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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
Adobe Loop Trail Riverside trail 333044N 1171600W   Wildomar
Adobe Spring Riverside spring 333256N 1165954W   Sage
Adobe Spring Riverside spring 333530N 1170746W   Murrieta
Agricultural Park Riverside park 335735N 1172814W   Riverside West
Agua Alta Canyon Riverside valley 333051N 1161348W   Valerie
Agua Alta Spring Riverside spring 333154N 1162006W   Martinez Mountain
Agua Bonita Spring Riverside spring 334001N 1163058W   Palm View Peak
Agua Caliente Park Riverside park 334927N 1162917W   Cathedral City
Agua Caliente Spring Riverside spring 334924N 1163238W   Palm Springs
Agua Fuerte Spring Riverside spring 334242N 1163531W   Palm View Peak
Aguanga Riverside pop place 332634N 1165151W 1940 Aguanga
Aguanga Valley Riverside valley 332617N 1165209W   Aguanga
Aha-quin Airport Riverside airport 335210N 1143136W   Big Maria Mountains SE
Alamo (Historical) Riverside pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Alamo Bonito (historical) Riverside pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   Oasis
Alberhill Riverside pop place 334338N 1172356W 1240 Alberhill
Alder Canyon Riverside valley 332558N 1163123W   Bucksnort Mountain
Alder Canyon Riverside valley 332742N 1162326W   Collins Valley
Alessandro Riverside pop place 335310N 1171610W   Riverside East
Alessandro 1003-003 Dam Riverside dam 335548N 1172148W   Riverside East
Alessandro (Historical) Riverside pop place 335310N 1171610W 1530 ? ? ? ? ?
Alessandro Island Riverside island 335141N 1170955W   Perris
Alessandro Trail Riverside trail 333733N 1164746W   Blackburn Canyon
Alice Mine Riverside mine 340317N 1143039W   Vidal
Alkali Wash Riverside stream 333121N 1163330W   Butterfly Peak
Alligator Riverside summit 334208N 1152432W   Desert Center
Alligator Slough (historical) Riverside lake 340118N 1142852W   Parker SW
Alpine Village Riverside pop place 333622N 1162808W 3970 Toro Peak
Alvarado (Historical) Riverside pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Alvin Meadows Riverside flat 334418N 1164521W   Blackburn Canyon
Anderson Canyon Riverside valley 334546N 1173006W   Corona South
Andersons (Historical) Riverside pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Andreas Canyon Riverside valley 334544N 1163210W   Palm Springs
Andreas Falls Riverside falls 334529N 1163700W   Palm Springs
Andulka Park Riverside park 335725N 1172026W   Riverside East
Angelus Hill Riverside summit 334820N 1165109W   Lake Fulmor
Antelope Hills Riverside pop place 333620N 1170958W   Murrieta
Antelope School (historical) Riverside school 333828N 1171012W   Romoland
Antsell Rock Riverside summit 334348N 1163826W   Idyllwild
Anza Riverside pop place 333318N 1164022W 3918 Anza
Anza Narrows Park Riverside park 335757N 1172535W   Riverside West
Anza Valley Riverside basin 333430N 1164200W   Anza
Anza Village (Historical) Riverside pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Apache Peak Riverside summit 334307N 1163733W   Idyllwild
Apache Spring Riverside spring 334311N 1163710W   Palm View Peak
Apple Canyon Riverside valley 334157N 1163853W   Idyllwild
Apple Canyon Campground Riverside locale 334036N 1164006W   Idyllwild
Apple Canyon Picnic Area Riverside locale 334045N 1163958W   Idyllwild
Appleby Park Riverside park 333620N 1143533W   Blythe
Aprils Vineyard Riverside locale 333155N 1170241W   Bachelor Mountain
Aqueduct Jeep Trail Riverside trail 334407N 1160524W   Thermal Canyon
Arabia (Historical) Riverside pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Arabian Gardens Mobile Home Park Riverside pop place 334350N 1161426W   Indio
Arch Rock Riverside locale 335416N 1160130W   Malapai Hill
Arcilla Riverside pop place 334700N 1172843W 960 Lake Mathews
Arica Mountains Riverside range 340128N 1145555W   Arica Mountains
Arington Mountain Riverside summit 335217N 1172812W   Lake Mathews
Arlanza Riverside pop place 335634N 1172753W   Riverside West
Arlington Riverside pop place 335513N 1172644W 788 Riverside West
Arlington Mine Riverside mine 334856N 1145514W   Arlington Mine
Arlington Park Riverside park 335517N 1172650W   Riverside West
Arlington Station Riverside pop place 335451N 1172625W   Riverside West
Arnold Heights Riverside pop place 335337N 1171641W 1560 Riverside East
Arroyo Del Toro Riverside stream 334156N 1171951W   Lake Elsinore
Arroyo Park Riverside park 335719N 1163026W   Desert Hot Springs
Asbestos Mine Riverside mine 333636N 1162854W   Toro Peak
Asbestos Mountain Riverside summit 333739N 1162728W   Rancho Mirage
Asbestos Spring Riverside spring 333725N 1162814W   Toro Peak
Atlanta Mine Riverside mine 340149N 1155906W   Twentynine Palms Mountain
Audie Murphy Ranch Riverside locale 334100N 1171250W   Romoland
Augustine Indian Reservation Riverside reserve 333855N 1161121W   Indio
Augustine Pass Riverside gap 332848N 1151538W   Augustine Pass
Auld (historical) Riverside pop place 333510N 1170338W   Bachelor Mountain
Auld Valley Riverside valley 333418N 1170612W   Bachelor Mountain
Avalon Park Riverside park 340059N 1172331W   Fontana
Avenaloca Mesa Riverside summit 332938N 1171917W   Fallbrook
Avery Canyon Riverside valley 334207N 1165721W   Hemet
Azalea Creek Riverside stream 335200N 1164731W   Lake Fulmor
Azalea Trails Camp Riverside locale 334828N 1164332W   San Jacinto Peak
Aztec Mines Riverside mine 333258N 1151417W   Aztec Mines
Aztec Well Riverside well 333801N 1152224W   Corn Spring
B Bar H Ranch Riverside locale 335437N 1162852W   Seven Palms Valley
Bachelor Mountain Riverside summit 333617N 1170340W   Bachelor Mountain
Bagdouma Park Riverside park 334017N 1161117W   Indio
Baisley Creek Riverside stream 333907N 1164900W   Blackburn Canyon
Bald Eagle Canyon Riverside valley 335212N 1152925W   Victory Pass
Bald Mountain Riverside summit 334029N 1163233W   Palm View Peak
Bald Peak Riverside summit 334522N 1173206W   Corona South
Baldy Mountain Riverside summit 334109N 1164254W   Idyllwild
Banning Riverside pop place 335532N 1165232W 2400 Beaumont
Banning Bench Riverside bench 335837N 1165434W   Beaumont
Banning Canyon Riverside valley 335646N 1165208W   Cabazon
Banning Municipal Airport Riverside airport 335523N 1165102W   Cabazon
Bannockburn Village (subdivision) Riverside pop place 335839N 1171954W   Riverside East
Banta Beatty Park Riverside park 334718N 1171340W   Perris
Bar Bell Ranch (historical) Riverside locale 334737N 1162053W   Myoma
Bar V Ranch Riverside locale 334736N 1170541W   Lakeview
Bar V Ranch School (historical) Riverside school 334738N 1170542W   Lakeview
Bare Tree Spring Riverside spring 340026N 1162656W   Yucca Valley South
Baristo Park Riverside park 334908N 1163230W   Palm Springs

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Feature Name County  Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
Barker Dam Riverside dam 340151N 1160843W   Indian Cove
Barker Peak Riverside summit 335301N 1165008W   Cabazon
Barker Peak Lookout Riverside locale 335301N 1165008W   Cabazon
Basin Spring Riverside spring 333116N 1163613W   Butterfly Peak
Bass Cove Riverside bay 334131N 1171543W   Lake Elsinore
Bat Caves Buttes Riverside summit 332552N 1154851W   Durmid
Baumonk Mine Riverside mine 333101N 1152523W   Red Cloud Canyon
Bautista Canyon Riverside valley 334152N 1165107W   Blackburn Canyon
Bautista Creek Riverside stream 334555N 1165430W   San Jacinto
Bautista Spring Riverside spring 333938N 1164912W   Blackburn Canyon
Bautista Wash Riverside stream 334606N 1165623W   San Jacinto
Bay Tree Spring Riverside spring 334910N 1164720W   Lake Fulmor
Bear Canyon Riverside valley 333623N 1172554W   Sitton Peak
Bear Creek Riverside stream 333855N 1161900W   La Quinta
Bear Creek Airport Riverside airport 333356N 1171423W   Murrieta
Bear Spring Riverside spring 334238N 1173108W   Santiago Peak
Bear Trap Canyon Riverside valley 334406N 1164409W   Idyllwild
Bear Wallow Spring Riverside spring 340046N 1164547W   San Gorgonio Mountain
Bear Wallows Campground Riverside locale 340047N 1164600W   San Gorgonio Mountain
Beaumont Riverside pop place 335546N 1165835W 2620 Beaumont
Beaumont Post Office Riverside post office 335605N 1165834W   Beaumont
Beauty Mountain Riverside summit 332656N 1164300W   Beauty Mountain
Beauty Peak Riverside summit 332622N 1164323W   Beauty Mountain
Bedford Canyon Riverside valley 334814N 1173153W   Corona South
Bedford Wash Riverside stream 334919N 1173036W   Corona South
Bee Canyon Riverside valley 334428N 1165016W   Blackburn Canyon
Bee Canyon Truck Trail Riverside trail 334514N 1164959W   Lake Fulmor
Belardes Potrero Riverside area 333135N 1172852W   Sitton Peak
Bell Mountain Riverside summit 333932N 1170903W   Romoland
Belle Campground Riverside locale 340007N 1160107W   Queen Mountain
Belltown Riverside pop place 340042N 1172257W 830 Fontana
Belvedere Heights Riverside pop place 335901N 1171836W   Riverside East
Berdoo Canyon Riverside valley 334819N 1161030W   West Berdoo Canyon
Bergmont Park Riverside park 335308N 1171921W   Riverside East
Bermuda Dunes Riverside pop place 334434N 1161718W   La Quinta
Bermuda Dunes Airport Riverside airport 334454N 1161629W   La Quinta
Bermuda Palms Mobile Park Riverside pop place 334237N 1161514W   La Quinta
Bernasconi Bay Riverside bay 335055N 1170954W   Perris
Bernasconi Beach Riverside beach 335048N 1170956W   Perris
Bernasconi Hills Riverside range 335047N 1170913W   Perris
Bernasconi Pass Riverside gap 335027N 1170939W   Perris
Betz Beach Riverside beach 332934N 1155422W   Salton
Big Cedar Spring Riverside spring 334332N 1164215W   Idyllwild
Big Horn Overlook Riverside locale 333506N 1162535W   Toro Peak
Big Maria Mountains Riverside range 335100N 1144200W   Big Maria Mountains SW
Big Morongo Wash Riverside stream 335738N 1163127W   Desert Hot Springs
Big Rock Bay Riverside bay 335025N 1171020W   Perris
Big Wash Riverside stream 334614N 1151951W   East of Victory Pass
Big Wash Riverside valley 335611N 1143206W   Big Maria Mountains NE
Billy Goat Mountain Riverside summit 332847N 1165142W   Aguanga
Billy Joe Airport Riverside airport 333025N 1170417W   Bachelor Mountain
Birthday Flat Riverside flat 334250N 1163452W   Palm View Peak
Bishop Canyon Riverside valley 334204N 1172409W   Alberhill
Biskra Palms Riverside pop place 334724N 1161508W   Myoma
Bixby Canyon Riverside valley 334554N 1173024W   Corona South
Black Butte Riverside summit 333342N 1152036W   Pilot Mountain
Black Eagle Area Eagle Mountain Mine Riverside mine 335324N 1153310W   Placer Canyon
Black Eagle Mine Riverside mine 335252N 1153304W   Placer Canyon
Black Eagle Well Riverside well 335630N 1153336W   Placer Canyon
Black Hill Riverside summit 334841N 1144205W   Big Maria Mountains SW
Black Hill Riverside summit 333737N 1162439W   Rancho Mirage
Black Hills Riverside range 333138N 1165819W   Sage
Black Jack Mine Riverside mine 334858N 1145527W   Arlington Mine
Black Jack Tunnel Riverside mine 334930N 1145604W   Arlington Mine
Black Mountain Riverside summit 333709N 1170002W   Bachelor Mountain
Black Mountain Riverside summit 334927N 1164524W   Lake Fulmor
Black Mountain Camp Riverside locale 335001N 1164423W   San Jacinto Peak
Black Mountain Creek Riverside stream 334729N 1164553W   Lake Fulmor
Black Mountain Group Campground Riverside locale 334959N 1164421W   San Jacinto Peak
Black Mountain Trail Riverside trail 334937N 1164643W   Lake Fulmor
Black Mountain Truck Trail Riverside trail 334852N 1164502W   Lake Fulmor
Black Point Riverside cape 334513N 1143104W   Big Maria Mountains SE
Black Rabbit Canyon Riverside valley 333100N 1162102W   Martinez Mountain
Black Rock Riverside summit 333637N 1144532W   Roosevelt Mine
Black Rocks Riverside summit 334834N 1172633W   Lake Mathews
Blackburn Canyon Riverside valley 334138N 1165050W   Blackburn Canyon
Blackburn Ridge Riverside ridge 334020N 1164850W   Blackburn Canyon
Blaisdell Canyon Riverside valley 335300N 1163653W   Desert Hot Springs
Blind Canyon Riverside valley 335854N 1162958W   Seven Palms Valley
Blodgett Flat Riverside flat 334302N 1164327W   Idyllwild
Bluebird Mine Riverside mine 334757N 1145451W   Arlington Mine
Bluewater Canyon Riverside valley 333134N 1172530W   Sitton Peak
Bluewater Truck Trail Riverside trail 333337N 1172516W   Sitton Peak
Bly Riverside pop place 335933N 1172938W 750 Riverside West
Blythe Riverside pop place 333637N 1143544W 267 Blythe
Blythe Airport Riverside airport 333708N 1144300W   Ripley
Blythe Marina Riverside locale 333624N 1143151W   Blythe
Blythe Post Office Riverside post office 333637N 1143547W   Blythe
Bogart County Park Riverside park 335859N 1165709W   Beaumont
Bonita Vista Ranch Riverside locale 334213N 1163849W   Idyllwild
Bonnie Bell Riverside pop place 335657N 1163834W   White Water
Border Park Riverside park 335127N 1173618W   Corona South
Bordwell Park Riverside park 335801N 1172119W   Riverside East
Boulder Canyon Riverside valley 334321N 1153024W   Hayfield Spring
Boulder Hill Park Riverside park 340107N 1172808W   Fontana
Boundary Canyon Riverside valley 340146N 1164259W   Catclaw Flat
Box Canyon Riverside valley 333405N 1155932W   Mortmar
Box Canyon Wash Riverside stream 333106N 1160029W   Mecca
Box Springs Riverside locale 335557N 1171720W   Riverside East

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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
Box Springs Riverside pop place 335648N 1171744W 1500 Riverside East
Box Springs 1003-007 Dam Riverside dam 335724N 1171930W   Riverside East
Box Springs Canyon Riverside valley 335730N 1171934W   Riverside East
Box Springs Lookout Riverside locale 335742N 1171646W   Riverside East
Box Springs Mountain Regional Park Riverside park 335755N 1171615W   Riverside East
Box Springs Mountains Riverside range 335931N 1171743W   Riverside East
Bradley Canyon Riverside valley 334516N 1162606W   Cathedral City
Brentwood Park Riverside park 335159N 1173559W   Corona South
Brooks Canyon Riverside valley 333854N 1172238W   Alberhill
Brown Canyon Riverside valley 334643N 1173036W   Corona South
Brown Canyon Riverside valley 333955N 1165424W   Hemet
Brown Creek Riverside stream 335251N 1164756W   Cabazon
Brown Mine Riverside mine 335150N 1144933W   Inca
Browns Ranch Riverside locale 335213N 1164646W   Lake Fulmor
Browns Well Riverside well 335943N 1145320W   Little Maria Mountains
Buck Flats Riverside flat 385559N 1222221W   Glascock Mountain
Buck Island Riverside island 385552N 1222221W   Glascock Mountain
Buck Mesa Riverside summit 333219N 1170135W   Bachelor Mountain
Buck Ridge Riverside ridge 332733N 1162422W   Collins Valley
Buck Spring Riverside spring 335017N 1164944W   Lake Fulmor
Bull Canyon Riverside valley 333406N 1163157W   Butterfly Peak
Bull Canyon Spring Riverside spring 333522N 1163321W   Butterfly Peak
Bulls Eye Rock Riverside pillar 334138N 1163200W   Palm View Peak
Bullseye Flat Riverside flat 334141N 1163233W   Palm View Peak
Bundy Canyon Riverside valley 333734N 1171531W   Lake Elsinore
Bunker Ranch Riverside locale 333440N 1163521W   Butterfly Peak
Buried Mountain Riverside summit 333857N 1155120W   Cottonwood Spring
Burnt Valley Riverside valley 333316N 1163626W   Butterfly Peak
Burro Flats Riverside flat 335953N 1165056W   Cabazon
Butterfield County Recreational Vehicle Park Riverside locale 332845N 1165935W   Vail Lake
Butterfield Lake Estates Riverside pop place 332848N 1165745W   Vail Lake
Butterfield Overland Trail Riverside trail 332519N 1150419W   Little Chuckwalla Mountains
Butterfield Stage Station Historical Marker Riverside park 334910N 1173023W   Corona South
Butterfield Stage Trail Park Riverside park 335358N 1173613W   Corona North
Butterfly Peak Riverside summit 333721N 1163453W   Butterfly Peak
Buzzard Spring Riverside spring 334928N 1153110W   Buzzard Spring
Cabazon Riverside pop place 335503N 1164711W 1792 Cabazon
Cabazon Park Riverside park 335436N 1164653W   Cabazon
Cabazon Peak Riverside summit 335257N 1164624W   Cabazon
Cabazon Post Office Riverside post office 335503N 1164656W   Cabazon
Cabazon Shaft Riverside mine 335337N 1164729W   Cabazon
Cabezon Indian Reservation Riverside reserve 334100N 1161000W   Indio
Cabezon Indian Reservation Riverside reserve 335231N 1161145W   Keys View
Cabots Old Indian Pueblo and Museum Riverside building 335729N 1162853W   Seven Palms Valley
Cactus City Riverside pop place 334042N 1155747W   Cottonwood Basin
Cactus Mine Riverside mine 335310N 1153623W   Placer Canyon
Cactus Spring Riverside spring 333401N 1162305W   Toro Peak
Cactus Spring Trail Riverside trail 333152N 1162032W   Martinez Mountain
Cactus Valley Riverside valley 334101N 1165718W   Hemet
Cadiz Valley Riverside valley 340216N 1151415W   Granite Pass
Cahuilla Riverside pop place 333227N 1164435W 3629 Anza
Cahuilla Creek Riverside stream 332956N 1165134W   Aguanga
Cahuilla Hills Riverside pop place 334119N 1162456W   Rancho Mirage
Cahuilla Indian Reservation Riverside reserve 333101N 1164314W   Anza
Cahuilla Lake Riverside reservoir 333206N 1165055W   Cahuilla Mountain
Cahuilla Mountain Riverside summit 333445N 1164700W   Cahuilla Mountain
Cahuilla Park Riverside park 334248N 1162407W   Rancho Mirage
Cahuilla Valley Riverside valley 332945N 1164730W   Aguanga
Cajalco Canyon Riverside valley 334934N 1172954W   Lake Mathews
Cajalco Tin Mine Riverside mine 335051N 1172847W   Lake Mathews
Cajalco Tunnel Riverside tunnel 335101N 1172742W   Lake Mathews
Caleb (historical) Riverside pop place 333212N 1160051W   Mecca
Caliente Sands (subdivision) Riverside pop place 334736N 1162720W   Cathedral City
California Citrus State Historical Park Riverside park 335350N 1172515W   Riverside West
California Oaks Sports Park Riverside park 333415N 1171210W   Murrieta
Calimesa Riverside pop place 340014N 1170340W 2400 Yucaipa
Calimesa Mobile Home Ranch Riverside pop place 335825N 1170210W   El Casco
Calzona Mine Riverside mine 340223N 1143019W   Vidal
Camelot Hills Riverside pop place 334606N 1172007W   Steele Peak
Camp Anza (historic) Riverside locale ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Camp Emerson Riverside locale 334359N 1164408W   Idyllwild
Camp Evans Riverside locale 335924N 1172314W   Riverside West
Camp Haan (historical) Riverside locale 335217N 1171555W   Steele Peak
Camp Joe Scherman Riverside locale 333834N 1163522W   Palm View Peak
Camp Lackey Riverside locale 335050N 1164316W   San Jacinto Peak
Camp Maranatha Riverside locale 334452N 1164253W   Idyllwild
Camp Roosevelt Riverside locale 334048N 1164033W   Idyllwild
Camp Tahquitz Meadows Riverside locale 334207N 1164237W   Idyllwild
Camp Tree Mont Riverside locale 335931N 1171147W   Sunnymead
Canyon Crest Heights Riverside pop place 335850N 1171941W 1060 Riverside East
Canyon Lake Riverside reservoir 334033N 1171620W   Lake Elsinore
Canyon Lake Riverside pop place 334106N 1171620W 1440 Lake Elsinore
Canyon Spring Riverside spring 333242N 1153910W   Red Canyon
Cap Rock Riverside locale 335923N 1160946W   Keys View
Caramba Camp Riverside locale 334657N 1163725W   Palm Springs
Carefree Mobile Village Riverside pop place 335526N 1163343W   Desert Hot Springs
Careys Castle Riverside mine 334423N 1154108W   Hayfield
Cariso Truck Trail Riverside trail 333942N 1172416W   Alberhill
Carlos Junior Mine Riverside mine 340121N 1155911W   Twentynine Palms Mountain
Carlson Park Riverside park 335925N 1172325W   Riverside West
Carreon Park Riverside park 334229N 1161355W   Indio
Carrillo Spring Riverside spring 333319N 1172908W   Sitton Peak
Carrizo Creek Riverside stream 334016N 1162418W   Rancho Mirage
Cartridge Spring Riverside spring 334220N 1163816W   Idyllwild
Casa Blanca Riverside pop place 335559N 1172406W 880 Riverside West
Casa Loma Riverside pop place 334937N 1170152W   Lakeview
Casa de Cuerva Riverside locale 333209N 1161545W   Martinez Mountain
Cassina Springs Riverside spring 335840N 1171727W   Riverside East
Castile Canyon Riverside valley 334717N 1165308W   San Jacinto
Castle Rocks Riverside summit 334950N 1164250W   San Jacinto Peak

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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
Castleman (historic) Riverside locale ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Castleview Park Riverside park 335602N 1172037W   Riverside East
Cat Creek Riverside stream 334200N 1162351W   Rancho Mirage
Cathedral Canyon Riverside valley 334637N 1162733W   Cathedral City
Cathedral City Riverside pop place 334647N 1162752W 400 Cathedral City
Cathedral City Post Office Riverside post office 334648N 1162749W   Cathedral City
Cave Rocks Riverside summit 333325N 1164202W   Anza
Cave Spring Riverside spring 334622N 1164920W   Lake Fulmor
Cedar Creek Riverside stream 334305N 1163159W   Palm View Peak
Cedar Spring Riverside spring 333210N 1162627W   Toro Peak
Cedar Spring Riverside spring 334312N 1163832W   Idyllwild
Cedar Spring Riverside spring 334036N 1163438W   Palm View Peak
Central Deposit Eagle Mountain Mine Riverside mine 335235N 1153145W   Placer Canyon
Century Park Riverside park 334937N 1162630W   Cathedral City
Chalen Hill Park Riverside park 335534N 1172727W   Riverside West
Chalk Hill Riverside ridge 334331N 1164312W   Idyllwild
Chemawa (historical) Riverside pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Chaney Hill Riverside summit 333446N 1171423W   Murrieta
Chappel Ranch Riverside locale 335153N 1164950W   Lake Fulmor
Cherry Canyon Riverside valley 335853N 1165731W   Beaumont
Cherry Valley Riverside pop place 335821N 1165835W 2820 Beaumont
Childrens Museum Riverside building 334423N 1162449W   Rancho Mirage
Chimney Flats Riverside flat 334414N 1164616W   Blackburn Canyon
Chino Canyon Riverside valley 335152N 1163413W   Palm Springs
Chinquapin Flat Riverside flat 334528N 1164013W   San Jacinto Peak
Chiriaco Summit Riverside pop place 333939N 1154314W 1710 Hayfield
Chiriaco Summit Airport Riverside airport 333955N 1154237W   Hayfield
Cholla Canyon Riverside valley 333938N 1165406W   Hemet
Cholla Garden Riverside locale 335529N 1155542W   Fried Liver Wash
Cholla Garden Nature Trail Riverside trail 335530N 1155547W   Fried Liver Wash
Cholla Wash Riverside stream 334136N 1153840W   Hayfield
Chuckwalla Bill Spring Riverside spring 340138N 1162720W   Yucca Valley South
Chuckwalla Mountains Riverside range 333530N 1152230W   Pilot Mountain
Chuckwalla Ranch (historical) Riverside locale 334620N 1161808W   Myoma
Chuckwalla Spring Riverside spring 332835N 1151240W   Chuckwalla Spring
Chuckwalla Valley Riverside valley 333630N 1150730W   East of Victory Pass
Churchwalla Well Riverside well 332635N 1151301W   Chuckwalla Spring
Cinco Poses Spring Riverside spring 334930N 1164502W   Lake Fulmor
Cinco Poses Trail Riverside trail 334918N 1164611W   Lake Fulmor
Circle B Ranch Riverside locale 335411N 1162858W   Seven Palms Valley
Circle E Ranch Riverside locale 335126N 1151424W   Palen Lake
Civic Center Park Riverside park 334402N 1162247W   Rancho Mirage
Claremont Riverside summit 334925N 1165621W   San Jacinto
Clark Field Riverside park 335629N 1173324W   Corona North
Clark Ranch Airpark Riverside airport 333240N 1165836W   Sage
Clark Trail Riverside trail 333104N 1172810W   Sitton Peak
Clays One Thousand Ranch Park Riverside park 335820N 1172828W   Riverside West
Clemens Well Riverside well 333114N 1153955W   Red Canyon
Coachella Riverside pop place 334049N 1161023W -71 Indio
Coachella Post Office Riverside post office 334046N 1161031W   Indio
Coachella Tunnels Riverside tunnel 335709N 1162448W   Seven Palms Valley
Coachella Valley Riverside valley 335500N 1163300W   Desert Hot Springs
Coachella Valley Cemetery Riverside cemetery 334011N 1161259W   Indio
Coachella Valley Fringe-Toed Lizard Preserve Riverside park 334751N 1161905W   Myoma
Coachella Valley Museum Riverside building 334317N 1161320W   Indio
Coldwater Canyon Riverside valley 334519N 1172933W   Lake Mathews
Coldwater Creek Riverside stream 334219N 1164443W   Idyllwild
Coldwater Trail Riverside trail 334352N 1173011W   Santiago Peak
Cole Canyon Riverside valley 333339N 1171410W   Murrieta
Colina Vista Riverside pop place 332745N 1170655W   Pechanga
Collis Mayflower County Park Riverside park 334015N 1143200W   Blythe NE
Community Center Park Riverside park 335619N 1173334W   Corona North
Cone Peak Riverside summit 334001N 1163552W   Palm View Peak
Conejo Well Riverside well 334539N 1154403W   Conejo Well
Coney Hill Riverside summit 335029N 1171159W   Perris
Console Springs Riverside spring 335916N 1171312W   Sunnymead
Contreras Park Riverside park 335308N 1173438W   Corona North
Coon Hollow Riverside valley 332711N 1145203W   Thumb Peak
Coon Hollow Campground Riverside locale 332652N 1145358W   Wiley Well
Cooper Cienega Truck Trail Riverside trail 332724N 1164033W   Beauty Mountain
Copley (Historical) Riverside pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Corn Spring Riverside spring 333734N 1151929W   Corn Spring
Corn Springs Wash Riverside stream 334137N 1151259W   Sidewinder Well
Cornell Peak Riverside summit 334848N 1163940W   San Jacinto Peak
Corona Riverside pop place 335231N 1173356W 678 Corona North
Corona Municipal Airport Riverside airport 335351N 1173608W   Corona North
Coronado Gardens Mobile Home Park Riverside pop place 334205N 1161420W   Indio
Corral Canyon Riverside valley 335833N 1164922W   Cabazon
Corvina Beach Campground Riverside locale 332827N 1155317W   Salton
Cotton Spring Riverside spring 334432N 1154830W   Cottonwood Spring
Cottonwood Basin Riverside basin 334444N 1155434W   Cottonwood Basin
Cottonwood Campground Riverside locale 334443N 1154843W   Cottonwood Spring
Cottonwood Canyon Riverside valley 334150N 1154802W   Cottonwood Spring
Cottonwood Canyon Riverside valley 334021N 1171541W   Lake Elsinore
Cottonwood Canyon Riverside valley 335650N 1164126W   White Water
Cottonwood Canyon Riverside valley 333625N 1164431W   Anza
Cottonwood Creek Riverside stream 332640N 1165337W   Vail Lake
Cottonwood Fire Break Riverside dam 333655N 1164325W   Anza
Cottonwood Lake Riverside reservoir 334702N 1170152W   Lakeview
Cottonwood Mountains Riverside range 334246N 1155424W   Cottonwood Basin
Cottonwood Pass Riverside gap 334334N 1154844W   Cottonwood Spring
Cottonwood Spring Riverside spring 334411N 1154832W   Cottonwood Spring
Cottonwood Spring Riverside spring 332738N 1162240W   Collins Valley
Cottonwood Tunnel Riverside tunnel 334104N 1155405W   Cottonwood Basin
Country Manor Estates Riverside pop place 332853N 1170639W   Pechanga
Country Road Estates Riverside pop place 333610N 1170522W   Bachelor Mountain
Covington Spring Riverside spring 340101N 1161721W   Joshua Tree South
Covington Well Riverside well 340120N 1161657W   Joshua Tree South
Cow Canyon Riverside valley 334302N 1172621W   Alberhill
Cox Riverside pop place 335020N 1144619W 810 Inca

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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
Cox Ranch Riverside locale 335900N 1164224W   White Water
Coxcomb Mountains Riverside range 335612N 1152028W   Coxcomb Mountains
Coxcomb Tunnel Riverside tunnel 335244N 1151923W   Coxcomb Mountains
Coyote Creek Riverside stream 333214N 1163204W   Butterfly Peak
Coyote Creek Riverside stream 333915N 1162217W   La Quinta
Coyote Mine Riverside mine 334341N 1155007W   Cottonwood Spring
Cranston Forest Service Station Riverside locale 334416N 1165013W   Blackburn Canyon
Crestlawn Memorial Park Riverside cemetery 335658N 1173058W   Corona North
Crestmore Riverside pop place 340127N 1172314W 980 Fontana
Crestmore Quarry Riverside mine 340136N 1172248W   Fontana
Crossbar Oaks Campground Riverside locale 332828N 1165910W   Vail Lake
Crown Valley Riverside basin 333854N 1170023W   Winchester
Crystal Springs Canyon Riverside valley 333526N 1152557W   Red Cloud Canyon
Culp Valley Riverside valley 332627N 1164905W   Aguanga
Cypress Park Riverside park 335214N 1173336W   Corona South
Cyr Aviation Airport Riverside airport 333531N 1143619W   Blythe
Dalton Mine Riverside mine 335904N 1154615W   Pinto Mountain
Dark Canyon Riverside valley 334735N 1164442W   San Jacinto Peak
Dark Canyon Camp Riverside locale 334813N 1164359W   San Jacinto Peak
Dark Canyon Campground Riverside locale 334813N 1164352W   San Jacinto Peak
Dateland Park Riverside park 334026N 1161026W   Indio
Davis Ranch Riverside locale 335949N 1165336W   Beaumont
Dawson Canyon Riverside valley 334652N 1172812W   Lake Mathews
De Anza Cycle Park Riverside park 335705N 1170542W   El Casco
De Anza Trail Monument Riverside pillar 335026N 1170934W   Perris
De Anza Village Riverside pop place 335918N 1172709W   Riverside West
De Oro Park Riverside park 334110N 1161109W   Indio
Dead Indian Creek Riverside stream 334200N 1162224W   La Quinta
Decker Canyon Riverside valley 333700N 1172532W   Sitton Peak
Deep Canyon Riverside valley 335638N 1164654W   Cabazon
Deep Canyon Riverside valley 334105N 1162205W   La Quinta
Deer Spring Riverside spring 340140N 1164724W   San Gorgonio Mountain
Deer Springs Riverside spring 334805N 1164203W   San Jacinto Peak
Deer Springs Riverside spring 334755N 1164121W   San Jacinto Peak
Deer Springs Camp Riverside locale 334803N 1164157W   San Jacinto Peak
Dellamont Riverside summit 334926N 1165530W   San Jacinto
Demuth Park Riverside park 334827N 1163001W   Palm Springs
Desert Air Recreational Vehicle Park Riverside locale 334140N 1161420W   Indio
Desert Air Sky Ranch Riverside airport 332852N 1155226W   Durmid
Desert Angel Riverside summit 335231N 1163615W   Desert Hot Springs
Desert Beach Riverside pop place 333046N 1155535W -220 Mortmar
Desert Camp Riverside pop place 333201N 1155857W   Mortmar
Desert Center Riverside pop place 334245N 1152405W 906 Desert Center
Desert Center Airport Riverside airport 334455N 1151922W   Corn Spring
Desert Center Post Office Riverside post office 334248N 1152406W   Desert Center
Desert Divide Trail Riverside trail 334021N 1163451W   Palm View Peak
Desert Groves Mobile Home Park Riverside pop place 334155N 1161420W   Indio
Desert Haven Riverside pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Desert Highland Park Riverside park 335203N 1163305W   Palm Springs
Desert Hills Trailer Park Riverside pop place 334703N 1162841W   Cathedral City
Desert Hot Springs Riverside pop place 335740N 1163003W 1100 Desert Hot Springs
Desert Hot Springs Post Office Riverside post office 335740N 1163013W   Desert Hot Springs
Desert Park Riverside park 334445N 1161205W   Indio
Desert Queen Mine Riverside mine 340126N 1160413W   Queen Mountain
Desert Queen Well Riverside well 340149N 1160801W   Indian Cove
Desert View Riverside pop place 334805N 1163824W   San Jacinto Peak
Devers Hill Riverside summit 335613N 1163345W   Desert Hot Springs
Devil Canyon Riverside valley 333603N 1161644W   Martinez Mountain
Devils Garden Riverside flat 335810N 1163712W   Desert Hot Springs
Devils Hole Riverside valley 332612N 1165557W   Vail Lake
Devils Rockpile Riverside summit 333837N 1163341W   Palm View Peak
Diamond B Ranch Riverside locale 334710N 1172313W   Lake Mathews
Diamond L Ranch (historical) Riverside locale 334550N 1172415W   Lake Mathews
Diamond Valley Riverside valley 334047N 1170204W   Winchester
Dickey Canyon Riverside valley 334021N 1172411W   Alberhill
Difficult Canyon Riverside valley 334241N 1153047W   Hayfield Spring
Ditch Creek Riverside stream 335217N 1164734W   Lake Fulmor
Dobe Spring Riverside spring 333103N 1172818W   Sitton Peak
Dolomite Mine Riverside mine 333434N 1162618W   Toro Peak
Domenigoni Mountains Riverside range 334143N 1170149W   Winchester
Domenigoni Valley Riverside valley 333937N 1170549W   Winchester
Don Lorenzi Park Riverside park 335552N 1172643W   Riverside West
Dorado Mobile Home Park (subdivision) Riverside pop place 334727N 1162838W   Cathedral City
Dos Palmas Corners Riverside pop place 335529N 1163004W 825 Desert Hot Springs
Dos Palmas Spring Riverside spring 333032N 1154935W   Orocopia Canyon
Dos Palmas Spring Riverside spring 333706N 1162526W   Toro Peak
Dos Palmas Spring Riverside spring 334314N 1163328W   Palm View Peak
Double Butte Riverside summit 334326N 1170721W   Winchester
Double Butte County Park Riverside park 334330N 1170621W   Winchester
Dragon Wash Riverside stream 334359N 1152751W   Desert Center
Dripping Springs Riverside spring 332821N 1165916W   Vail Lake
Dripping Springs Trail Riverside trail 332616N 1165824W   Vail Lake
Drury Peak Riverside summit 334830N 1164109W   San Jacinto Peak
Dry Camp (historical) Riverside locale 334705N 1162110W   Myoma
Dry Camp Canyon Riverside valley 334237N 1163213W   Palm View Peak
Dry Creek Riverside stream 334238N 1164651W   Blackburn Canyon
Dry Morongo Wash Riverside stream 335909N 1163308W   Desert Hot Springs
Dry Ranch Riverside locale 332754N 1165023W   Aguanga
Dry Wash Riverside stream 332552N 1162457W   Collins Valley
Dry Wash Riverside stream 334253N 1163150W   Palm View Peak
Duchess Canyon Riverside valley 334005N 1163722W   Palm View Peak
Duchess Spring Riverside spring 334014N 1163621W   Palm View Peak
Dunkel Spring Riverside spring 335346N 1164440W   White Water
Duplex Mine Riverside mine 335940N 1154105W   San Bernardino Wash
Durant (Historical) Riverside pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Durant Siding Riverside locale 334225N 1172149W   Lake Elsinore
Durasno Valley Riverside valley 333137N 1164246W   Anza
Durmid Riverside pop place 332551N 1154956W -190 Durmid
Dutch Charlie Canyon Riverside valley 333817N 1163017W   Palm View Peak
Dutch Flat Riverside flat 334514N 1164343W   San Jacinto Peak

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