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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
Dutch Village Riverside pop place 333548N 1170632W   Bachelor Mountain
Duval Spring Riverside spring 333508N 1164849W   Cahuilla Mountain
E Bar B Ranch Riverside locale 335412N 1162514W   Seven Palms Valley
Eagle Canyon Riverside valley 334912N 1173357W   Corona South
Eagle Creek Riverside stream 335021N 1152356W   Victory Pass
Eagle Mountain Riverside pop place 335127N 1152911W 1280 Victory Pass
Eagle Mountain Mine Riverside mine 335200N 1152855W   Victory Pass
Eagle Mountain Pump Plant Landing Strip Riverside airport 334805N 1152702W   Victory Pass
Eagle Mountains Riverside range 335102N 1153319W   Buzzard Spring
Eagle Nest Mines Riverside mine 335241N 1144527W   Styx
Eagle Spring Riverside spring 334011N 1163449W   Palm View Peak
Eagle Tank Riverside reservoir 335330N 1153510W   Placer Canyon
Eagle Tank Spring Riverside spring 335332N 1153511W   Placer Canyon
Eagle Valley Riverside basin 335127N 1172908W   Lake Mathews
Early Indian Fish Traps Riverside locale 333416N 1161303W   Valerie
East Bay Riverside bay 334052N 1171530W   Lake Elsinore
East Blythe Riverside pop place 333638N 1143423W   Blythe
East Branch Millard Canyon Riverside valley 335912N 1164702W   Cabazon
East Branch Millard Canyon Trail Riverside trail 340111N 1164438W   Catclaw Flat
East Branch Snow Creek Riverside stream 335133N 1164124W   San Jacinto Peak
East Deception Canyon Riverside valley 335328N 1161948W   East Deception Canyon
East Double Canyon Riverside valley 334301N 1160301W   Thermal Canyon
East Eagle Mountain Tunnel Riverside tunnel 334748N 1152836W   Victory Pass
East Fork Palm Canyon Riverside valley 334354N 1163201W   Palm View Peak
East Fork Snow Creek Riverside stream 335209N 1164046W   San Jacinto Peak
East Hemet Riverside pop place 334424N 1165617W   Hemet
East Horsethief Trail Riverside trail 334204N 1172607W   Alberhill
East Indio (Historical) Riverside trail ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
East Pit Eagle Mountain Mine Riverside mine 335155N 1152848W   Victory Pass
East Portal Adit Riverside other 335401N 1164555W   Cabazon
East Side Detention Dike Number 1 Dam Riverside dam 333830N 1160542W   Thermal Canyon
East Side Detention Dike Number 2 Dam Riverside dam 334330N 1160854W   Indio
East Side Drain Riverside canal 333515N 1143352W   Blythe
East Wide Canyon Riverside valley 335517N 1162335W   Seven Palms Valley
Eastside Neighborhood Park Riverside park 335705N 1162735W   Seven Palms Valley
Ebbens Creek Riverside stream 334008N 1162522W   Rancho Mirage
Ebbens Valley Riverside valley 333046N 1162127W   Martinez Mountain
Eden Riverside pop place 335241N 1170315W 1430 El Casco
Eden Hot Springs Riverside pop place 335344N 1170316W 1700 El Casco
Edgemont Riverside pop place 335513N 1171640W 1537 Riverside East
Edom Riverside pop place 334825N 1162325W 215 Cathedral City
Edom Hill Riverside summit 335211N 1162547W   Cathedral City
Edwards Canyon Riverside valley 333827N 1172242W   Alberhill
Egan Riverside pop place 334356N 1170040W 1517 Winchester
Ehrenberg Bridge Riverside bridge 333616N 1143146W   Blythe
Eisenhower Mountain Riverside summit 334130N 1162010W   La Quinta
El Cariso Campground Riverside locale 333932N 1172435W   Alberhill
El Cariso Nature Trail Riverside trail 333850N 1172443W   Alberhill
El Casco Riverside pop place 335852N 1170703W 1840 El Casco
El Casco 822 Dam Riverside dam 335836N 1170630W   El Casco
El Casco Lake Riverside reservoir 335832N 1170624W   El Casco
El Cerrito Riverside pop place 335026N 1173119W   Corona South
El Dorado Park Riverside park 335553N 1172726W   Riverside West
El Rincon Riverside civil 335547N 1173803W   Prado Dam
El Rio Riverside pop place 341356N 1191018W 79 ? ? ? ? ?
El Sobrante de San Jacinto Riverside civil 335043N 1172455W   Lake Mathews
Elder Canyon Riverside valley 333115N 1164627W   Cahuilla Mountain
Elder Creek Riverside stream 333137N 1164645W   Cahuilla Mountain
Eldorado Mine Riverside mine 335457N 1155723W   Fried Liver Wash
Ellis Riverside pop place 334619N 1171306W   Perris
Elsinore Riverside pop place 334005N 1171935W 1306 ? ? ? ? ?
Elsinore Junction (historical) Riverside pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Elsinore Mountains Riverside ridge 333758N 1172219W   Lake Elsinore
Elsinore Peak Riverside summit 333608N 1172036W   Wildomar
Elsinore Valley Cemetery Riverside cemetery 334140N 1172026W   Lake Elsinore
Elton Mine Riverside mine 340040N 1160352W   Queen Mountain
Enfield (historical) Riverside pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Ennis Riverside pop place 340034N 1172543W 920 Fontana
Ensign School (historical) Riverside school 333552N 1161225W   Valerie
Ernst Field Riverside airport 333550N 1165258W   Sage
Estelle Mountain Riverside summit 334603N 1172515W   Lake Mathews
Ethanic (historical) Riverside pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Ethanac Siding Riverside locale 334454N 1171043W   Romoland
Eucalyptus Park Riverside park 335218N 1173414W   Corona South
Evans Park Riverside park 335836N 1172259W   Riverside West
Evergreen Campground Riverside locale 334642N 1164423W   San Jacinto Peak
Fairmount Park Riverside park 335953N 1172224W   Riverside East
Fairmount Park Riverside park 335939N 1172258W   Riverside West
Fairmount Park 81 Dam Riverside dam 335942N 1172248W   Riverside West
Fairview Point Scenic Viewpoint Riverside locale 335027N 1164425W   San Jacinto Peak
Falls Creek Riverside stream 335223N 1164018W   San Jacinto Peak
Fan Canyon Riverside valley 335308N 1161554W   East Deception Canyon
Fan Hill Riverside summit 335313N 1161534W   East Deception Canyon
Fargo Canyon Riverside valley 334530N 1160537W   Rockhouse Canyon
Fawn Spring Riverside spring 334553N 1164759W   Lake Fulmor
Ferguson Ranch Riverside locale 335015N 1162245W   Cathedral City
Fern Basin Campground Riverside locale 334719N 1164416W   San Jacinto Peak
Fern Valley Riverside pop place 334531N 1164150W   San Jacinto Peak
Ferndale School (historical) Riverside school 335856N 1171253W   Sunnymead
Ferrum Riverside pop place 332731N 1155136W -195 Durmid
Fertilla Riverside locale 334007N 1143545W   Blythe NE
Fiesta Camp Riverside locale 334416N 1164351W   Idyllwild
Fiesta Recreational Vehicle Park Riverside locale 334245N 1161510W   La Quinta
Fig Tree Valley Riverside valley 332631N 1163100W   Bucksnort Mountain
Figadota Farm Riverside locale 334826N 1171325W   Perris
Fingal Riverside pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Fisherman Campground Riverside locale 335817N 1170550W   El Casco
Fisherman Point Riverside summit 334442N 1164651W   Blackburn Canyon
Fishermans Camp Riverside locale 333139N 1172425W   Sitton Peak
Flabob Airport Riverside airport 335923N 1172438W   Riverside West

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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
Flat Top Mountain Riverside summit 335158N 1162802W   Cathedral City
Fleming Ranch Riverside locale 334746N 1161800W   Myoma
Fleming Ranch Riverside locale 334315N 1164024W   Idyllwild
Florida Vallevista Riverside pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Flowing Wells Riverside ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Fobes Canyon Riverside valley 333859N 1163857W   Idyllwild
Fobes Ranch Riverside locale 334108N 1163656W   Palm View Peak
Fobes Saddle Riverside gap 334124N 1163632W   Palm View Peak
Fobes Spring Riverside spring 333943N 1163721W   Palm View Peak
Folly Peak Riverside summit 334906N 1164100W   San Jacinto Peak
Ford Dry Lake Riverside flat 333827N 1150105W   Ford Dry Lake
Ford Well Riverside well 333700N 1145611W   Hopkins Well
Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens Riverside cemetery 335724N 1170113W   El Casco
Fort Oliver (historical) Riverside military 334921N 1162424W   Cathedral City
Foster 827 Dam Riverside dam 334524N 1164330W   San Jacinto Peak
Foster Lake Riverside reservoir 334524N 1164330W   San Jacinto Peak
Four Square Gospel Church (historical) Riverside church 335228N 1173400W   Corona South
Fox Spring Riverside spring 333359N 1172811W   Sitton Peak
Free Methodist Church (historical) Riverside church 335222N 1173410W   Corona South
French Valley Riverside valley 333545N 1170727W   Bachelor Mountain
French Valley Airport Riverside airport 333434N 1170741W   Murrieta
Fresno Canyon Riverside valley 335250N 1173839W   Prado Dam
Fried Liver Wash Riverside stream 335544N 1155034W   Pinto Mountain
Fritz Burns Park Riverside park 334013N 1161708W   La Quinta
Front Hill Canyon Riverside valley 334224N 1160054W   Thermal Canyon
Fuller Mill Creek Riverside stream 334738N 1164456W   San Jacinto Peak
Fuller Mill Creek Camp Riverside locale 334751N 1164448W   San Jacinto Peak
Fuller Mill Creek Picnic Area Riverside locale 334751N 1164452W   San Jacinto Peak
Fuller Ridge Campground Riverside locale 335017N 1164407W   San Jacinto Peak
Fuller Rancho Riverside locale 335636N 1173502W   Corona North
Fuller Ridge Riverside ridge 334952N 1164251W   San Jacinto Peak
Fullermill Creek Campsite Riverside locale 334750N 1164450W   San Jacinto Peak
Fun Valley Riverside valley 335436N 1162356W   Seven Palms Valley
Gandy Ranch Riverside locale 335854N 1165244W   Beaumont
Garner Ranch Riverside locale 334004N 1163907W   Idyllwild
Garnet Riverside pop place 335407N 1163241W 714 Desert Hot Springs
Garnet Hill Riverside summit 335351N 1163213W   Desert Hot Springs
Garnet Queen Creek Riverside stream 333155N 1163057W   Butterfly Peak
Garnet Queen Mine Riverside mine 333241N 1162910W   Toro Peak
Garnet Ridge Riverside ridge 334118N 1163435W   Palm View Peak
Garnet Wash Riverside stream 335353N 1163305W   Desert Hot Springs
Gateway Park Riverside park 335743N 1171437W   Sunnymead
Gavilan Hills Riverside pop place 334704N 1172206W   Steele Peak
Gavilan Mine Riverside mine 334807N 1172006W   Steele Peak
Gavilan Mountain Riverside summit 332634N 1171245W   Temecula
Gavilan Peak Riverside summit 334816N 1172230W   Lake Mathews
Gavilan Plateau Riverside plain 334742N 1172239W   Lake Mathews
Gavilan Springs Ranch Riverside locale 334705N 1172400W   Lake Mathews
Gediman Park Riverside park 334007N 1171938W   Lake Elsinore
Giant Indian Intaglios Riverside other 334743N 1143209W   Big Maria Mountains SE
Gibbe Flat Riverside flat 334234N 1165602W   Hemet
Gibbel Park Riverside park 334453N 1165952W   Hemet
Gilman Canyon Riverside valley 340119N 1165332W   Forest Falls
Gilman Hot Springs Riverside pop place 335009N 1165917W 1520 San Jacinto
Gilman Ranch Historic Park Riverside park 335623N 1165412W   Beaumont
Glen Avon Riverside pop place 340042N 1172902W 750 Fontana
Glen Avon Post Office Riverside post office 340042N 1172758W   Fontana
Glen Ivy Hot Springs Riverside locale 334524N 1172936W   Lake Mathews
Glen Ivy Recreational Vehicle Park Riverside locale 334546N 1172919W   Lake Mathews
Glen Valley Riverside pop place 335143N 1171931W 1640 Steele Peak
Glenoak Hills Riverside pop place 333215N 1165847W   Sage
Glenoak Hills Park Riverside park 333255N 1165943W   Sage
Glenoak Valley Riverside valley 333301N 1165953W   Sage
Glenoaks Country Riverside pop place 333152N 1170020W   Bachelor Mountain
Goat Basin Mine Riverside mine 340153N 1155921W   Twentynine Palms Mountain
Goff Flat Riverside flat 333825N 1163545W   Palm View Peak
Gold Coin Mine Riverside mine 335527N 1160249W   Malapai Hill
Gold Crown Mine Riverside mine 335958N 1154258W   San Bernardino Wash
Gold Dollar Mine Riverside mine 340226N 1143104W   Vidal
Gold Hill Riverside summit 333646N 1163529W   Butterfly Peak
Gold Park Riverside other 340103N 1155906W   Twentynine Palms Mountain
Gold Rice Mine Riverside mine 340110N 1143124W   Vidal
Gold Rose Mine Riverside mine 340119N 1154049W   New Dale
Gold Rose Well Riverside well 335716N 1154033W   San Bernardino Wash
Gold Shot Creek Riverside stream 333525N 1163538W   Butterfly Peak
Gold Shot Mine Riverside mine 333645N 1163422W   Butterfly Peak
Gold Standard Mine Riverside mine 340148N 1154028W   New Dale
Golden Bee Mine Riverside mine 335418N 1155609W   Fried Liver Wash
Golden Bell Mine Riverside mine 335532N 1155727W   Fried Liver Wash
Golden Eagle Mine Riverside mine 340156N 1154941W   Humbug Mountain
Golden Egg Mine Riverside mine 335922N 1154155W   San Bernardino Wash
Goldenrod Mine Riverside mine 340020N 1154051W   New Dale
Good Hope Riverside pop place 334553N 1171558W   Steele Peak
Good Hope Mine Riverside mine 334419N 1171706W   Lake Elsinore
Good Meadow Riverside pop place 334558N 1171700W   Steele Peak
Goodhart Canyon Riverside valley 334036N 1165931W   Hemet
Goodhart Ranch Riverside locale 334005N 1165837W   Hemet
Goodman Slough Riverside gut 333547N 1143449W   Blythe
Goose Flats Park Riverside park 333401N 1143204W   Blythe
Gooseberry Spring Riverside spring 334203N 1163636W   Palm View Peak
Grace Baptist Church (historical) Riverside church 335231N 1173124W   Corona North
Graham Pass Riverside gap 332706N 1150802W   Chuckwalla Spring
Grand (Historical) Riverside pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Grand Tank Riverside locale 335404N 1160056W   Malapai Hill
Granite Mine Riverside mine 334046N 1152551W   Desert Center
Granite Mountains Riverside range 335944N 1150727W   Palen Pass
Granite Pass Riverside gap 340356N 1151145W   Granite Pass
Granite Spring Riverside spring 334344N 1164210W   Idyllwild
Granite Spur Riverside locale 334958N 1171049W   Perris
Granite Well Riverside well 334054N 1152614W   Desert Center

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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
Grape Canyon Riverside valley 340131N 1164315W   Catclaw Flat
Grapevine Creek Riverside stream 334007N 1162513W   Rancho Mirage
Grapevine Spring Riverside spring 333459N 1163118W   Butterfly Peak
Great Western Mine Riverside mine 333553N 1152554W   Red Cloud Canyon
Green Acres Riverside pop place 334417N 1170432W   Winchester
Green Canyon Riverside valley 334011N 1165655W   Hemet
Gruendikes Well (historical) Riverside well 334428N 1151822W   Corn Spring
Guadalupe Creek Riverside stream 333556N 1161751W   Martinez Mountain
Gucci Spring Riverside spring 333248N 1154048W   Red Canyon
Gulliday Well Riverside well 333222N 1152107W   Pilot Mountain
Guthrie Canyon Riverside valley 333838N 1172237W   Alberhill
Gypsum Well Riverside well 335435N 1144940W   Styx
Haakers Camp Riverside locale 335113N 1143153W   Big Maria Mountains SE
Hagador Canyon Riverside valley 335028N 1173548W   Corona South
Halfway Spring Riverside spring 334431N 1164705W   Blackburn Canyon
Hall Canyon Riverside valley 334823N 1164640W   Lake Fulmor
Hall Island Riverside island 335216N 1143051W   Big Maria Mountains SE
Hall Mill 826 Dam Riverside dam 334815N 1164649W   Lake Fulmor
Halldecker Campground Riverside locale 334832N 1164601W   Lake Fulmor
Hamilton Creek Riverside stream 333241N 1164011W   Anza
Hammack Ranch Riverside locale 334436N 1171837W   Lake Elsinore
Hamner (Historical) Riverside pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Hancock (Historical) Riverside pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Happy Wanderer Recreational Vehicle Park Riverside locale 334257N 1161054W   Indio
Harford Spring Riverside spring 334847N 1172128W   Steele Peak
Harlan Canyon Riverside valley 333839N 1172245W   Alberhill
Harrison Park Riverside park 335413N 1172628W   Riverside West
Harrison Street 1003-002 Dam Riverside dam 335254N 1172548W   Riverside West
Hartford Springs County Park Riverside park 334842N 1172104W   Steele Peak
Hathaway Creek Riverside stream 335631N 1165041W   Cabazon
Hauser (Historical) Riverside pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Hay (Historical) Riverside pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Hayfield Riverside pop place 334217N 1153801W   Hayfield
Hayfield Lake Riverside flat 334113N 1153616W   Hayfield Spring
Hayfield Spring Riverside spring 334343N 1153550W   Hayfield Spring
Hayfield Summit Spring Riverside spring 334302N 1153314W   Hayfield Spring
Hayfield Tunnel Number One Riverside tunnel 334242N 1153841W   Hayfield
Hayfield Tunnel Number Two Riverside tunnel 334220N 1154006W   Hayfield
Haystack Mountain Riverside summit 334055N 1162733W   Rancho Mirage
Hell Riverside locale 334127N 1151619W   Corn Spring
Heller Spring Riverside spring 333131N 1163635W   Butterfly Peak
Hells Kitchen Riverside flat 333920N 1163308W   Palm View Peak
Hemet Riverside pop place 334451N 1165816W 1596 Hemet
Hemet Butte Riverside summit 334232N 1165731W   Hemet
Hemet Post Office Riverside post office 334446N 1165814W   Hemet
Hemet Valley Riverside valley 333951N 1164044W   Idyllwild
Hemet-Ryan Airport Riverside airport 334402N 1170121W   Winchester
Henry J Mills 35-014 Dam Riverside dam 335518N 1171906W   Riverside East
Henshaw Riverside pop place 340008N 1172745W 770 Fontana
Heritage Mobile Home Park Riverside pop place 333104N 1170703W   Bachelor Mountain
Herkey Creek Riverside stream 333951N 1164046W   Idyllwild
Herkey Creek Camp Riverside locale 334039N 1164053W   Idyllwild
Herkey Creek Park Riverside park 334046N 1164053W   Idyllwild
Hermits Bench Riverside bench 334419N 1163213W   Palm View Peak
Hexahedron Mine Riverside mine 335536N 1160015W   Malapai Hill
Hexie Mountains Riverside range 335312N 1155718W   Fried Liver Wash
Hidden Falls Riverside falls 333811N 1163033W   Palm View Peak
Hidden Fork Riverside stream 334741N 1163611W   Palm Springs
Hidden Gold Mine Riverside mine 335506N 1161152W   Keys View
Hidden Horseshoe and Pushawalla Palms Trail Riverside trail 334929N 1161723W   Myoma
Hidden Lake Riverside lake 334759N 1163824W   San Jacinto Peak
Hidden Lake Divide Riverside gap 334757N 1163831W   San Jacinto Peak
Hidden Palm Canyon Riverside valley 333715N 1162346W   Toro Peak
Hidden Palms Riverside pop place 334913N 1161802W   Myoma
Hidden Spring Riverside spring 333501N 1155421W   Mortmar
Hidden Spring Canyon Riverside valley 333332N 1155638W   Mortmar
Hidden Spring Trail Riverside trail 333443N 1155500W   Mortmar
Hidden Springs Riverside spring 335827N 1171625W   Riverside East
Hidden Springs Community Park Riverside park 335824N 1171548W   Riverside East
Hidden Tank Riverside reservoir 335731N 1160106W   Malapai Hill
Hidden Valley Riverside valley 334122N 1162138W   La Quinta
Hidden Valley Riverside valley 340119N 1161051W   Indian Cove
Hidden Valley Campground Riverside locale 340102N 1160942W   Indian Cove
High Acres Haciendas Riverside pop place 333355N 1170139W   Bachelor Mountain
Highgrove Riverside pop place 340057N 1171957W 949 San Bernardino South
Highland Palms Mobile Home Park Riverside pop place 334427N 1170718W   Winchester
Highland Springs Riverside pop place 335810N 1165629W   Beaumont
Hills Ranch Riverside locale 334727N 1143117W   Big Maria Mountains SE
Hinda Riverside pop place 335710N 1170326W 2170 El Casco
Hixon Flat Riverside flat 333939N 1165119W   Blackburn Canyon
Hodge Mine Riverside mine 333042N 1144733W   Roosevelt Mine
Hoffman Park Riverside park 334653N 1165731W   San Jacinto
Hog Lake Riverside lake 333655N 1164226W   Anza
Hog Ranch (historical) Riverside locale 340048N 1163733W   Catclaw Flat
Hogbacks Riverside summit 333508N 1170910W   Murrieta
Hole Lake Riverside reservoir 335729N 1172747W   Riverside West
Hole Ranch (Historical) Riverside locale ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Holiday Bay Riverside bay 334045N 1171628W   Lake Elsinore
Home Gardens Riverside pop place 335241N 1173112W 680 Corona North
Home Gardens Assembly of God Church (historical) Riverside church 335240N 1173110W   Corona North
Homeland Riverside pop place 334435N 1170630W 1608 Winchester
Homeland Post Office Riverside post office 334437N 1170619W   Winchester
Hop Patch Spring Riverside spring 334001N 1163531W   Palm View Peak
Hopkins Well Riverside well 333644N 1145941W   Hopkins Well
Horse Canyon Riverside valley 332810N 1163226W   Bucksnort Mountain
Horse Creek Riverside stream 333839N 1164833W   Blackburn Canyon
Horse Island Riverside island 335138N 1143053W   Big Maria Mountains SE
Horsemans Park Riverside park 335621N 1173314W   Corona North
Horseshoe Lake Riverside reservoir 335817N 1172830W   Riverside West
Horsethief Canyon Riverside valley 334321N 1172610W   Alberhill

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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
Horsethief Creek Riverside stream 333458N 1162513W   Toro Peak
Hot Spring Riverside spring 340001N 1172140W   San Bernardino South
Hugo (Historical) Riverside pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Humber Park Riverside park 334557N 1164107W   San Jacinto Peak
Hungry Hollow Riverside valley 335054N 1165045W   Lake Fulmor
Hunt Park Riverside park 335547N 1172621W   Riverside West
Hunter Palms Ranch Riverside locale 334620N 1161727W   Myoma
Hunter Park Riverside park 335957N 1172028W   Riverside East
Hunters Spring Riverside spring 332917N 1154724W   Durmid
Hurley Flat Riverside flat 335224N 1164636W   Lake Fulmor
Husteo Park Riverside park 335212N 1173416W   Corona South
Ida-Leona Mine Riverside mine 334800N 1172002W   Steele Peak
Idyllwild Riverside pop place 334424N 1164305W 5400 Idyllwild
Idyllwild Park Riverside park 334445N 1164323W   Idyllwild
Idyllwild Post Office Riverside post office 334439N 1164247W   Idyllwild
Idyllwild Picnic Area Riverside locale 334450N 1164251W   Idyllwild
Inca Riverside pop place 334803N 1144556W 724 Inca
Indian Canyon Riverside valley 334355N 1172702W   Alberhill
Indian Creek Riverside stream 334543N 1165259W   San Jacinto
Indian Creek Truck Trail Riverside trail 334817N 1165006W   Lake Fulmor
Indian Hills Palms Park Riverside park 334927N 1161727W   Myoma
Indian Mountain Riverside summit 334654N 1164716W   Lake Fulmor
Indian Oaks Riverside pop place 333620N 1170112W   Bachelor Mountain
Indian Oaks Campground Riverside locale 333445N 1165956W   Sage
Indian Palms Trail Riverside trail 335016N 1161819W   Myoma
Indian Pictographs Historical Marker Riverside park 334702N 1172900W   Lake Mathews
Indian Potrero Riverside flat 334146N 1163127W   Palm View Peak
Indian Spring Riverside spring 334314N 1163328W   Palm View Peak
Indian Truck Trail Riverside trail 334324N 1172831W   Alberhill
Indian Waters Recreational Vehicle Park Riverside locale 334225N 1161252W   Indio
Indian Wells Riverside pop place 334307N 1161827W 100 La Quinta
Indian Wells Mobile Home Park Riverside pop place 334203N 1161556W   La Quinta
Indian Wells Post Office Riverside post office 334316N 1161929W   La Quinta
Indian Wells Recreational Vehicle Park Riverside locale 334217N 1161557W   La Quinta
Indio Riverside pop place 334314N 1161253W -14 Indio
Indio Canyon Riverside valley 334727N 1160938W   West Berdoo Canyon
Indio Hills Riverside range 335018N 1161906W   Myoma
Indio Hills Riverside pop place 334952N 1161350W   West Berdoo Canyon
Indio Mountain Riverside summit 334015N 1162030W   La Quinta
Indio Post Office Riverside post office 334310N 1161256W   Indio
Indio Terrace Park Riverside park 334400N 1161208W   Indio
Ingalls Park Riverside park 335610N 1173116W   Corona North
Inspiration Point Riverside summit 334334N 1164455W   Idyllwild
Institute (Historical) Riverside ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Iodine Spring Riverside spring 333650N 1171411W   Murrieta
Iris Pass Riverside gap 332839N 1152447W   Iris Pass
Irish Wash Riverside stream 333811N 1152314W   Desert Center
Iron Chief Mine Riverside mine 335159N 1153436W   Buzzard Spring
Iron Spring Riverside spring 332544N 1164140W   Beauty Mountain
Iron Spring Mountain Riverside summit 332712N 1164147W   Beauty Mountain
Islander Park Riverside park 335836N 1171834W   Riverside East
Ivanpah Tank Riverside reservoir 335957N 1160250W   Malapai Hill
Jacklin Mine Riverside mine 340441N 1143721W   Vidal
James Simpson Park Riverside park 334223N 1165450W   Hemet
Jean Mine Riverside mine 340249N 1143209W   Vidal
Jean Peak Riverside summit 334821N 1164037W   San Jacinto Peak
Jensen Quarry Riverside mine 340132N 1172554W   Fontana
Jensen Ranch Historical Park Riverside park 335936N 1172503W   Riverside West
Jenson Creek Riverside stream 335412N 1164438W   White Water
Joel Mine Riverside mine 340124N 1154816W   Humbug Mountain
John Bryant Park Riverside park 335613N 1172733W   Riverside West
John F Kennedy Veterans Memorial Park Riverside park 335407N 1171405W   Sunnymead
John Magee Park Riverside park 332831N 1170658W   Pechanga
Johns Camp Riverside locale 340112N 1160228W   Queen Mountain
Johnson Canyon Riverside valley 340116N 1172842W   Fontana
Johnson Canyon Riverside valley 333841N 1172243W   Alberhill
Johnston Meadow Riverside flat 334201N 1164243W   Idyllwild
Jolley Spring Riverside spring 334617N 1164046W   San Jacinto Peak
Jones Park Riverside park 335625N 1172503W   Riverside West
Joseph Canyon Riverside valley 334853N 1173327W   Corona South
Joshua Tree National Park Riverside park 335500N 1155500W   Fried Liver Wash
Jozee Spring Riverside spring 333854N 1164154W   Idyllwild
Juan Diego Flat Riverside flat 333547N 1164801W   Cahuilla Mountain
Juaro Canyon Riverside valley 334707N 1165508W   San Jacinto
Julian Hinds Pump Plant Airstrip Riverside airport 334156N 1153812W   Hayfield
Jumbo Rocks Riverside locale 335940N 1160424W   Malapai Hill
Jumbo Rocks Campground Riverside locale 335930N 1160356W   Malapai Hill
Juniper Flat Riverside flat 334627N 1170507W   Lakeview
Juniper Flats Riverside flat 335920N 1161355W   Keys View
Juniper Springs Riverside pop place 334558N 1170500W   Lakeview
Jurumpa (historical) Riverside pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Jurupa Riverside pop place 335834N 1172624W   ? ? ? ? ?
Jurupa Riverside civil 335940N 1172348W   Riverside West
Jurupa Riverside civil 335839N 1173204W   Corona North
Jurupa Mountains Riverside range 340148N 1172731W   Fontana
K Flat Riverside flat 334128N 1164014W   Idyllwild
KATY-FM (Idyllwild) Riverside tower 334605N 1164401W   San Jacinto Peak
KBZT-FM (La Quinta) Riverside tower 334808N 1161330W   West Berdoo Canyon
KCHV-FM (Coachella) Riverside tower 334807N 1161327W   West Berdoo Canyon
KCLB-AM (Coachella) Riverside tower 334112N 1160934W   Indio
KCMJ-AM (Palm Springs) Riverside tower 335139N 1162820W   Cathedral City
KCMJ-FM (Indio) Riverside tower 334745N 1161319W   West Berdoo Canyon
KCPC-AM (Cathedral City) Riverside tower 335008N 1162628W   Cathedral City
KCPC-AM (Cathedral City) Riverside tower 335035N 1162539W   Cathedral City
KDES-AM (Palm Springs) Riverside tower 335129N 1162939W   Cathedral City
KDES-FM (Palm Springs) Riverside tower 335156N 1162604W   Cathedral City
KDUO-FM (Riverside) Riverside tower 335757N 1171721W   Riverside East
KERU-FM (Blythe) Riverside tower 333630N 1143530W   Blythe
KESQ-TV (Palm Springs) Riverside tower 335158N 1162602W   Cathedral City
KEZN-FM (Palm Desert) Riverside tower 335158N 1162556W   Cathedral City

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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
KGGI-FM (Riverside) Riverside tower 335758N 1171720W   Riverside East
KHCS-FM (Palm Desert) Riverside tower 334125N 1161714W   La Quinta
KHCS-FM (Palm Desert) Riverside tower 335157N 1162556W   Cathedral City
KHSJ-AM (Hemet) Riverside tower 334459N 1165953W   Hemet
KHYE-FM (Hemet) Riverside tower 334117N 1165532W   Hemet
KJMB-AM (Blythe) Riverside tower 333716N 1143528W   Blythe
KJMB-FM (Blythe) Riverside tower 333716N 1143528W   Blythe
KMET-AM (Banning) Riverside tower 335549N 1165520W   Beaumont
KMIR-TV (Palm Springs) Riverside tower 335200N 1162556W   Cathedral City
KNWZ-AM (Thousand Palms) Riverside tower 335104N 1162336W   Cathedral City
KOLA-FM (San Bernardino) Riverside tower 335759N 1171716W   Riverside East
KOLA-FM (San Bernardino) Riverside tower 335755N 1171659W   Riverside East
KPLM-FM (Palm Springs) Riverside tower 335214N 1161339W   West Berdoo Canyon
KPRO-AM (Riverside) Riverside tower 335554N 1172347W   Riverside West
KPSC-FM (Palm Springs) Riverside tower 334908N 1163118W   Palm Springs
KPSC-FM (Palm Springs) Riverside tower 335214N 1161339W   West Berdoo Canyon
KPSI-AM (Palm Springs) Riverside tower 334802N 1163025W   Palm Springs
KPSI-FM (Palm Springs) Riverside tower 335200N 1162559W   Cathedral City
KPSI-FM (Palm Springs) Riverside tower 335644N 1162434W   Seven Palms Valley
KPSL-AM (Thousand Palms) Riverside tower 335035N 1162539W   Cathedral City
KRCQ-FM (Indio) Riverside tower 334807N 1161329W   West Berdoo Canyon
KRTM-FM (Temecula) Riverside tower 333004N 1170822W   Murrieta
KRTM-FM (Temecula) Riverside tower 332759N 1170829W   Temecula
KRTM-FM (Temecula) Riverside tower 333035N 1170930W   Murrieta
KRTM-FM (Temecula) Riverside tower 332802N 1170826W   Temecula
KUCR-FM (Riverside) Riverside tower 335811N 1171750W   Riverside East
KUNA-AM (Indio) Riverside tower 334337N 1161510W   La Quinta
KUTE-AM (Desert Hot Springs) Riverside tower 335455N 1162840W   Seven Palms Valley
KVCR-FM (San Bernardino) Riverside tower 335757N 1171705W   Riverside East
KVCR-TV (San Bernardino) Riverside tower 335757N 1171705W   Riverside East
KWRM-AM (Corona) Riverside tower 335252N 1173233W   Corona North
KWRP-FM (San Jacinto) Riverside tower 334947N 1165711W   San Jacinto
KWXY-AM (Cathedral City) Riverside tower 334807N 1162744W   Cathedral City
KWXY-FM (Cathedral City) Riverside tower 335155N 1162610W   Cathedral City
KZAL-FM (Desert Center) Riverside tower 333915N 1152700W   Desert Center
Kimmel Canyon Riverside valley 333810N 1165618W   Hemet
Kaisers Eagle Mountain Riverside pop place 335127N 1152911W 1280 ? ? ? ? ?
Kaisers Eagle Mountain Mine Riverside mine ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Kenworthy (Historical) Riverside pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Kips Korner Park Riverside park 335442N 1173448W   Corona North
Kitching Peak Riverside summit 335957N 1164422W   White Water
Kitching Peak Trail Riverside trail 340028N 1164422W   Catclaw Flat
Kolb Creek Riverside stream 332831N 1165856W   Vail Lake
La Cresta Riverside pop place 333345N 1171853W   Wildomar
La Cresta Highlands Riverside pop place 333122N 1172043W   Wildomar
La Laguna Riverside civil 333928N 1171949W   Lake Elsinore
La Quinta Riverside pop place 333948N 1161833W 120 La Quinta
La Quinta Community Park Riverside park 334034N 1161820W   La Quinta
La Quinta Post Office Riverside post office 334033N 1161811W   La Quinta
La Sierra Riverside pop place 335515N 1172944W 740 Riverside West
La Sierra Riverside civil 335534N 1173115W   Corona North
La Sierra Riverside civil 335148N 1173514W   Corona South
La Sierra heights Riverside pop place 335639N 1172908W 800 ? ? ? ? ?
La Sierra Heights Riverside pop place 335639N 1172908W   Riverside West
La Sierra Park Riverside park 335535N 1172926W   Riverside West
La Sierra Post Office Riverside post office 335506N 1172920W   Riverside West
Laborde Canyon Riverside valley 335144N 1170126W   Lakeview
Ladd Canyon Spring Riverside spring 334647N 1173512W   Corona South
Lake Cahuilla Riverside reservoir 333758N 1161627W   La Quinta
Lake Cahuilla County Park Riverside park 333723N 1161554W   Martinez Mountain
Lake Cahuilla Park Riverside park 333803N 1161643W   La Quinta
Lake Crest Estates Riverside pop place 334314N 1165501W   Hemet
Lake Elsinore Riverside pop place 334005N 1171935W 1306 Lake Elsinore
Lake Elsinore Riverside lake 333937N 1172109W   Lake Elsinore
Lake Elsinore Post Office Riverside post office 334009N 1171956W   Lake Elsinore
Lake Evans Riverside lake 335944N 1172242W   Riverside West
Lake Fulmor Riverside reservoir 334815N 1164649W   Lake Fulmor
Lake Fulmor Picnic Area Riverside locale 334815N 1164644W   Lake Fulmor
Lake Hemet Riverside reservoir 333941N 1164219W   Idyllwild
Lake Hemet 817 Dam Riverside dam 333941N 1164219W   Idyllwild
Lake Hemet Campground Riverside locale 334014N 1164044W   Idyllwild
Lake Hemet Picnic Area Riverside locale 334011N 1164148W   Idyllwild
Lake Mathews Riverside reservoir 335033N 1172740W   Lake Mathews
Lake Mathews Airport Riverside airport 335111N 1172526W   Lake Mathews
Lake Norconian Riverside lake 335525N 1173411W   Corona North
Lake Perris State Recreation Area Riverside park 335153N 1170958W   Perris
Lake Riverside (Historical) Riverside pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Lake Riverside Riverside reservoir 333107N 1164756W   Cahuilla Mountain
Lake Riverside Estates Airport Riverside airport 333115N 1164748W   Cahuilla Mountain
Lake Skinner County Park Riverside park 333520N 1170309W   Bachelor Mountain
Lake Tamarisk Riverside pop place 334420N 1152320W 720 Desert Center
Lake Village Riverside pop place 332958N 1170757W   Temecula
Lakeland Village Riverside pop place 333819N 1172035W 1300 Lake Elsinore
Lakepoint Park Riverside park 333935N 1171936W   Lake Elsinore
Lakeview Riverside pop place 335019N 1170702W 1450 Lakeview
Lakeview Hot Springs Riverside pop place 335018N 1170841W   Perris
Lakeview Junction (Historical) Riverside pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Lakeview Mountains Riverside range 334658N 1170506W   Lakeview
Lamb Canyon Riverside valley 335122N 1170056W   Lakeview
Lancaster Valley Riverside valley 332853N 1165356W   Vail Lake
Landslide Spring Riverside spring 334128N 1163554W   Palm View Peak
Lang Mine Riverside mine 340056N 1161304W   Indian Cove
Larner Ranch Riverside locale 333357N 1163745W   Anza
Laurel Cemetery Riverside cemetery 333232N 1171316W   Murrieta
Lawler Park Riverside park 334743N 1164444W   San Jacinto Peak
Lawless Ranch Riverside locale 335845N 1171505W   Riverside East
Laws Camp Riverside locale 334645N 1163842W   San Jacinto Peak
Lazy C Ranch Riverside locale 335255N 1163629W   Desert Hot Springs
Leach Canyon Riverside valley 334038N 1172354W   Alberhill
Lee Lake Riverside lake 334500N 1172640W   Lake Mathews

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