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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
Abilene Tulare pop place 360844N 1190310W   Lindsay
Adams Flat Tulare flat 363313N 1190248W   Auckland
Adams Gap Tulare gap 363228N 1190339W   Auckland
Admiration Point Tulare cape 363313N 1184816W   Giant Forest
Advance Tulare pop place 363057N 1185406W   Shadequarter Mountain
Albanita Meadows Tulare flat 360740N 1181147W   Monache Mountain
Alder Creek Tulare stream 360214N 1183056W   Sentinel Peak
Alder Creek Tulare stream 355812N 1182543W   Fairview
Alder Creek Tulare stream 355409N 1183905W   California Hot Springs
Alder Creek Tulare stream 361211N 1183858W   Camp Wishon
Alder Creek Grove Tulare woods 361108N 1183738W   Camp Wishon
Alfac (historical) Tulare pop place 360155N 1191826W   Tipton
Allen Gap Tulare gap 362148N 1190205W   Rocky Hill
Allen Hill Tulare ridge 362105N 1190128W   Rocky Hill
Allen Ranch (historical) Tulare locale 355101N 1190727W   Richgrove
Allensworth Tulare pop place 355149N 1192317W 207 Allensworth
Allensworth Historic District Tulare park 355150N 1192310W   Allensworth
Alpaugh Tulare pop place 355316N 1192911W 210 Alpaugh
Alpine Creek Tulare stream 361352N 1183041W   Camp Nelson
Alpine Meadow Tulare flat 361453N 1183555W   Camp Nelson
Alpine Village (historical) Tulare pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Alta Airport Tulare airport 363224N 1191858W   Orange Cove South
Alta Meadow Tulare flat 363442N 1183914W   Lodgepole
Alta Peak Tulare summit 363526N 1183940W   Lodgepole
Alta Robles School (historical) Tulare school 360635N 1190623W   Porterville
Alta Vista (historical) Tulare pop place 360318N 1185747W   Success Dam
Ambler Tulare pop place 361829N 1191653W 333 Visalia
American Gun Club (historical) Tulare locale 355123N 1192144W   Delano West
Ames Hole Tulare valley 355030N 1184014W   Posey
Amphitheater Lake Tulare lake 362644N 1183303W   Mineral King
Amphitheater Point Tulare cape 363214N 1184653W   Giant Forest
Anderson Point Tulare cape 361218N 1180850W   Monache Mountain
Andress Spring Tulare spring 354334N 1181945W   Weldon
Angiola Tulare pop place 355921N 1192830W 200 Alpaugh
Angiola Post Office (historical) Tulare post office ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   Alpaugh
Angora Creek Tulare stream 361606N 1182418W   Kern Lake
Angora Mountain Tulare summit 361550N 1182639W   Kern Lake
Ansel Lake Tulare lake 362335N 1183549W   Mineral King
Ant Canyon Tulare valley 355303N 1182734W   Fairview
Antelope Cemetery Tulare cemetery 362454N 1190619W   Woodlake
Antelope Creek Tulare stream 362408N 1190623W   Woodlake
Antelope Mountain Tulare summit 362556N 1190428W   Woodlake
Antelope Valley Tulare valley 362559N 1190554W   Woodlake
Antes Tulare pop place 361831N 1190747W 403 Exeter
Aqua Bonita Spring Tulare spring 360739N 1181147W   Monache Mountain
Arc Pass Tulare gap 363301N 1181609W   Mount Whitney
Arctic Lake Tulare lake 363456N 1181824W   Mount Whitney
Army Pass Tulare gap 362948N 1181417W   Cirque Peak
Arnett Spring Tulare spring 363705N 1190931W   Stokes Mountain
Arrastra Canyon Tulare valley 362543N 1190203W   Woodlake
Arrastre Creek Tulare stream 354849N 1185050W   White River
Ash Mountain National Park Headquarters Tulare locale 362931N 1184950W   Case Mountain
Ash Peaks Tulare summit 363139N 1185024W   Giant Forest
Ash Peaks Ridge Tulare ridge 363200N 1185000W   Giant Forest
Ash Spring Mountain Tulare summit 363531N 1190406W   Auckland
Ash Street Park Tulare park 361807N 1191207W   Exeter
Ashley Hot Spring Tulare spring 354407N 1181858W   Weldon
Aspen Flat Tulare flat 362603N 1183506W   Mineral King
Aster Lake Tulare lake 363610N 1184040W   Lodgepole
Atwell Creek Tulare stream 362719N 1184019W   Silver City
Atwell Grove Tulare woods 362757N 1184047W   Silver City
Atwell Hockett Trail Tulare trail 362627N 1184003W   Silver City
Atwell Mill Campground Tulare locale 362751N 1184002W   Silver City
Atwell Mill Ranger Station Tulare locale 362755N 1184015W   Silver City
Atwell Mill Ranger Station Tulare locale 362759N 1184018W   Silver City
Auckland Tulare pop place 363517N 1190621W   Auckland
Auckland Ranch Tulare locale 363513N 1190714W   Auckland
Bace Ranch Tulare locale 361302N 1184316W   Camp Wishon
Backbone Creek Tulare stream 361536N 1184710W   Dennison Peak
Bacon Hill Tulare summit 362707N 1191047W   Ivanhoe
Bacon Meadow Tulare flat 364351N 1185453W   General Grant Grove
Badger Tulare pop place 363753N 1190044W 3030 Miramonte
Badger Creek Tulare stream 363706N 1185959W   Shadequarter Mountain
Badger Fire Control Station Tulare locale 363854N 1190049W   Miramonte
Badger Hill Tulare summit 361819N 1190525W   Rocky Hill
Badger Post Office (historical) Tulare post office ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   Miramonte
Bagby Hill Tulare summit 360054N 1185026W   Globe
Bakeoven Meadow Tulare flat 361403N 1181201W   Monache Mountain
Bakeoven Pass Tulare gap 360033N 1181251W   Crag Peak
Baker Meadow Tulare flat 355118N 1183131W   Tobias Peak
Big Kern Lake Creek Tulare stream 361806N 1182415W   Kern Lake
Baker Peak Tulare summit 355135N 1183116W   Tobias Peak
Baker Point Tulare summit 355110N 1183009W   Tobias Peak
Baker Ridge Tulare ridge 355001N 1183117W   Tobias Peak
Balance Rock Tulare pillar 354818N 1183919W   Posey
Balance Rock Tulare pop place 354822N 1183904W 4120 Posey
Balch Park Tulare park 361323N 1184028W   Camp Wishon
Bald Knob Tulare summit 355049N 1184456W   Posey
Bald Mountain Tulare summit 354842N 1184938W   White River
Bald Mountain Tulare summit 360111N 1181509W   Bonita Meadows
Bald Mountain Lookout Tulare locale 360111N 1181510W   Bonita Meadows
Ball Dome Tulare summit 364108N 1184155W   Mount Silliman
Ball Meadow Tulare flat 360355N 1180454W   Long Canyon
Ball Mountain Tulare summit 360350N 1180536W   Long Canyon
Barigan Stringer Tulare stream 362442N 1181636W   Johnson Peak
Barris Hill Tulare summit 363330N 1192104W   Orange Cove South
Bartlett Park Tulare park 360320N 1185532W   Success Dam
Bartoldus Ranch Tulare locale 355121N 1190531W   Richgrove
Barton Creek Tulare stream 364143N 1183322W   Sphinx Lakes

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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
Barton Peak Tulare summit 364133N 1183552W   Sphinx Lakes
Barton-Lackey Cabin Tulare building 364251N 1183507W   Sphinx Lakes
Bateman Ridge Tulare ridge 360712N 1183902W   Solo Peak
Bates Slough Tulare stream 360650N 1192925W   Taylor Weir
Battle Creek Tulare stream 362137N 1184901W   Dennison Peak
Battle Mountain Tulare summit 361506N 1184718W   Dennison Peak
Baumans Cow Camp Tulare locale 364359N 1185339W   General Grant Grove
Beach Creek Tulare stream 360539N 1182029W   Bonita Meadows
Beach Meadows Tulare flat 360701N 1181741W   Bonita Meadows
Beach Meadows Guard Station Tulare locale 360732N 1181732W   Casa Vieja Meadows
Beach Ridge Tulare ridge 360431N 1181625W   Bonita Meadows
Bean Camp Tulare locale 360228N 1182753W   Durrwood Creek
Bear Creek Tulare stream 363015N 1185419W   Shadequarter Mountain
Bear Creek Tulare stream 360139N 1184214W   Solo Peak
Bear Creek Tulare stream 355734N 1183418W   Johnsondale
Bear Creek Tulare stream 360759N 1183712W   Camp Nelson
Bear Creek Tulare stream 361039N 1184745W   Springville
Bear Creek Tulare stream 363101N 1190105W   Auckland
Bear Flat Tulare flat 363445N 1190303W   Auckland
Bear Hill Tulare summit 363339N 1184608W   Giant Forest
Bear Meadow Tulare flat 361958N 1181729W   Kern Peak
Bear Meadow Tulare flat 355645N 1183505W   Johnsondale
Bear Meadow Tulare flat 362408N 1181000W   Cirque Peak
Bear Mountain Tulare summit 363548N 1190245W   Auckland
Bear Trap Canyon Tulare valley 355010N 1184224W   Posey
Bear Trap Meadow Tulare flat 361354N 1180636W   Haiwee Pass
Bear Trap Ridge Tulare ridge 354955N 1183857W   Posey
Bear Trap Spring Tulare spring 354933N 1183849W   Posey
Bearpaw Meadow Tulare flat 363358N 1183722W   Triple Divide Peak
Bearpaw Meadow High Sierra Camp Tulare locale 363354N 1183712W   Triple Divide Peak
Bearpaw Meadow Ranger Station Tulare locale 363402N 1183714W   Triple Divide Peak
Beartrap Meadow Tulare flat 364039N 1185138W   Muir Grove
Beck Meadow Tulare flat 360951N 1180905W   Monache Mountain
Becketts Backbone Tulare ridge 363105N 1185945W   Shadequarter Mountain
Beer Keg Meadow Tulare flat 361423N 1181517W   Casa Vieja Meadows
Beetle Rock Tulare pillar 363351N 1184632W   Giant Forest
Belknap Camp Grove Tulare woods 360741N 1183601W   Camp Nelson
Belknap Campground Tulare locale 360829N 1183550W   Camp Nelson
Belknap Creek Tulare stream 360829N 1183552W   Camp Nelson
Bell Camp Meadow Tulare flat 361756N 1180833W   Templeton Mountain
Bella Vista Tulare pop place 353908N 1181918W   Weldon
Belle Canyon Tulare valley 364236N 1184044W   Mount Silliman
Bennett Creek Tulare stream 362127N 1184817W   Dennison Peak
Bent Ranch Tulare locale 355144N 1193013W   Hacienda Ranch
Bequette Canyon Tulare valley 362718N 1190145W   Woodlake
Berry Meadow Tulare flat 355134N 1183430W   Tobias Peak
Betty Spring Tulare spring 355206N 1183935W   Posey
Betty Waller Meadow Tulare flat 355102N 1183759W   Posey
Beville Lake Tulare lake 363938N 1184122W   Mount Silliman
Big Arroyo Tulare stream 362630N 1182435W   Chagoopa Falls
Big Baldy Tulare summit 364019N 1185250W   General Grant Grove
Big Baldy Grove Tulare woods 364053N 1185308W   General Grant Grove
Big Baldy Ridge Tulare ridge 364109N 1185241W   General Grant Grove
Big Bird Lake Tulare lake 363711N 1183530W   Triple Divide Peak
Big Brewer Lake Tulare lake 364210N 1183032W   Sphinx Lakes
Big Campbell Tulare summit 360533N 1185206W   Globe
Big Dry Meadow Tulare flat 361842N 1180805W   Templeton Mountain
Big Dry Meadow Tulare flat 361240N 1181440W   Monache Mountain
Big Fern Springs Tulare spring 363218N 1184622W   Giant Forest
Big Five Lakes Tulare lake 362849N 1183119W   Mineral King
Big Meadow Tulare flat 355249N 1182031W   Sirretta Peak
Big Meadows Tulare flat 364235N 1185028W   Muir Grove
Big Meadows Campground Tulare locale 364303N 1184950W   Muir Grove
Big Meadows Station Tulare locale 364306N 1185001W   Muir Grove
Big Pine Meadow Tulare flat 355622N 1180343W   Sacatar Canyon
Big Spring Tulare spring 362035N 1184443W   Moses Mountain
Big Springs Tulare spring 363913N 1185414W   General Grant Grove
Big Stump Grove Tulare woods 364301N 1185806W   General Grant Grove
Big Tree Water Tanks Tulare reservoir 360855N 1183613W   Camp Nelson
Big Wet Meadow Tulare flat 363946N 1183151W   Sphinx Lakes
Bighorn Plateau Tulare plain 363710N 1182249W   Mount Kaweah
Bill Moore Canyon Tulare valley 363415N 1190116W   Auckland
Bill Moore Ridge Tulare ridge 363422N 1190202W   Auckland
Bitter Creek Tulare stream 360205N 1180803W   Crag Peak
Black Kaweah Tulare summit 363242N 1183056W   Triple Divide Peak
Black Mountain Tulare summit 355113N 1181453W   White Dome
Black Mountain Tulare summit 360554N 1184356W   Solo Peak
Black Mountain Grove Tulare woods 360616N 1183916W   Solo Peak
Black Mountain Trail Tulare trail 360644N 1184257W   Solo Peak
Black Rock Pass Tulare gap 362910N 1183303W   Mineral King
Blackrock Mountain Tulare summit 361034N 1181638W   Casa Vieja Meadows
Blaine Park Tulare park 361817N 1191730W   Visalia
Blanco Tulare pop place 360210N 1193037W 207 Corcoran
Blossom Lakes Tulare lake 362226N 1183538W   Quinn Peak
Blossom Peak Tulare summit 362526N 1185317W   Kaweah
Blue Canyon Tulare valley 363201N 1190559W   Auckland
Blue Canyon Tulare valley 360326N 1184520W   Globe
Blue Creek Tulare stream 360222N 1184537W   Globe
Blue Mountain Tulare summit 363304N 1190430W   Auckland
Blue Ridge Tulare ridge 361531N 1185109W   Dennison Peak
Blue Ridge Lookout Tulare locale 361715N 1185020W   Dennison Peak
Bobcat Point Tulare cape 363252N 1184540W   Giant Forest
Bog Hole Meadow Tulare flat 361445N 1181622W   Casa Vieja Meadows
Boggys Pass Tulare gap 361047N 1181557W   Casa Vieja Meadows
Bond Creek Tulare stream 360214N 1184523W   Globe
Bone Canyon Tulare valley 362846N 1190523W   Woodlake
Bone Creek Tulare stream 355953N 1183214W   Sentinel Peak
Bone Meadow Tulare flat 355947N 1183631W   Johnsondale
Bonita Creek Tulare stream 360232N 1181812W   Bonita Meadows
Bonita Flat Tulare flat 360554N 1182019W   Bonita Meadows

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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
Bonita Meadows Tulare flat 360225N 1181954W   Bonita Meadows
Bonita Meadows Forest Service Facility Tulare locale 360217N 1181952W   Bonita Meadows
Bonsall Hill Tulare summit 360137N 1185207W   Globe
Boone Meadow Tulare flat 355945N 1181953W   Sirretta Peak
Boreal Plateau Tulare plain 362639N 1182042W   Johnson Peak
Boulder Creek Tulare stream 360817N 1183422W   Camp Nelson
Box Canyon Tulare valley 363850N 1183850W   Mount Silliman
Braly Ranch Tulare locale 355302N 1190447W   Ducor
Bravo Lake Tulare reservoir 362428N 1190546W   Woodlake
Bravo Lake Reservoir 713 Dam Tulare dam 362428N 1190546W   Woodlake
Breckenridge Tulare locale 361445N 1184252W   Camp Wishon
Brewer Creek Tulare stream 364200N 1183335W   Sphinx Lakes
Brin Canyon Tulare valley 355644N 1182835W   Fairview
Broder Meadow Tulare flat 360920N 1181122W   Monache Mountain
Broders Cabin Tulare locale 362213N 1183303W   Quinn Peak
Brown Cow Camp Tulare locale 361632N 1181001W   Templeton Mountain
Brown Flat Tulare flat 363430N 1190324W   Auckland
Brown Meadow Tulare flat 361714N 1180954W   Templeton Mountain
Brown Mountain Tulare summit 361532N 1181045W   Templeton Mountain
Brush Creek Tulare stream 355757N 1182849W   Fairview
Brush Creek Flat Tulare flat 355838N 1182830W   Fairview
Brush Creek Overlook Tulare locale 355705N 1182327W   Fairview
Brush Meadow Tulare flat 361511N 1180750W   Templeton Mountain
Buck Canyon Tulare valley 363259N 1190045W   Auckland
Buck Canyon Tulare valley 363222N 1184008W   Lodgepole
Buck Creek Tulare stream 363222N 1184006W   Lodgepole
Buck Horn Ranch Tulare locale 361210N 1184315W   Camp Wishon
Buck Meadow Tulare flat 361607N 1180844W   Templeton Mountain
Buck Peak Tulare summit 355505N 1184938W   Gibbon Peak
Buck Peak Tulare summit 354921N 1184307W   Posey
Buck Rock Tulare summit 364415N 1185129W   Muir Grove
Buck Rock Campground Tulare locale 364309N 1185049W   Muir Grove
Buck Slide Tulare slope 355759N 1184108W   California Hot Springs
Buckeye Creek Tulare stream 363550N 1190616W   Auckland
Buckeye Flat Tulare flat 363122N 1184548W   Giant Forest
Buckeye Flat Tulare flat 362920N 1190522W   Woodlake
Buckeye Flat Recreation Site Tulare locale 363116N 1184542W   Giant Forest
Buckeye Gulch Tulare valley 360938N 1184806W   Springville
Buena Vista Creek Tulare stream 364200N 1185438W   General Grant Grove
Buena Vista Grove Tulare woods 364212N 1185305W   General Grant Grove
Bull Creek Tulare stream 363549N 1190626W   Auckland
Bull Meadow Tulare flat 361030N 1181255W   Monache Mountain
Bull Point Mine Tulare mine 355308N 1184248W   California Hot Springs
Bull Run Basin Tulare basin 354752N 1183126W   Tobias Peak
Bull Run Cattle Drive Tulare trail 354956N 1183529W   Tobias Peak
Bull Run Meadow Tulare flat 355033N 1183447W   Tobias Peak
Bull Run Pass Tulare gap 355022N 1183431W   Tobias Peak
Bull Run Peak Tulare summit 354955N 1183432W   Tobias Peak
Bullfrog Lakes Tulare lake 362348N 1183306W   Mineral King
Bullfrog Meadow Tulare flat 362414N 1181259W   Cirque Peak
Bullion Flat Tulare flat 362312N 1183351W   Mineral King
Burling (historical) Tulare pop place 361102N 1192032W   Tulare
Burnt Camp Creek Tulare stream 362110N 1184632W   Dennison Peak
Burnt Canyon Tulare valley 354306N 1181823W   Weldon
Burnt Corral Meadows Tulare flat 361326N 1182951W   Hockett Peak
Burnt Point Tulare summit 363459N 1185437W   Shadequarter Mountain
Burnt Point Creek Tulare stream 363440N 1185338W   Shadequarter Mountain
Burnt Ridge Tulare ridge 355449N 1183247W   Johnsondale
Burr Tulare pop place 361443N 1190651W 350 Lindsay
Burro Creek Tulare stream 361328N 1183849W   Camp Wishon
Burro Creek Grove Tulare woods 361331N 1183835W   Camp Wishon
Burton Tulare pop place 353002N 1182422W 6720 ? ? ? ? ?
Burton Camp Tulare locale 355842N 1182515W   Fairview
Burton Ranch Tulare locale 354810N 1183816W   Posey
Butera Tulare locale 354833N 1191523W   Delano West
Buttonwillow Peak Tulare summit 363855N 1190945W   Tucker Mountain
Buzzard Roost Tulare summit 363457N 1190227W   Auckland
Cabin Cove Tulare pop place 362756N 1183911W 5960 Silver City
Cabin Creek Tulare stream 363825N 1184841W   Muir Grove
Cabin Meadow Tulare flat 363911N 1184837W   Muir Grove
Cactus Point Tulare summit 363038N 1184907W   Giant Forest
Cahoon Creek Tulare stream 362509N 1184159W   Silver City
Cahoon Gap Tulare gap 363838N 1184411W   Mount Silliman
Cahoon Meadow Tulare flat 362304N 1184213W   Silver City
Cahoon Meadow Tulare flat 363744N 1184404W   Mount Silliman
Cahoon Mountain Tulare summit 362222N 1184917W   Dennison Peak
Cahoon Rock Tulare summit 362243N 1184123W   Silver City
Cahoon Rock Lookout Tulare locale 362243N 1184116W   Silver City
Cain Spring Tulare spring 355539N 1184418W   California Hot Springs
Cain Spring Gap Tulare gap 355508N 1184426W   California Hot Springs
Cairns Tulare locale 362604N 1191006W   Ivanhoe
Cairns Corner Tulare pop place 361245N 1190805W 345 Cairns Corner
Calcite (historical) Tulare pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Calgro Tulare pop place 362923N 1191705W 340 Monson
California Hot Springs Tulare pop place 355249N 1184022W 3074 California Hot Springs
Calkins Flat Tulare flat 355513N 1182936W   Fairview
Caltech Peak Tulare summit 364120N 1182320W   Mount Brewer
Camelback Tulare ridge 361905N 1183204W   Quinn Peak
Cameron Creek Tulare stream 360739N 1193143W   Waukena
Cameron Creek Tulare stream 361635N 1192140W   Visalia
Cameron Creek Colony Tulare pop place 361902N 1191214W   Exeter
Camp Conifer Tulare locale 362726N 1184107W   Silver City
Camp Conifer Tulare locale 362723N 1184122W   Silver City
Camp Eight Tulare locale 361554N 1192248W   Goshen
Camp Eleven Tulare locale 361634N 1192232W   Goshen
Camp Four Tulare locale 361610N 1192451W   Goshen
Camp Nelson Tulare pop place 360834N 1183630W 4770 Camp Nelson
Camp Seven Tulare locale 361620N 1192301W   Goshen
Camp Ten Tulare locale 361621N 1192159W   Visalia
Camp Three Tulare locale 361541N 1192514W   Goshen

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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
Camp Three Campground Tulare locale 354824N 1182710W   Kernville
Camp Vandalia Tulare locale 360303N 1190035W   Porterville
Camp Whitsett Tulare locale 360008N 1183209W   Sentinel Peak
Camp Wishon Tulare locale 361128N 1183952W   Camp Wishon
Camp Wishon Campground Tulare locale 361123N 1183946W   Camp Wishon
Campbell Creek Tulare stream 360604N 1185159W   Globe
Campground Guard Station Tulare locale 360722N 1183234W   Sentinel Peak
Cannell Creek Tulare stream 354731N 1182654W   Kernville
Cannell Meadow Tulare flat 354914N 1182203W   Cannell Peak
Cannell Meadow Forest Service Station Tulare locale 355015N 1182214W   Cannell Peak
Cannell Peak Tulare summit 355155N 1182143W   Cannell Peak
Capinero Creek Tulare stream 355249N 1183929W   California Hot Springs
Capinero Saddle Tulare gap 355128N 1183752W   Posey
Capitol Rock Tulare summit 355853N 1183133W   Johnsondale
Caratan Tulare locale 354913N 1191533W   Delano West
Caric Tulare locale 354955N 1191540W   Delano West
Carl Lake Tulare lake 361437N 1184433W   Camp Wishon
Carver Camp Tulare locale 360009N 1183121W   Sentinel Peak
Carver Peak Tulare summit 354805N 1184215W   Posey
Casa Vieja Meadows Tulare flat 361200N 1181605W   Casa Vieja Meadows
Casa Vieja Meadows Forest Service Facility Tulare locale 361206N 1181605W   Casa Vieja Meadows
Cascade Creek Tulare stream 363655N 1184830W   Giant Forest
Case Mountain Tulare summit 362440N 1184808W   Case Mountain
Case Mountain Grove Tulare woods 362418N 1184734W   Case Mountain
Castle Creek Tulare stream 363220N 1184106W   Lodgepole
Castle Creek Grove Tulare woods 363111N 1184103W   Lodgepole
Castle Rock Tulare summit 362523N 1190520W   Woodlake
Castle Rock Tulare summit 361037N 1182732W   Hockett Peak
Castle Rocks Tulare summit 362948N 1184203W   Silver City
Cave Creek Tulare stream 363505N 1184956W   Giant Forest
Cedar Canyon Tulare valley 360322N 1182559W   Durrwood Creek
Cedar Creek Tulare stream 360220N 1184009W   Solo Peak
Cedar Creek Tulare stream 363314N 1185119W   Giant Forest
Cedar Creek Tulare stream 362116N 1184355W   Moses Mountain
Cedar Creek Tulare stream 363225N 1190034W   Auckland
Cedar Slope Tulare pop place 360843N 1183439W   Camp Nelson
Cedar Spring Tulare spring 355152N 1184059W   Posey
Cedar Trough Landmark Object Tulare locale 354922N 1183800W   Posey
Cement Table Meadow Tulare flat 364030N 1183219W   Sphinx Lakes
Centennial Peak Tulare summit 363740N 1182925W   Mount Brewer
Center Basin Tulare basin 364325N 1182056W   Mount Williamson
Center Basin Crags Tulare pillar 364411N 1182047W   Mount Williamson
Center Peak Tulare summit 364320N 1182140W   Mount Williamson
Central School (historical) Tulare school 361330N 1190810W   Cairns Corner
Chagoopa Creek Tulare stream 362805N 1182428W   Chagoopa Falls
Chagoopa Falls Tulare falls 362817N 1182419W   Chagoopa Falls
Chagoopa Falls District Ranger Office Tulare locale 362752N 1182422W   Chagoopa Falls
Chagoopa Plateau Tulare plain 362900N 1182700W   Chagoopa Falls
Chalaney Creek Tulare stream 354922N 1184949W   White River
Cherokee Flat Tulare flat 362332N 1185354W   Kaweah
Cherry Flat Tulare flat 363752N 1185352W   General Grant Grove
Cherry Hill Tulare summit 355523N 1182232W   Fairview
Chicken Spring Lake Tulare lake 362727N 1181333W   Cirque Peak
Chickencoop Canyon Tulare valley 361621N 1185533W   Chickencoop Canyon
Chico Canyon Tulare valley 354806N 1182732W   Kernville
Chico Flat Tulare flat 354904N 1182802W   Kernville
Chihuahua Mine Tulare mine 362644N 1183431W   Mineral King
Chimney Meadow Tulare flat 355121N 1180038W   Lamont Peak
Chimney Peak Tulare summit 355201N 1180232W   Lamont Peak
Chimney Rock Tulare pillar 363921N 1185156W   Muir Grove
Chimney Spring Tulare spring 363321N 1190353W   Auckland
Chinaquapin Basin Tulare basin 361854N 1182143W   Kern Peak
Chinowths Corner Tulare pop place 361937N 1192005W 313 Visalia
Chinquapin Basin Tulare basin 361854N 1182143W   Kern Peak
Cholollo Campground Tulare locale 360325N 1183907W   Solo Peak
Cholollo Falls Tulare falls 360335N 1183839W   Solo Peak
Chrysoprase Hill Tulare ridge 361141N 1190402W   Lindsay
Church Dome Tulare summit 355105N 1181614W   Cannell Peak
Church of Christ (historical) Tulare church 361223N 1190526W   Lindsay
Church of the Nazarene (historical) Tulare church 360344N 1190053W   Porterville
Chute Spring Tulare spring 355509N 1183900W   California Hot Springs
Cinnamon Creek Tulare stream 362230N 1185049W   Case Mountain
Cinnamon Gap Tulare gap 362426N 1184937W   Case Mountain
Circle Meadow Tulare flat 363355N 1184509W   Giant Forest
Citro Tulare pop place 362334N 1190125W 500 Woodlake
Citro Junction (historical) Tulare pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Clark Canyon Tulare valley 363152N 1190036W   Auckland
Cleary (historical) Tulare pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Clicks Creek Tulare stream 361312N 1183010W   Camp Nelson
Cliff Creek Tulare stream 363203N 1183913W   Lodgepole
Cliff Peak Tulare summit 363324N 1191013W   Stokes Mountain
Cloud Canyon Tulare valley 364227N 1183441W   Sphinx Lakes
Clover Creek Tulare stream 362413N 1184028W   Silver City
Clover Creek Tulare stream 363610N 1184438W   Lodgepole
Clover Meadow Tulare flat 355610N 1183457W   Johnsondale
Clover Meadow Tulare flat 360641N 1180739W   Crag Peak
Coarse Gold Creek Tulare stream 354829N 1185233W   Quincy School
Cocoamita (historical) Tulare ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Coffee Camp Campground Tulare locale 360907N 1184433W   Camp Wishon
Coffee Camp Picnic Area Tulare locale 360900N 1184459W   Camp Wishon
Coffee Canyon Tulare valley 360907N 1184417W   Camp Wishon
Coffee Mill Meadow Tulare flat 360817N 1183248W   Camp Nelson
Coffeepot Canyon Tulare valley 362531N 1184604W   Case Mountain
Coho Creek Tulare stream 354837N 1185241W   Quincy School
Coho School (historical) Tulare school 355252N 1184827W   Gibbon Peak
Colby Lake Tulare lake 363747N 1183044W   Sphinx Lakes
Colby Pass Tulare gap 363707N 1183001W   Triple Divide Peak
Cold Creek Tulare stream 361349N 1182030W   Casa Vieja Meadows
Cold Meadows Tulare flat 361703N 1181755W   Kern Peak
Cold Spring Tulare spring 354830N 1183455W   Tobias Peak

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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
Cold Spring Tulare spring 362702N 1183646W   Mineral King
Cold Spring Tulare spring 361059N 1182422W   Hockett Peak
Cold Spring Campground Tulare locale 362706N 1183640W   Mineral King
Cold Spring Campground Tulare locale 362707N 1183641W   Mineral King
Cold Springs Creek Tulare stream 355354N 1184350W   California Hot Springs
Cold Springs Peak Tulare summit 355556N 1183852W   California Hot Springs
Cold Springs Saddle Tulare gap 355606N 1183851W   California Hot Springs
Cold Sulphur Spring Tulare spring 363457N 1190034W   Auckland
College Park Tulare park 363211N 1192307W   Reedley
College Ranch Tulare locale 354856N 1191950W   Delano West
Collier Cove Tulare basin 363136N 1190504W   Auckland
Colony Meadow Tulare flat 363830N 1184648W   Muir Grove
Colony Mill Ranger Station Tulare locale 363312N 1184840W   Giant Forest
Colony Peak Tulare summit 363345N 1184914W   Giant Forest
Colpien Ranch Tulare locale 361503N 1192359W   Goshen
Columbine Lake Tulare lake 362743N 1183256W   Mineral King
Colvin Mountain Tulare ridge 362709N 1190858W   Ivanhoe
Colvin Ranch Tulare locale 362526N 1190840W   Ivanhoe
Comanche Meadow Tulare flat 364245N 1184106W   Mount Silliman
Comb Rocks Tulare summit 362839N 1185358W   Kaweah
Congress Group Tulare summit 363429N 1184443W   Lodgepole
Conifer Ridge Tulare ridge 362747N 1184255W   Silver City
Cooksie Canyon Tulare valley 355022N 1183954W   Posey
Coon Spring Tulare spring 363119N 1190226W   Auckland
Copper Mine Pass Tulare gap 363553N 1183305W   Triple Divide Peak
Corn Jack Peak Tulare summit 363821N 1190931W   Tucker Mountain
Corner Creek Tulare stream 362358N 1183855W   Silver City
Corral Creek Tulare stream 355102N 1182710W   Kernville
Corral Creek Campground Tulare locale 355120N 1182703W   Kernville
Corral Creek Picnic Area Tulare locale 355126N 1182658W   Kernville
Corral Hill Tulare summit 355522N 1184313W   California Hot Springs
Corral Meadow Tulare flat 360219N 1182223W   Bonita Meadows
Corral Meadow Tulare flat 355840N 1182512W   Fairview
Corral Meadow Tulare flat 360616N 1181022W   Crag Peak
Cotton Center Tulare pop place 360358N 1190831W 372 Woodville
Cottonwood Creek Tulare stream 362547N 1192433W   Traver
Cottonwood School (historical) Tulare school 363547N 1190620W   Auckland
Cougar Camp Tulare locale 355813N 1184102W   California Hot Springs
Cove Camp Campground Tulare locale 363959N 1185022W   Muir Grove
Cove Canyon Tulare valley 355025N 1184134W   Posey
Cow Canyon Tulare valley 361139N 1180831W   Monache Mountain
Cow Mountain Tulare summit 360328N 1184704W   Globe
Cow Mountain Creek Tulare stream 360142N 1184709W   Globe
Coy Creek Tulare stream 360756N 1183719W   Camp Nelson
Coy Flat Tulare flat 360744N 1183709W   Camp Nelson
Coy Flat Campground Tulare locale 360737N 1183706W   Camp Nelson
Coyote Creek Tulare stream 362030N 1182414W   Kern Lake
Coyote Flat Tulare flat 363433N 1190600W   Auckland
Coyote Lakes Tulare lake 361826N 1182703W   Kern Lake
Coyote Pass Tulare gap 361954N 1182859W   Kern Lake
Coyote Peaks Tulare summit 361843N 1182643W   Kern Lake
Crabtree Cabin (historical) Tulare locale 362525N 1183529W   Mineral King
Crabtree Creek Tulare stream 363308N 1182121W   Mount Whitney
Crabtree Lakes Tulare lake 363230N 1181852W   Mount Whitney
Crabtree Meadow Tulare flat 363306N 1182121W   Mount Whitney
Crabtree Pass Tulare gap 363256N 1181650W   Mount Whitney
Crabtree Ranger Station Tulare locale 363351N 1182050W   Mount Whitney
Crag Creek Tulare stream 360554N 1180655W   Long Canyon
Crag Peak Tulare summit 360641N 1180913W   Crag Peak
Crane Meadow Tulare flat 360047N 1183628W   Sentinel Peak
Crane Meadow Camp Tulare locale 360057N 1183626W   Sentinel Peak
Crawford Camp Tulare locale 360419N 1183603W   Sentinel Peak
Crawford Creek Tulare stream 360329N 1183717W   Sentinel Peak
Crescent Creek Tulare stream 363211N 1184526W   Giant Forest
Crescent Lake Tulare lake 363839N 1184055W   Mount Silliman
Crescent Meadow Tulare flat 363332N 1184451W   Lodgepole
Crestwood Park Tulare park 361818N 1191922W   Visalia
Crew Creek Tulare stream 360253N 1185132W   Globe
Cross Tulare locale 362521N 1192758W   Traver
Cross Mountain Tulare summit 364411N 1183008W 12185 Sphinx Lakes
Crowley Canyon Tulare valley 363846N 1184047W   Mount Silliman
Crystal Creek Tulare stream 362612N 1183519W   Mineral King
Crystal Lake Tulare reservoir 362630N 1183348W   Mineral King
Crystal Lake 104-019 Dam Tulare dam 362630N 1183348W   Mineral King
Crystal Spring Tulare spring 361215N 1184120W   Camp Wishon
Cunningham Creek Tulare stream 364026N 1183212W   Sphinx Lakes
Cunningham Grove Tulare woods 355856N 1183403W   Johnsondale
Curliss Meadow Tulare flat 360107N 1182017W   Bonita Meadows
Curliss Meadows Guard Station Tulare locale 360111N 1182012W   Bonita Meadows
Curtis Mountain Tulare summit 363541N 1191519W   Orange Cove South
Cutler Tulare pop place 363124N 1191709W 358 Orange Cove South
Cutler Park Tulare park 362100N 1191339W   Exeter
Cutler Post Office Tulare post office 363125N 1191713W   Orange Cove South
Cyclamen Lake Tulare lake 362805N 1183303W   Mineral King
Cyclone Meadow Tulare flat 361907N 1183748W   Moses Mountain
Dahlem Ranch Tulare locale 361910N 1190051W   Rocky Hill
Danner Meadow Tulare flat 360324N 1182141W   Bonita Meadows
Dark Canyon Tulare valley 355842N 1181538W   Sirretta Peak
Dark Canyon Tulare valley 354807N 1182711W   Kernville
Dark Canyon Tulare valley 355039N 1183810W   Posey
Davis Mountain Tulare summit 362802N 1190231W   Woodlake
Davis Ranch Tulare locale 362644N 1190402W   Woodlake
Dead Horse Meadow Tulare flat 355225N 1183515W   Tobias Peak
Dead Horse Meadow Tulare flat 360316N 1181048W   Crag Peak
Dead Horse Slough Tulare stream 360634N 1190538W   Porterville
Dead Mule Saddle Tulare gap 355502N 1183914W   California Hot Springs
Deadman Canyon Tulare valley 364229N 1183441W   Sphinx Lakes
Deadman Canyon Tulare valley 360913N 1182405W   Hockett Peak
Deadman Creek Tulare stream 360855N 1183911W   Camp Wishon
Deadwood Creek Tulare stream 362727N 1183942W   Silver City

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