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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
Alamo Creek Solano stream 382012N 1214901W   Dozier
Alamo Creek Park Solano park 382123N 1220029W   Fairfield North
Allendale Solano pop place 382641N 1215631W 118 Allendale
Amador Park Solano park 380615N 1221435W   Benicia
Andrews Park Solano park 382131N 1215903W   Elmira
Andy Mason Slough Solano gut 380555N 1220046W   Vine Hill
Armijo (historical) Solano ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Army Point Solano cape 380242N 1220743W   Benicia
Austin Creek Solano stream 380703N 1221517W   Mare Island
Bahia Solano pop place 380548N 1220607W 6 Vine Hill
Bar B Ranch Solano locale 382712N 1220120W   Mount Vaca
Barker Slough Solano stream 381538N 1214627W   Dozier
Bascherini 1016 Dam Solano dam 382206N 1215912W   Elmira
Batavia Solano pop place 382423N 1215131W 60 Dixon
Beelard Park Solano park 382038N 1215730W   Elmira
Beldons Landing Solano locale 381120N 1215826W   Denverton
Belleair (historical) Solano pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Benicia Solano pop place 380258N 1220927W 33 Benicia
Benicia Arsenal and Barracks (historical) Solano military 380246N 1220805W   Benicia
Benicia Capitol State Historic Park Solano park 380300N 1220929W   Benicia
Benicia Capitol State Historical Monument Solano building 380300N 1220929W   Benicia
Benicia City Cemetery Solano cemetery 380332N 1220913W   Benicia
Benicia Collegiate Institute (historical) Solano school ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   Benicia
Benicia Point Solano cape 380239N 1220941W   Benicia
Benicia Post Office Solano post office 380311N 1220930W   Benicia
Benicia Shoals Solano bar 380222N 1220935W   Benicia
Benicia State Recreation Area Solano park 380427N 1221130W   Benicia
Beverly Hills Park Solano park 380455N 1221327W   Benicia
Binghamton Solano pop place 382105N 1214918W 35 Dozier
Birds Landing Solano pop place 380758N 1215211W 58 Birds Landing
Birds Landing Solano locale 380725N 1215315W   Honker Bay
Blackjack Club (historical) Solano locale 380423N 1214900W   Antioch North
Blake Sky Park Solano airport 382729N 1220243W   Mount Vaca
Blue Rock Springs Creek Solano stream 380751N 1221336W   Cordelia
Blue Rock Springs Park Solano park 380724N 1221131W   Benicia
Borges Ranch Park Solano park 380903N 1221345W   Cordelia
Boynton Slough Solano gut 381247N 1220306W   Fairfield South
Bradmoor Island Solano island 381126N 1215501W   Denverton
Briggston (historical) Solano pop place 383153N 1214452W   Davis
Bruna Vista Park Solano park 380938N 1214147W   Rio Vista
Bruning Park Solano park 380924N 1214135W   Rio Vista
Bucktown Solano pop place 382327N 1220123W   Mount Vaca
Bulkley Ranch Solano locale 382655N 1214317W   Saxon
Bunker Solano pop place 382103N 1214526W 18 Dozier
Cache Slough Solano stream 381044N 1213956W   Rio Vista
Cache Slough Gas Field Solano oilfield 381300N 1214036W   Rio Vista
California House (historical) Solano building 380304N 1220932W   Benicia
Cannon Solano pop place 381816N 1215646W 90 Elmira
Capitol (historical) Solano ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Carquinez Bridge Solano bridge 380341N 1221327W   Benicia
Carquinez Cemetery Solano cemetery 380520N 1221239W   Benicia
Carquinez Heights Solano pop place 380435N 1221420W 120 Benicia
Carquinez Strait Solano channel 380500N 1221500W   Benicia
Carquinez Strait Lighthouse Solano locale 380419N 1221406W   Benicia
Castlewood Park Solano park 380608N 1221242W   Benicia
Cat Slough Solano gut 381110N 1220151W   Fairfield South
Cement Hill Solano summit 381757N 1215953W   Elmira
Chabot Terrace Solano pop place 380850N 1221442W 140 Cordelia
Chadbourne Solano pop place 381438N 1220458W 36 Fairfield South
Chadbourne Slough Solano gut 381110N 1220455W   Fairfield South
Champion Slough Solano gut 380503N 1215705W   Honker Bay
Cherry Glen Solano valley 382000N 1220224W   Fairfield North
Chicory Wharf Solano locale 381610N 1213820W   Liberty Island
Chinese Cut Solano bay 380613N 1214330W   Jersey Island
Chipps Solano pop place 380305N 1215450W 7 Honker Bay
Chipps Island Solano island 380319N 1215439W   Honker Bay
Clamshell Cut (historical) Solano gut 381801N 1213704W   Courtland
Clank Hollow Solano valley 380707N 1215153W   Antioch North
Clima Solano pop place 381458N 1220414W 30 Fairfield South
Cold Canyon Solano valley 383046N 1220546W   Monticello Dam
Collinsville Solano pop place 380437N 1215056W 3 Antioch North
Commodore Jones Point Solano cape 380332N 1221023W   Benicia
Cook Canyon Solano valley 381639N 1220943W   Mount George
Cordelia Solano pop place 381238N 1220805W 20 Cordelia
Cordelia Junction Solano pop place 381301N 1220819W   Cordelia
Cordelia Slough Solano stream 380809N 1220454W   Fairfield South
Cordero Junction Solano pop place 381716N 1215712W 80 Elmira
Creed Solano pop place 381436N 1215115W 36 Birds Landing
Creekside Park Solano park 382013N 1215724W   Elmira
Crest Ranch Park Solano park 380846N 1221334W   Cordelia
Cross Slough Solano gut 381046N 1215636W   Denverton
Cutoff Slough Solano gut 381111N 1220059W   Fairfield South
Cygnus Solano pop place 380910N 1220517W 5 Fairfield South
DC Stewart Landing Solano locale 381513N 1213914W   Liberty Island
Dalton Manor (historical) Solano ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Dan Foley Park Solano park 380810N 1221415W   Cordelia
Dana Ranch Solano locale 382654N 1214442W   Saxon
Danielson Solano pop place 381418N 1220614W 34 Fairfield South
Deadman Island Solano island 381314N 1220137W   Fairfield South
Decker Island Solano island 380526N 1214305W   Jersey Island
Decker Landing Solano locale 380508N 1214252W   Jersey Island
Delta Marina Solano locale 380900N 1214133W   Rio Vista
Denverton Solano pop place 381329N 1215347W 7 Denverton
Denverton Creek Solano stream 381323N 1215346W   Denverton
Denverton Slough Solano stream 381159N 1215503W   Denverton
Dickson Creek Solano stream 382234N 1214511W   Dixon
Dickson Hill 1052 Dam Solano dam 381712N 1220142W   Fairfield North
Dillon Point Solano cape 380336N 1221135W   Benicia
Dixon Solano pop place 382644N 1214920W 60 Dixon
Dixon May Fairgrounds Solano park 382623N 1214910W   Dixon

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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
Dixon Post Office Solano post office 382644N 1214925W   Dixon
Dixon Ridge Solano ridge 382653N 1215050W   Dixon
Dos Calles Padan Park Solano park 382030N 1215857W   Elmira
Dover Park Solano park 381535N 1220119W   Fairfield North
Dozier Solano pop place 381708N 1214856W 18 Dozier
Drakes Point Solano summit 382236N 1215915W   Allendale
Dry Arroyo Solano stream 382833N 1215607W   Allendale
Duck Slough Solano gut 381352N 1220126W   Fairfield South
Duck Slough Solano stream 381723N 1213838W   Liberty Island
Duck Slough Solano gut 381904N 1214313W   Liberty Island
Dudley Creek Solano stream 382340N 1214348W   Saxon
Dug Road Creek Solano stream 381603N 1221007W   Mount George
Duncan Graham Park Solano park 380330N 1220836W   Benicia
Dunns Peak Solano summit 382348N 1220041W   Mount Vaca
Duntton Landing Solano locale 380429N 1215809W   Honker Bay
Dutchman Slough Solano gut 380758N 1221823W   Cuttings Wharf
Dutton Solano pop place 380434N 1215256W 6 Honker Bay
Dutton Island Solano island 380454N 1215810W   Honker Bay
Duttons Landing Solano locale 380618N 1215320W   Honker Bay
Earl (historical) Solano pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
East Reach Solano channel 380332N 1215823W   Honker Bay
East Vallejo (historical) Solano pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   Mare Island
Echo Island Beacon Solano locale 380652N 1220348W   Vine Hill
Elkhorn Slough Solano stream 381231N 1213923W   Rio Vista
Elliot Cove Solano harbor 380401N 1221242W   Benicia
Elliott Cove Marina Solano locale 380402N 1221242W   Benicia
Elmira Solano pop place 382054N 1215432W 70 Elmira
Encinosa Creek Solano stream 382134N 1220031W   Fairfield North
English Creek Solano stream 382532N 1215852W   Allendale
English Hills Solano range 382611N 1220110W   Mount Vaca
Fairfield Solano pop place 381458N 1220220W 20 Fairfield South
Fairfield Post Office Solano post office 381507N 1220224W   Fairfield North
Fairmont Park Solano park 380709N 1221358W   Benicia
Federal Terrace (historical) Solano pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
First Methodist Episcopal Church (historical) Solano church 380609N 1221513W   Mare Island
Fischer-Hanlon House Solano building 380303N 1220933W   Benicia
Fishermans Cut Solano channel 380400N 1220115W   Vine Hill
Fitzgerald Field Solano park 380300N 1220915W   Benicia
Five Points Solano pop place 381727N 1213836W   Liberty Island
Fleming Hill Number 2 14-004 Dam Solano dam 380812N 1221430W   Cordelia
Flosden (historical) Solano pop place 380843N 1221503W   Cuttings Wharf
Flosden Acres Solano pop place 380811N 1221504W 10 Cuttings Wharf
Francesca Terrace Park Solano park 380322N 1220816W   Benicia
Frank Horan Slough Solano gut 381011N 1220538W   Fairfield South
Freeman Island Solano island 380446N 1215905W   Honker Bay
French Island Solano island 381551N 1214134W   Liberty Island
Frost Slough Solano gut 380927N 1215659W   Denverton
Garibaldi Brothers Airport Solano airport 381024N 1220723W   Fairfield South
Garfield (historical) Solano pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Garnet Point Solano cape 380542N 1220216W   Vine Hill
Gates Canyon Solano valley 382253N 1220214W   Mount Vaca
Gibson Canyon Creek Solano stream 382321N 1215139W   Dixon
Giles 448 Dam Solano dam 382624N 1220024W   Mount Vaca
Gillespie Point Solano cape 380417N 1220114W   Vine Hill
Glen Cove Solano bay 380359N 1221220W   Benicia
Glen Cove Marina Solano locale 380405N 1221220W   Benicia
Glen Cove Park Solano park 380423N 1221225W   Benicia
Glen Cove Waterfront Park Solano park 380403N 1221228W   Benicia
Glencove Solano pop place 380407N 1221221W   Benicia
Goat Island Solano island 381251N 1220159W   Fairfield South
Goodyear Slough Solano stream 380805N 1220504W   Fairfield South
Gordon Valley Creek Solano stream 381707N 1220649W   Fairfield North
Grant Mahoney Park Solano park 380643N 1221350W   Benicia
Green Valley Solano valley 381308N 1220828W   Cordelia
Green Valley Solano pop place 381511N 1220940W   Mount George
Green Valley Acres Solano pop place 384245N 1210415W 680 ? ? ? ? ?
Green Valley Creek Solano stream 381241N 1220740W   Cordelia
Green Valley Falls Solano falls 381637N 1221046W   Mount George
Green Valley Lake 447 Dam Solano dam 381618N 1221148W   Mount George
Green Valley Picnic Ground Solano locale 381615N 1221018W   Mount George
Grizzly Bay Solano bay 380705N 1220120W   Vine Hill
Grizzly Island Solano island 380905N 1215818W   Denverton
Grizzly Slough Solano gut 380625N 1215524W   Honker Bay
Guadalcanal Village Solano pop place 380707N 1221734W   Mare Island
Haas Slough Solano stream 381729N 1214325W   Liberty Island
Hall Memorial Park Solano park 382630N 1214859W   Dixon
Hall Park Solano park 381455N 1220031W   Fairfield South
Hamilton Ranch Solano locale 380931N 1214813W   Birds Landing
Hammond Island Solano island 380618N 1215611W   Honker Bay
Hanns Park Solano park 380712N 1221309W   Benicia
Hansen Ranch Solano locale 381330N 1215020W   Birds Landing
Harris 446 Dam Solano dam 381248N 1221112W   Cordelia
Harry Floyd Terrace Solano pop place 380745N 1221413W   Cordelia
Hartley Solano pop place 382502N 1215645W 116 Allendale
Harvey Slough Solano stream 380818N 1220452W   Fairfield South
Hasting Slough Solano gut 381107N 1215615W   Denverton
Hastings Ferry Solano crossing 381448N 1214144W   Rio Vista
Hastings Tract Solano civil 381619N 1214341W   Liberty Island
Henry Ranch Park Solano park 380906N 1221617W   Cuttings Wharf
Hierlihy Ranch Solano locale 380924N 1214639W   Birds Landing
Highlands Park Solano park 380548N 1221144W   Benicia
Hill Slough Solano stream 381312N 1220142W   Fairfield South
Hillview Park Solano park 381638N 1220222W   Fairfield North
Honker Bay Solano bay 380355N 1215541W   Honker Bay
Hopkins Ravine Solano valley 380759N 1215218W   Birds Landing
Horseshoe Bend Solano bend 380501N 1214251W   Jersey Island
Houhuth (historical) Solano ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Howard Slough Solano gut 380555N 1215631W   Honker Bay
Independence Park Solano park 380551N 1221532W   Mare Island
Island Number One Solano island 380835N 1222036W   Cuttings Wharf

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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
Island Number Two Solano island 380946N 1221952W   Cuttings Wharf
Island Slough Solano gut 381012N 1215856W   Denverton
Jacksnipe Solano pop place 381134N 1220401W 8 Fairfield South
Japanese Point Solano cape 381252N 1220200W   Fairfield South
Jensen Park Solano park 380313N 1220911W   Benicia
Johannsens Square Solano locale 380247N 1220756W   Benicia
Joice Island Solano island 380900N 1220330W   Fairfield South
KKIS-AM (Pittsburg) Solano tower 381056N 1215326W   Denverton
KKIS-AM (Pittsburg) Solano tower 380449N 1215033W   Antioch North
KLCQ-FM (Davis) Solano tower 382945N 1214825W   Dixon
KNBA-AM (Vallejo) Solano tower 380704N 1221524W   Mare Island
KRVH-FM (Rio Vista) Solano tower 380917N 1214148W   Rio Vista
KUIC-FM (Vacaville) Solano tower 381756N 1215954W   Elmira
KUIC-FM (Vacaville) Solano tower 382013N 1220008W   Fairfield North
KVIK-FM (Travis AFB) Solano tower 381656N 1215739W   Elmira
Kidder Landing Solano locale 381635N 1213810W   Liberty Island
Kirby Hill Solano summit 381003N 1215509W   Denverton
Knight Island Solano island 380809N 1221754W   Cuttings Wharf
Lagoon Solano lake 381949N 1220038W   Fairfield North
Lagoon Valley Solano valley 382029N 1220047W   Fairfield North
Laguna Creek Solano stream 382033N 1215959W   Elmira
Lake Chabot Solano reservoir 380825N 1221420W   Cordelia
Lake Chabot 14-006 Dam Solano dam 380824N 1221418W   Cordelia
Lake Dalwigk Solano reservoir 380535N 1221428W   Benicia
Lake Dalwigk Park Solano park 380530N 1221435W   Benicia
Lake Frey Solano reservoir 381729N 1221122W   Mount George
Lake Frey 14-003 Dam Solano dam 371829N 1221122W   Mindego Hill
Lake Herman Solano reservoir 380533N 1220859W   Benicia
Lake Herman 1028 Dam Solano dam 380548N 1220900W   Benicia
Lake Madigan Solano reservoir 381829N 1221130W   Mount George
Lake Madigan 14-002 Dam Solano dam 381829N 1221130W   Mount George
Lambie Ranch Solano locale 381212N 1215136W   Birds Landing
Laurel Creek Solano stream 381411N 1220141W   Fairfield South
Laurel Creek Park Solano park 381653N 1220052W   Fairfield North
Ledgewood Creek Solano stream 381336N 1220311W   Fairfield South
Lee Bell Park Solano park 381525N 1220220W   Fairfield North
Leisure Town Solano pop place 382158N 1215637W 97 Elmira
Lents Landing Solano locale 381603N 1213820W   Liberty Island
Liberty (historical) Solano pop place 381704N 1224203W 70 ? ? ? ? ?
Liberty Island Solano island 381713N 1214039W   Liberty Island
Liberty Island Ferry Solano locale 381421N 1214105W   Rio Vista
Liberty Island Gas Field Solano oilfield 381448N 1214056W   Rio Vista
Libfarm Solano locale 382405N 1214244W   Saxon
Lindsey Slough Solano stream 381440N 1214124W   Rio Vista
Lindsey Slough Gas Field Solano oilfield 381332N 1214356W   Rio Vista
Linear Park Solano park 381518N 1220326W   Fairfield North
Lingos Landing Solano locale 380934N 1215529W   Denverton
Little Hastings Tract Solano civil 381502N 1214128W   Liberty Island
Little Honker Bay Solano bay 381056N 1215445W   Denverton
Little Medora Lake (historical) Solano lake 381823N 1213754W   Liberty Island
Lone Tree Island (historical) Solano island 380358N 1214709W   Antioch North
Lookout Slough Solano gut 381845N 1214240W   Liberty Island
Los Putos Solano civil 382325N 1215756W   Allendale
Los Ulpinos Solano civil 380847N 1214241W   Rio Vista
Luco Hill Solano summit 381223N 1215610W   Denverton
Luco Slough Solano gut 381250N 1215526W   Denverton
Lucol Hollow Solano valley 380754N 1215226W   Birds Landing
M K Ranch Solano locale 382511N 1214428W   Saxon
Maine Prairie Solano pop place 381829N 1214528W   Dozier
Maine Prairie Airport Solano airport 382252N 1214924W   Dixon
Maine Prairie School Solano school 381947N 1214705W   Dozier
Maine Prairie Slough Solano stream 381829N 1214529W   Dozier
Maine Prairie Gas Field Solano oilfield 381938N 1214333W   Liberty Island
Maine Prairie Number 3 1040 Dam Solano dam 382006N 1214854W   Dozier
Mankas Corner Solano pop place 381711N 1220621W 120 Fairfield North
Mankas Park Solano park 381604N 1220342W   Fairfield North
Mare Island Solano island 380544N 1221617W   Mare Island
Mare Island Navy Yard (historical) Solano military 380557N 1221618W   Mare Island
Mare Island Strait Solano channel 380559N 1221553W   Mare Island
Maria Field Solano park 380256N 1220907W   Benicia
Marshall Cut Solano gap 380427N 1214952W   Antioch North
Maxwell Ranch Solano locale 382828N 1214212W   Saxon
McCoy Creek Solano stream 381722N 1220110W   Fairfield North
McCune Creek Solano stream 382951N 1215948W   Allendale
Meadowlands Park Solano park 382028N 1215633W   Elmira
Meadows Park Solano park 380842N 1221546W   Cuttings Wharf
Medora Lake Solano lake 381834N 1213826W   Liberty Island
Meins Landing Solano pop place 380823N 1215422W   Denverton
Middle Ground Island Solano island 380346N 1215849W   Honker Bay
Military Cemetery Solano cemetery 380304N 1220829W   Benicia
Millar (historical) Solano pop place 382333N 1214313W   Saxon
Millar Gas Field Solano oilfield 382153N 1214226W   Liberty Island
Miller Canyon Solano valley 382639N 1220333W   Mount Vaca
Miller Canyon Creek Solano stream 382705N 1220307W   Mount Vaca
Mills College (historical) Solano school 380309N 1220929W   Benicia
Miner Slough Solano stream 381359N 1214017W   Rio Vista
Mix Canyon Solano valley 382442N 1220257W   Mount Vaca
Molena Solano pop place 380733N 1215232W 37 Denverton
Montezuma Solano pop place 380526N 1215218W 5 Antioch North
Montezuma Solano locale 381003N 1215316W   Denverton
Montezuma Hills Solano range 380703N 1214812W   Antioch North
Montezuma Landing Solano locale 380418N 1214955W   Antioch North
Montezuma Landing Solano locale 380419N 1214954W   Antioch North
Montezuma Slough Solano stream 380751N 1220327W   Fairfield South
Moore Tract Solano civil 381900N 1214249W   Liberty Island
Morrow Cove Solano bay 380405N 1221353W   Benicia
Morrow Island Solano island 380700N 1220507W   Vine Hill
Morrow Island Farm Solano locale 380708N 1220538W   Vine Hill
Mud Slough Solano gut 380531N 1215759W   Honker Bay
Municipal 21 Dam Solano dam 381754N 1220833W   Mount George
Napa River Solano stream 380412N 1221434W   Benicia
Napa River Bridge Solano bridge 380713N 1221645W   Mare Island
Navy Point Solano cape 381045N 1220225W   Fairfield South
Nelson Park Solano park 382050N 1215704W   Elmira

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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
Newtown Solano pop place 381008N 1214045W   Rio Vista
Ninth Street Park Solano park 380336N 1221022W   Benicia
North Orchard Park Solano park 382225N 1220010W   Fairfield North
North Vallejo Park Solano park 380844N 1221407W   Cordelia
Norther Slough Solano gut 380535N 1215914W   Honker Bay
Northwest Park Solano park 382719N 1214954W   Dixon
Noyce Slough Solano gut 380531N 1215826W   Honker Bay
Nurse Slough Solano gut 381110N 1215540W   Denverton
Nut Tree Airport Solano airport 382236N 1215744W   Allendale
Olcott Solano pop place 381638N 1214923W 23 Dozier
Old Hillside Cemetery Solano cemetery 380707N 1221553W   Mare Island
Olulato (historical) Solano pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Overlook Park Solano park 380347N 1220905W   Benicia
Oxford Solano pop place 381826N 1213711W 0 Courtland
P R D 449 Dam Solano dam 380606N 1220730W   Benicia
Paddon (historical) Solano ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Page Flat Solano flat 380928N 1221046W   Cordelia
Palmetto Landing Solano locale 380708N 1215409W   Honker Bay
Patwin Park Solano park 382056N 1215610W   Elmira
Peabody Hospital (historical) Solano hospital 380309N 1220939W   Benicia
Pelican Point Solano cape 380633N 1215930W   Honker Bay
Peltier Slough Solano stream 381126N 1220445W   Fairfield South
Peña House Historic Site Solano locale 382012N 1220051W   Fairfield North
Pennsylvania Creek 1-033 Dam Solano dam 381536N 1220348W   Fairfield North
Peters Pocket Solano flat 381802N 1214410W   Liberty Island
Peterson Ranch Solano locale 381443N 1214546W   Birds Landing
Peytonia Slough Solano gut 381331N 1220228W   Fairfield South
Pier 21 Solano locale 380520N 1221530W   Mare Island
Pier 22 Solano locale 380518N 1221527W   Mare Island
Pierce Solano pop place 380732N 1220558W 5 Fairfield South
Pine Lake Solano reservoir 380305N 1220819W   Benicia
Pine Lake 1028-003 Dam Solano dam 380306N 1220818W   Benicia
Pioneer Ranch Solano locale 382806N 1220235W   Mount Vaca
Pleasant Creek Solano stream 382842N 1215925W   Allendale
Pleasants Creek Solano stream 382923N 1220109W   Mount Vaca
Pleasants Ridge Solano ridge 382857N 1220434W   Mount Vaca
Pleasants Valley Solano valley 382919N 1220111W   Mount Vaca
Point Buckler Solano cape 380550N 1220109W   Vine Hill
Point Wall Solano cape 380313N 1215319W   Honker Bay
Point Wise Solano cape 380303N 1215348W   Honker Bay
Port of Benicia Solano locale 380233N 1220800W   Benicia
Potrero Hills Solano range 381218N 1215812W   Denverton
Preston Point Solano cape 380414N 1220243W   Vine Hill
Preston Point Reach Solano channel 380354N 1220306W   Vine Hill
Prospect Island Solano island 381605N 1213912W   Liberty Island
Prospect Slough Solano stream 381421N 1214059W   Rio Vista
Puddy Lake Solano reservoir 380611N 1220815W   Benicia
Putah Creek State Wildlife Area Solano park 383040N 1220500W   Monticello Dam
Putnam Peak Solano summit 382644N 1220228W   Mount Vaca
Quail Glen Park Solano park 381456N 1215941W   Denverton
Rack Creek Solano stream 380527N 1215305W   Honker Bay
Red School (historical) Solano school 381154N 1214503W   Birds Landing
Ribiero Field Solano park 380254N 1220904W   Benicia
Richardson Park Solano park 380755N 1221438W   Cordelia
Rindler Creek Solano stream 380805N 1221344W   Cordelia
Rio De Los Putos Solano civil 383118N 1215515W   Winters
Rio Vista Solano pop place 380921N 1214125W 22 Rio Vista
Rio Vista Gas Field Solano oilfield 380850N 1214335W   Rio Vista
Rio Vista Junction Solano pop place 381222N 1215227W 112 Birds Landing
Rio Vista Municipal Airport Solano airport 381015N 1214120W   Rio Vista
Rio Vista Museum Solano building 380922N 1214123W   Rio Vista
River Park Solano park 380648N 1221607W   Mare Island
Roaring River Slough Solano gut 380555N 1215631W   Honker Bay
Rockville Solano pop place 381439N 1220716W 60 Fairfield South
Rockville Public Cemetery Solano cemetery 381453N 1220714W   Fairfield South
Roe Island Solano island 380421N 1220201W   Vine Hill
Roe Island Channel Solano channel 380347N 1220142W   Vine Hill
Rush Landing Solano locale 381301N 1220142W   Fairfield South
Russ Island Solano island 381013N 1221840W   Cuttings Wharf
Russell Solano pop place 381420N 1220541W 40 Fairfield South
Ryer Island Solano island 381426N 1213759W   Rio Vista
Ryer Island Solano island 380458N 1220048W   Vine Hill
Ryer Island Ferry Solano locale 381112N 1213934W   Rio Vista
Ryer Island School (historical) Solano school 381415N 1213616W   Isleton
Saint Augustines College (historical) Solano school 380317N 1220903W   Benicia
Saint Catherines Academy (historical) Solano school 380317N 1220917W   Benicia
Saint Dominics Cemetery Solano cemetery 380330N 1220821W   Benicia
Saint John Mine Solano mine 380907N 1221132W   Cordelia
Saint Marys College of the Pacific (historical) Solano school 380309N 1220911W   Benicia
Saint Pauls Square Solano park 380305N 1220921W   Benicia
Saint Vincent Cemetery Solano cemetery 380517N 1221232W   Benicia
Sandy Beach Park Solano park 380823N 1214140W   Rio Vista
Second Mallard Branch Solano stream 381102N 1220044W   Fairfield South
Semple Point Solano cape 380358N 1221341W   Benicia
Setterquist Park Solano park 380851N 1221446W   Cordelia
Shag Slough Solano gut 381739N 1214129W   Liberty Island
Sheldrake Slough Solano gut 381151N 1220258W   Fairfield South
Sherman Island Gas Field Solano oilfield 380621N 1214507W   Antioch North
Silveyville Cemetery Solano cemetery 382616N 1214922W   Dixon
Simmons Island Solano island 380549N 1215922W   Honker Bay
Simmons Point Solano cape 380319N 1215555W   Honker Bay
Sky Valley Solano valley 380558N 1220937W   Benicia
Slaughterhouse Point Solano cape 380913N 1221721W   Cuttings Wharf
Snag Island Solano island 380422N 1215828W   Honker Bay
Soda Springs Creek Solano stream 381742N 1220120W   Fairfield North
Solano City (historical) Solano pop place 381334N 1215209W   Birds Landing
Solano County Fairgrounds Solano park 380823N 1221324W   Cordelia
South Dam Solano dam 381312N 1225736W   Tomales
South Fork English Creek Solano stream 382456N 1220013W   Mount Vaca
South Slough Solano gut 380855N 1222001W   Cuttings Wharf

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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
South Vallejo Solano pop place 380516N 1221432W   Benicia
Southampton Park Solano park 380431N 1220921W   Benicia
Southern Pacific Bridge Solano bridge 380230N 1220719W   Vine Hill
Southhampton Bay Solano bay 380356N 1221110W   Benicia
Spinner Island Solano island 380411N 1215206W   Antioch North
Spoonbill Solano pop place 380338N 1215410W 0 Honker Bay
Spoonbill Creek Solano stream 380311N 1215329W   Honker Bay
Spring Branch Solano stream 381217N 1220137W   Fairfield South
Steiger Hill Solano summit 382356N 1220008W   Mount Vaca
Subeet Solano pop place 381342N 1220448W 20 Fairfield South
Sucro Solano pop place 382811N 1214813W   Dixon
Suisun Solano civil 381544N 1220444W   Fairfield North
Suisun Bay Solano bay 380315N 1225202W   Inverness
Suisun City Solano pop place 381418N 1220221W 5 Fairfield South
Suisun Creek Solano stream 381110N 1220550W   Fairfield South
Suisun Cutoff Solano channel 380525N 1220033W   Vine Hill
Suisun Hill Solano summit 381253N 1220107W   Fairfield South
Suisun Point Channel Solano channel 380209N 1220736W   Benicia
Suisun Reservoir Solano reservoir 381754N 1220833W   Mount George
Suisun Slough Solano stream 380712N 1220346W   Vine Hill
Suisun Valley Solano valley 381608N 1220631W   Fairfield North
Sulphur Springs (historical) Solano pop place 380729N 1221120W   Benicia
Sulphur Springs Creek Solano stream 380338N 1220713W   Vine Hill
Sulphur Springs Mountain Solano summit 380905N 1221126W   Cordelia
Summit Reservoir Solano reservoir 380912N 1221325W   Cordelia
Summit Reservoir 14-007 Dam Solano dam 380912N 1221330W   Cordelia
Sunrise Memorial Cemetery Solano cemetery 380710N 1221538W   Mare Island
Sunrise Park Solano park 381656N 1220141W   Fairfield North
Sutter Slough Solano stream 381516N 1213558W   Courtland
Suval Solano pop place 381448N 1220436W 32 Fairfield South
Swanzy Lake 14-005 Dam Solano dam 380436N 1221330W   Benicia
Swanzy Reservoir Solano reservoir 380435N 1221330W   Benicia
Sweany Creek Solano stream 382054N 1215002W   Dozier
Sycamore Slough Solano gut 381749N 1214323W   Liberty Island
Sykes Slough Solano stream 383209N 1214343W   Davis
Tabor Park Solano park 381558N 1220045W   Fairfield North
Taylor Slough Solano gut 381354N 1213720W   Isleton
Teal Solano pop place 381024N 1220440W 5 Fairfield South
Terminal Dam Solano dam 381312N 1220936W   Cordelia
Terminal Reservoir Solano reservoir 381312N 1225736W   Tomales
Terminal Reservoir Solano reservoir 381312N 1220936W   Cordelia
Terrace Park Solano park 380718N 1221553W   Mare Island
The Big Ditch Solano stream 381512N 1214605W   Dozier
Thomasson Solano pop place 381302N 1220623W 15 Fairfield South
Thompson Ranch Solano locale 381020N 1214955W   Birds Landing
Tindle Spring Solano spring 381831N 1220918W   Mount George
Todd Park Solano park 381418N 1220204W   Fairfield South
Toland Landing Solano locale 380536N 1214425W   Jersey Island
Toland Landing Solano pop place 380518N 1214501W   Antioch North
Tolenas Solano civil 381734N 1220120W   Fairfield North
Tolenas Solano pop place 381555N 1220016W 42 Fairfield North
Tolenas Park Solano park 381601N 1215948W   Elmira
Tolenas Springs Solano spring 381837N 1220309W   Fairfield North
Travis Air Force Base Aero Club Airport Solano airport 381609N 1215830W 51 Elmira
Travis Field Solano pop place 381620N 1215554W   Elmira
Tree Slough Solano gut 380958N 1215950W   Denverton
Tremont (historical) Solano pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   Requa
Tremont Cemetery Solano cemetery 413130N 1240030W   Requa
Trower Park Solano park 382156N 1215852W   Elmira
Tule Belle Club Solano locale 380905N 1220520W   Fairfield South
Turner Shipyards (historical) Solano locale 380343N 1221038W   Benicia
Twelfth Street Park Solano park 380347N 1221040W   Benicia
Twin Sisters Solano summit 381824N 1221012W   Mount George
Twin Sloughs Solano lake 381105N 1220327W   Fairfield South
Ulatis Creek Solano stream 413442N 1232120W   Ukonom Lake
Ulatis Park (subdivision) Solano pop place 382130N 1215916W   Elmira
Union Creek Solano stream 381350N 1215903W   Denverton
Vaca Dixon Substation Solano locale 382403N 1215510W   Allendale
Vaca Valley Solano valley 382006N 1215852W   Elmira
Vaca Valley Union Grammar School (historical) Solano school 382128N 1215857W   Elmira
Vacaville Solano pop place 382124N 1215912W 179 Elmira
Vacaville Airport Solano airport 381942N 1220104W   Fairfield North
Vacaville Elmira Cemetery Solano cemetery 382049N 1215734W   Elmira
Vacaville Junction Solano pop place 381744N 1215751W 94 Elmira
Vacaville Museum Solano building 382124N 1215937W   Elmira
Vacaville Post Office Solano post office 382133N 1215925W   Elmira
Vacaville Town Hall (historical) Solano building 382123N 1215906W   Elmira
Vale Solano pop place 381913N 1214704W 15 Dozier
Vallejo Solano pop place 380615N 1221520W 60 Mare Island
Vallejo Boat Launch Ramp Solano locale 380548N 1221530W   Mare Island
Vallejo Fishing Pier Solano locale 380716N 1221635W   Mare Island
Vallejo Heights Solano summit 380701N 1221552W   Mare Island
Vallejo Marina Solano locale 380635N 1221610W   Mare Island
Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum Solano building 380611N 1221519W   Mare Island
Vallejo Old City Historic District Solano park 380615N 1221455W   Benicia
Vallejo Water Pumping Station Solano locale 381704N 1215659W   Elmira
Vallejo Yacht Harbor Solano harbor 380616N 1221556W   Mare Island
Van Sickle Island Solano island 380400N 1215400W   Honker Bay
Vanden (historical) Solano pop place 381708N 1215803W   Elmira
Veterans Park Solano park 381602N 1220235W   Fairfield North
Violet (historical) Solano pop place 382303N 1215815W   Allendale
Volanti Slough Solano gut 381051N 1220152W   Fairfield South
WA Stewart Landing Solano locale 381655N 1213825W   Liberty Island
Washington Park Solano park 380627N 1221458W   Benicia
Water Front Memorial Park Solano cemetery 380615N 1221548W   Mare Island
Watson Hollow Solano valley 381212N 1214141W   Rio Vista
Weldon Canyon Solano valley 382430N 1220240W   Mount Vaca
Wells Slough Solano gut 381058N 1220404W   Fairfield South
West Reach Solano channel 380329N 1215914W   Honker Bay
West Texas Street Park Solano park 381449N 1220337W   Fairfield South

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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
Westside Park Solano park 382654N 1214959W   Dixon
Wheeler Island Solano island 380506N 1215611W   Honker Bay
White Slough Solano gut 380751N 1221536W   Cuttings Wharf
Wild Horse Canyon Solano valley 382950N 1220549W   Mount Vaca
Wild Horse Creek Solano stream 381540N 1220952W   Mount George
Wild Horse Valley Solano valley 381823N 1221135W   Mount George
William Keating Park Solano park 381959N 1215905W   Elmira
Willota Solano pop place 381440N 1220621W 49 Fairfield South
Willow Park Solano park 380332N 1220959W   Benicia
Willows Park Solano park 382045N 1215938W   Elmira
Wilson Park Solano park 380547N 1221432W   Benicia
Wolfskill (historical) Solano pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Wood Creek Park Solano park 381528N 1220422W   Fairfield North
Woodhill Park Solano park 380336N 1220925W   Benicia
Woodward Solano pop place 381840N 1213835W   Liberty Island
Yolano Solano pop place 382437N 1214216W 25 Saxon
Yolo Landing Solano locale 380727N 1215452W   Honker Bay


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