha Creek Tulare stream 362908N 1190710W   Woodlake
Minnehaha Ranch Tulare locale 362948N 1190634W   Woodlake
Mirador Tulare pop place 361001N 1190206W 445 Lindsay
Mitchell Canyon Tulare valley 363120N 1190038W   Auckland
Mitchell Corner Tulare pop place 361936N 1191219W   Exeter
Mitchell Meadow Tulare flat 362119N 1183824W   Moses Mountain
Mitchell Peak Tulare summit 364354N 1184251W   Mount Silliman
Mitchell Slough Tulare stream 360441N 1191809W   Tipton
Monache (historical) Tulare pop place 360450N 1190307W   Porterville
Monache Cow Camps Tulare locale 361255N 1181130W   Monache Mountain
Monache Creek Tulare stream 361309N 1181022W   Monache Mountain
Monache Meadow Tulare flat 361229N 1181006W   Monache Mountain
Monache Mountain Tulare summit 361219N 1181148W   Monache Mountain
Monache Station Tulare locale 361250N 1181150W   Monache Mountain
Monarch Creek Tulare stream 362711N 1183551W   Mineral King
Monarch Lakes Tulare lake 362711N 1183349W   Mineral King
Monson Tulare pop place 362932N 1192008W 322 Monson
Monson Post Office (historical) Tulare post office ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   Monson
Monument Hill Tulare ridge 361724N 1190121W   Rocky Hill
Mooneys Grove Park Tulare park 361650N 1191829W   Visalia
Moore Creek Tulare stream 363338N 1190924W   Stokes Mountain
Moore Creek Ranch Tulare locale 363450N 1190935W   Stokes Mountain
Moorehouse Creek Tulare stream 360906N 1183937W   Camp Wishon
Moose Lake Tulare lake 363607N 1183811W   Lodgepole
Moraine Creek Tulare stream 364353N 1183620W   Sphinx Lakes
Moraine Lake Tulare lake 362741N 1182718W   Chagoopa Falls
Moraine Meadows Tulare flat 364314N 1183423W   Sphinx Lakes
Moraine Ridge Tulare ridge 364252N 1183425W   Sphinx Lakes
Morgan Canyon Tulare valley 363334N 1190634W   Auckland
Moro Creek Tulare stream 363136N 1184456W   Lodgepole
Moro Rock Tulare summit 363239N 1184551W   Giant Forest
Morton Flat Tulare flat 355417N 1184613W   Gibbon Peak
Moses Gulch Campground Tulare locale 361446N 1183917W   Camp Wishon
Moses Mountain Tulare summit 361641N 1184045W   Moses Mountain
Mosian (historical) Tulare ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Mosquito Creek Tulare stream 362705N 1183658W   Mineral King
Mosquito Lakes Tulare lake 362509N 1183644W   Mineral King
Mosquito Meadow Tulare area 355701N 1182109W   Sirretta Peak
Mount Anna Mills Tulare summit 362830N 1182055W   Johnson Peak
Mount Barnard Tulare summit 363743N 1181913W   Mount Williamson
Mount Brewer Tulare summit 364231N 1182904W   Mount Brewer
Mount Chamberlin Tulare summit 363157N 1181836W   Mount Whitney
Mount Eisen Tulare summit 362954N 1183359W   Mineral King
Mount Ericsson Tulare summit 364150N 1182446W   Mount Brewer
Mount Farquhar Tulare summit 364343N 1182953W   Mount Brewer
Mount Genevra Tulare summit 364103N 1182556W   Mount Brewer
Mount Guyot Tulare summit 363032N 1182143W   Mount Whitney
Mount Hale Tulare summit 363514N 1181850W   Mount Whitney
Mount Hitchcock Tulare summit 363316N 1181839W   Mount Whitney
Mount Jordan Tulare summit 364100N 1182655W   Mount Brewer
Mount Kaweah Tulare summit 363135N 1182839W   Mount Kaweah
Mount Keith Tulare summit 364201N 1182033W   Mount Williamson
Mount Maddox Tulare summit 364339N 1184448W   Mount Silliman
Mount McAdie Tulare summit 363302N 1181633W   Mount Whitney

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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
Mount Newcomb Tulare summit 363223N 1181736W   Mount Whitney
Mount Pickering Tulare summit 363142N 1181727W   Mount Whitney
Mount Russell Tulare summit 363527N 1181716W   Mount Whitney
Mount Silliman Tulare summit 363836N 1184144W   Mount Silliman
Mount Stanford Tulare summit 364214N 1182341W   Mount Brewer
Mount Stewart Tulare summit 363410N 1183311W   Triple Divide Peak
Mount Tyndall Tulare summit 363920N 1182010W   Mount Williamson
Mount Whitney Tulare summit 363445N 1181730W   Mount Whitney
Mount Young Tulare summit 363455N 1181936W   Mount Whitney
Mountain Home Tulare pop place 361405N 1184142W   Camp Wishon
Mountain Home Conservation Camp Tulare locale 361227N 1184246W   Camp Wishon
Mountain Home Grove Tulare woods 361424N 1184015W   Camp Wishon
Mountain Home State Forest Tulare locale 361424N 1184017W   Camp Wishon
Mountain Ranch Tulare locale 361403N 1184141W   Camp Wishon
Mountaineer Creek Tulare stream 361405N 1183110W   Camp Nelson
Movie Stringer Tulare stream 361949N 1181333W   Templeton Mountain
Mowery Meadow Tulare flat 361432N 1183545W   Camp Nelson
Mud Spring Tulare spring 355545N 1183828W   California Hot Springs
Mud Spring Gap Tulare gap 362817N 1190840W   Ivanhoe
Muir Grove Tulare woods 363753N 1185007W   Muir Grove
Mule Meadow Tulare flat 360117N 1183538W   Sentinel Peak
Mule Peak Tulare summit 360057N 1183650W   Sentinel Peak
Mulkey Creek Tulare stream 362013N 1181151W   Templeton Mountain
Mulkey Meadows Tulare flat 362414N 1181205W   Cirque Peak
Murry Creek Tulare stream 363220N 1190202W   Auckland
Murry Creek Tulare stream 363647N 1190524W   Auckland
Murry Flat Tulare flat 363218N 1190152W   Auckland
Murry Gulch Tulare valley 363718N 1190205W   Auckland
Murry Hill Tulare summit 360351N 1190016W   Porterville
Murry Park Tulare park 360400N 1190013W   Porterville
Musk (historical) Tulare pop place 361941N 1190900W   Exeter
Nanceville Tulare pop place 360410N 1190420W 417 Porterville
Naranjo Tulare pop place 362417N 1190342W 465 Woodlake
Naranjo Post Office (historical) Tulare post office ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   Woodlake NW
Naranjo School (historical) Tulare school 362422N 1190302W   Woodlake
Natural Bridge Tulare arch 362133N 1182226W   Kern Peak
Needham Mountain Tulare summit 362715N 1183211W   Mineral King
Needle Camp Tulare locale 360525N 1182752W   Durrwood Creek
Needle Spring Tulare spring 360715N 1183026W   Sentinel Peak
Needlerock Creek Tulare stream 360520N 1182759W   Durrwood Creek
Needles Lookout Tulare locale 360634N 1182901W   Durrwood Creek
Negro Creek Tulare stream 363450N 1191428W   Stokes Mountain
Nelson Cabin Tulare locale 361550N 1183147W   Quinn Peak
Nelson Creek Tulare stream 360809N 1183636W   Camp Nelson
Newlywed Tulare locale 361750N 1183314W   Quinn Peak
Nickerson School (historical) Tulare school 361543N 1191443W   Exeter
Nicoll Spring Tulare spring 353800N 1181645W   Weldon
Nielson Ranch Tulare locale 354803N 1190514W   Richgrove
Nine Lake Basin Tulare basin 363347N 1183215W   Triple Divide Peak
Ninemile Creek Tulare stream 361316N 1182116W   Casa Vieja Meadows
No Name Creek Tulare stream 361711N 1183000W   Kern Lake
Nobe Young Creek Tulare stream 360014N 1183001W   Johnsondale
Nobe Young Meadow Tulare flat 360139N 1183435W   Sentinel Peak
North Alder Creek Tulare stream 361207N 1183846W   Camp Wishon
North Branch Tule River Tulare stream 360553N 1192018W   Tipton
North Cold Spring Tulare summit 355824N 1184114W   California Hot Springs
North Cold Spring Grove Tulare woods 355846N 1184136W   California Hot Springs
North Cold Spring Peak Tulare summit 355831N 1184139W   California Hot Springs
North Dinuba Tulare pop place 363403N 1192337W   Reedley
North Fork Clicks Creek Tulare stream 361221N 1183214W   Camp Nelson
North Fork Deep Creek Tulare stream 360520N 1192930W   Taylor Weir
North Fork Gordon Creek Tulare stream 355638N 1184405W   California Hot Springs
North Fork Kaweah River Tulare stream 362650N 1185405W   Kaweah
North Fork Middle Fork Tule River Tulare stream 360940N 1184223W   Camp Wishon
North Fork Tule River Tulare stream 360817N 1184820W   Springville
North Guard Tulare summit 364300N 1182924W   Mount Brewer
North Guard Lake Tulare lake 364436N 1182831W   Mount Brewer
North Meadow Tulare flat 360059N 1182414W   Durrwood Creek
North Meadow Creek Tulare stream 355818N 1182617W   Fairview
North Park Tulare park 360448N 1190110W   Porterville
O'Quinn Meadow Tulare flat 355113N 1183701W   Tobias Peak
Oak Flat Tulare flat 354859N 1184346W   Posey
Oak Flat Tulare flat 360113N 1184604W   Globe
Oak Flat Tulare flat 362029N 1185531W   Chickencoop Canyon
Oak Flat Peak Tulare summit 360110N 1184635W   Globe
Oak Grove Tulare pop place 362702N 1184728W 2680 Case Mountain
Oat Canyon Tulare valley 361102N 1185812W   Frazier Valley
Oat Knob Tulare summit 362901N 1190146W   Woodlake
Oat Knob Canyon Tulare valley 362900N 1190101W   Woodlake
Oat Knob Creek Tulare stream 362900N 1190100W   Woodlake
Oat Mountain Tulare summit 360001N 1184755W   Globe
Octol Tulare pop place 360726N 1191939W 266 Tipton
Oettle Bridge Tulare bridge 360554N 1190830W   Woodville
Olacha Peak Tulare summit 361556N 1180659W   Olancha
Old Big Arroyo Patrol Cabin Tulare building 363112N 1183158W   Triple Divide Peak
Old Channel Tule River Tulare stream 360325N 1192902W   Taylor Weir
Old Copper Mine Tulare mine 361359N 1183848W   Camp Wishon
Old Deer Creek Channel Tulare stream 360125N 1190641W   Porterville
Old Mountain Home Picnic Area Tulare locale 361402N 1184143W   Camp Wishon
Old Sled Trail Tulare trail 355007N 1183829W   Posey
Olivas Spring Tulare spring 361407N 1181154W   Monache Mountain
Olive Bowl Park Tulare park 361204N 1190540W   Lindsay
Olive Cemetery Tulare cemetery 361149N 1190422W   Lindsay
Onion Meadow Tulare flat 360159N 1183556W   Sentinel Peak
Onion Meadow Peak Tulare summit 360140N 1183607W   Sentinel Peak
Oriole Grove Tulare woods 362808N 1184333W   Silver City
Oriole Lake Tulare lake 362737N 1184410W   Silver City
Orlem (historical) Tulare pop place 361128N 1190243W   Lindsay
Orosi Tulare pop place 363242N 1191711W 373 Orange Cove South
Orosi Post Office Tulare post office 363238N 1191703W   Orange Cove South

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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
Orris Tulare pop place 355114N 1190337W 530 Richgrove
Osa Creek Tulare stream 360943N 1182249W   Hockett Peak
Osa Meadows Tulare flat 361053N 1181828W   Casa Vieja Meadows
Osborne Ranch Tulare locale 361541N 1184601W   Dennison Peak
Outside Creek Tulare stream 361131N 1191518W   Tulare
Outside Creek School (historical) Tulare school 361609N 1191222W   Exeter
Ouzel Creek Tulare stream 364330N 1182638W   Mount Brewer
Overholster Meadow Tulare flat 362224N 1181219W   Templeton Mountain
Overlook Mountain Tulare summit 362002N 1182216W   Kern Peak
Owl Peak Tulare summit 363420N 1190541W   Auckland
Packsaddle Canyon Tulare valley 355640N 1182842W   Fairview
Packsaddle Creek Tulare stream 355640N 1183458W   Johnsondale
Packsaddle Grove Tulare woods 355526N 1183531W   Johnsondale
Packsaddle Meadow Tulare flat 355526N 1183606W   Johnsondale
Packwood Creek Tulare stream 361542N 1192555W   Goshen
Pagliarulo Tulare locale 355020N 1191548W   Delano West
Paige Tulare pop place 361055N 1192511W 254 Paige
Painted Rock Campground Tulare locale 360237N 1184425W   Solo Peak
Painter Camp Tulare locale 361317N 1182108W   Casa Vieja Meadows
Paloma Meadows Tulare flat 360108N 1181927W   Bonita Meadows
Palome Creek Tulare stream 354907N 1181135W   White Dome
Panorama Campground Tulare locale 354833N 1183411W   Tobias Peak
Panorama Heights Tulare pop place 354818N 1183742W   Posey
Panorama Point Tulare cape 363213N 1184842W   Giant Forest
Panther Creek Tulare stream 363219N 1184303W   Lodgepole
Panther Gap Tulare gap 363506N 1184211W   Lodgepole
Panther Meadow Tulare flat 363519N 1184219W   Lodgepole
Panther Peak Tulare summit 363500N 1184251W   Lodgepole
Paradise Canyon Tulare valley 362032N 1185657W   Chickencoop Canyon
Paradise Creek Tulare stream 363111N 1184540W   Giant Forest
Paradise Peak Tulare summit 362834N 1184154W   Silver City
Paradise Ridge Tulare ridge 362844N 1184439W   Silver City
Parker Bluffs Tulare cliff 355856N 1183352W   Johnsondale
Parker Meadow Tulare flat 355738N 1183747W   California Hot Springs
Parker Meadow Creek Tulare stream 355815N 1183210W   Johnsondale
Parker Meadow Stock Driveway Tulare trail 355510N 1183830W   California Hot Springs
Parker Pass Tulare gap 355726N 1183748W   California Hot Springs
Parker Peak Tulare summit 355820N 1183844W   California Hot Springs
Parker Peak Grove Tulare woods 355910N 1183919W   California Hot Springs
Parole Cabin Tulare locale 361428N 1183204W   Camp Nelson
Pattee Creek Tulare stream 363937N 1184457W   Mount Silliman
Pattee Meadow Tulare flat 364022N 1184431W   Mount Silliman
Pattee Rocks Tulare pillar 363343N 1185649W   Shadequarter Mountain
Peaks Ridge Tulare ridge 363232N 1184937W   Giant Forest
Pear Lake Tulare lake 363604N 1183955W   Lodgepole
Pearl Lake Ranger Station Tulare locale 363630N 1184014W   Lodgepole
Peck Cabin Tulare locale 361939N 1185138W   Dennison Peak
Pecks Cabin Tulare locale 361704N 1183601W   Quinn Peak
Pecks Canyon Tulare valley 361551N 1183308W   Quinn Peak
Peel Mill Creek Tulare stream 354815N 1183920W   Posey
Peel Peak Tulare summit 354820N 1183611W   Tobias Peak
Peel Ridge Tulare ridge 354744N 1183706W   Tobias Peak
Peppermint Campground Tulare locale 360504N 1183105W   Sentinel Peak
Peppermint Creek Tulare stream 360252N 1182800W   Durrwood Creek
Peppermint Meadows Tulare flat 360357N 1182952W   Durrwood Creek
Peral Tulare pop place 362541N 1191709W 325 Monson
Perrin Creek Tulare stream 362948N 1181946W   Johnson Peak
Persian Creek Tulare stream 363715N 1190429W   Auckland
Petri (historical) Tulare ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Peyrone Camp Tulare locale 360202N 1183638W   Sentinel Peak
Peyrone Camp Tulare locale 360107N 1184309W   Solo Peak
Peyrone Grove Tulare woods 360307N 1183619W   Sentinel Peak
Picket Creek Tulare stream 363431N 1182631W   Mount Kaweah
Picket Guard Peak Tulare summit 363435N 1182818W   Mount Kaweah
Pierce Creek Tulare stream 363612N 1185456W   Shadequarter Mountain
Pierce Valley Tulare flat 363928N 1185642W   General Grant Grove
Pigeon Creek Tulare stream 360236N 1184428W   Solo Peak
Pigeon Creek Tulare stream 362049N 1184504W   Dennison Peak
Pigeon Creek Sawmill Tulare locale 360250N 1184415W   Solo Peak
Pine Creek Tulare stream 361606N 1184541W   Dennison Peak
Pine Flat Tulare flat 354742N 1182116W   Cannell Peak
Pine Flat Tulare pop place 355241N 1183902W 3720 California Hot Springs
Pine Mountain Tulare summit 355126N 1183908W   Posey
Pine Mountain Tulare summit 360113N 1181111W   Crag Peak
Pine Ridge Tulare ridge 363644N 1185026W   Giant Forest
Pine Top Mountain Tulare summit 362805N 1184304W   Silver City
Pine Tree Mine Tulare mine 361748N 1183138W   Quinn Peak
Pinewood Tulare pop place 363426N 1184554W   Giant Forest
Pinkham Park Tulare park 361916N 1191605W   Visalia
Pinnacle Ridge Tulare ridge 363426N 1181635W   Mount Whitney
Pinnell Camp Ridge Tulare ridge 355520N 1184335W   California Hot Springs
Pinto Lake Tulare lake 362911N 1183441W   Mineral King
Pipeline Canyon Tulare valley 355213N 1183819W   Posey
Pippin Flat Tulare flat 363627N 1190205W   Auckland
Pistol Creek Tulare stream 362046N 1183157W   Quinn Peak
Pixley Tulare pop place 355807N 1191727W 271 Pixley
Pixley Airport Tulare airport 355737N 1191829W   Pixley
Pixley Post Office Tulare post office 355806N 1191732W   Pixley
Plainview Tulare pop place 360839N 1190759W 352 Cairns Corner
Plano Tulare pop place 360237N 1190027W 462 Porterville
Plano Post Office (historical) Tulare post office ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   Porterville
Plaza Tulare locale 361937N 1192358W   Goshen
Plaza Park Tulare park 361924N 1192313W   Goshen
Pleasant Grove (historical) Tulare pop place 360450N 1191009W   Woodville
Pleasant Valley Tulare valley 360645N 1185130W   Globe
Pleasant View Tulare pop place 354820N 1183824W   Posey
Pogue Canyon Tulare valley 362536N 1190108W   Woodlake
Poison Meadow Tulare flat 355050N 1183428W   Tobias Peak
Poison Meadow Tulare flat 364150N 1184830W   Muir Grove
Poison Meadow Tulare flat 355528N 1182349W   Fairview

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