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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
Sargent School (historical) Monterey school 355638N 1204753W   Wunpost
Saucito Monterey civil 363433N 1215005W   Seaside
Saucito Canyon Monterey valley 362117N 1211205W   Greenfield
Sausal Monterey civil 364216N 1213659W   Natividad
Sawmill Canyon Monterey valley 360038N 1203045W   Smith Mountain
Sawmill Flat Campground Monterey locale 361455N 1214646W   Pfeiffer Point
Sawmill Gulch Monterey valley 363633N 1215659W   Monterey
Schneider Hill Monterey summit 364536N 1213938W   Prunedale
School Hill Monterey summit 362250N 1213258W   Rana Creek
School Spring Monterey spring 354637N 1211510W   Burro Mountain
Sea Lion Cove Monterey bay 363103N 1215706W   Monterey
Sea Lion Point Trail Monterey trail 363107N 1215705W   Monterey
Sea Lion Rocks Monterey island 363100N 1215730W   Monterey
Seal Rock Monterey island 363518N 1215753W   Monterey
Seal Rock Creek Monterey stream 363518N 1215745W   Monterey
Seals and Birds Rock Picnic Area Monterey locale 363528N 1215749W   Monterey
Seama (historical) Monterey pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Seaside Monterey pop place 363640N 1215102W 60 Seaside
Seaside Post Office Monterey post office 363634N 1215035W   Seaside
Semas Mountain Monterey summit 355258N 1204915W   Wunpost
Seneca Creek Monterey stream 363007N 1215249W   Monterey
Serra Monument Monterey park 363624N 1215357W   Monterey
Serra Village Monterey pop place 363615N 1214150W   Spreckels
Seven Well Canyon Monterey valley 360618N 1210533W   Espinosa Canyon
Seventeen Mile Drive Elementary School (historical) Monterey school 363732N 1215538W   Monterey
Seventeen Mile Drive Manor Monterey building 363733N 1215536W   Monterey
Shady Lane Canyon Monterey valley 363226N 1212104W   Mount Johnson
Shearer School (historical) Monterey school 360838N 1211210W   Thompson Canyon
Sheehee Spring Monterey spring 360150N 1204017W   Slack Canyon
Sheep Canyon Monterey valley 355646N 1204804W   Wunpost
Sherman Headquarters Monterey building 363557N 1215342W   Monterey
Sherwood Park Monterey park 364128N 1213857W   Salinas
Shirttail Gulch Monterey valley 362450N 1211541W   Soledad
Shoreline Park Monterey park 363724N 1215435W   Monterey
Shovel Handle Creek Monterey stream 361146N 1213454W   Zigzag Creek
Sid Ormsbee Lookout Monterey locale 362923N 1214707W   Mount Carmel
Sierra Creek Monterey stream 362155N 1215311W   Point Sur
Sierra de Salinas Monterey range 362418N 1212928W   Palo Escrito Peak
Sierra Hill Monterey ridge 362103N 1215304W   Point Sur
Silver Creek Campground Monterey locale 355134N 1212229W   Burro Mountain
Silver Creek Campground Monterey locale 355058N 1212126W   Burro Mountain
Silver Creek Campground Monterey locale 355132N 1212227W   Burro Mountain
Silver Peak Monterey summit 355052N 1212130W   Burro Mountain
Silver Peak Campground Monterey locale 355056N 1212126W   Burro Mountain
Skinner Creek Monterey stream 361943N 1214735W   Big Sur
Skinner Ridge Monterey ridge 362141N 1214742W   Big Sur
Skinner Ridge Trail Monterey trail 362145N 1214802W   Big Sur
Slack Canyon Monterey valley 360540N 1204159W   Slack Canyon
Slack Canyon Conversation Camp Monterey locale 360516N 1204013W   Slack Canyon
Slate Canyon Monterey valley 362158N 1213054W   Chews Ridge
Slates Hot Springs Monterey spring 360723N 1213807W   Lopez Point OE W
Slates Hot Springs Monterey spring 360723N 1213807W   Lopez Point OE W
Slates Hot Springs Monterey pop place 360725N 1213810W 120 Lopez Point OE W
Sleepy Hollow Monterey basin 362638N 1214252W   Carmel Valley
Slickrock Creek Monterey stream 355845N 1212101W   Alder Peak
Smith Ranch Monterey locale 355116N 1210619W   Bryson
Snivleys Ridge Monterey ridge 363008N 1214657W   Seaside
Soberanes Canyon Trail Monterey trail 362652N 1215418W   Soberanes Point
Soberanes Creek Monterey stream 362723N 1215527W   Soberanes Point
Soberanes Point Monterey cape 362654N 1215540W   Soberanes Point
Soberanes School (historical) Monterey school 362537N 1212407W   Palo Escrito Peak
Soccorondo (historical) Monterey pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Soda Spring Creek Monterey stream 354901N 1212232W   Villa Creek
Soledad Monterey pop place 362529N 1211931W 200 Soledad
Soledad Cemetery Monterey cemetery 362539N 1211841W   Soledad
Soledad State Prison Monterey locale 362809N 1212256W   Palo Escrito Peak
Somavia School (historical) Monterey school 363022N 1213030W   Chualar
Sommers Prospect Monterey mine 355744N 1202603W   Parkfield
South Chalone Peak Monterey summit 362613N 1211104W   North Chalone Peak
South Fork Big Sur River Monterey stream 361439N 1214046W   Partington Ridge
South Fork Black Rock Creek Monterey stream 362505N 1214431W   Carmel Valley
South Fork Devils Canyon Monterey valley 360425N 1213320W   Lopez Point
South Fork Little Sur River Monterey stream 361949N 1215143W   Big Sur
South Fork Prewitt Creek Monterey stream 355639N 1212720W   Cape San Martin
South Fork Rustic Campsite Monterey locale 361246N 1213804W   Partington Ridge
South Fork Santa Lucia Creek Monterey stream 361200N 1212825W   Junipero Serra Peak
South Fork Trail Monterey trail 361218N 1213640W   Zigzag Creek
South Fork Waller Creek Monterey stream 355019N 1210822W   Burnett Peak
South Fork Willow Creek Monterey stream 355338N 1212648W   Cape San Martin
South Parade Ground Monterey locale 363900N 1214824W   Marina
South Plateau Trail Monterey trail 363046N 1215615W   Monterey
South Point Monterey cape 363120N 1215713W   Monterey
South Shore Trail Monterey trail 363049N 1215640W   Monterey
South Ventana Cone Monterey summit 361630N 1213815W   Ventana Cones
Southern Pacific Station Monterey locale 363736N 1215509W   Monterey OE N
Spaghetti Rustic Campsite Monterey locale 362200N 1214545W   Big Sur
Spanish Bay Monterey bay 363704N 1215637W   Monterey
Spence Monterey pop place 363646N 1213356W 80 Chualar
Splitrock Canyon Monterey valley 360024N 1204454W   Slack Canyon
Splitrock Spring Monterey spring 360531N 1204007W   Slack Canyon
Spreckels Monterey pop place 363719N 1213845W 60 Spreckels
Spreckels Junction Monterey pop place 363930N 1213747W 60 Salinas
Spreckels Memorial Park Monterey park 363728N 1213845W   Spreckels
Spreckels Post Office Monterey post office 363721N 1213844W   Spreckels
Spring Canyon Monterey valley 361316N 1210035W   San Lucas
Spring Trail Monterey trail 361549N 1215021W   Big Sur
Spring in Bush Monterey spring 355332N 1201722W   The Dark Hole
Springfield School (historical) Monterey school 365018N 1214611W   Moss Landing
Spruce Campground Monterey locale 354934N 1212034W   Burro Mountain
Spruce Campground Monterey locale 354934N 1212033W   Burro Mountain

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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
Spruce Creek Monterey stream 355204N 1212626W   Villa Creek
Square Black Rock Monterey island 360422N 1213624W   Lopez Point
Squaw Peak Monterey summit 360331N 1203612W   Smith Mountain
Squirrel Spring Monterey spring 355825N 1211530W   Alder Peak
Stag Rustic Campsite Monterey locale 355755N 1212735W   Cape San Martin
Steinbeck Museum Monterey building 363712N 1215426W   Monterey
Steinbeck Park Monterey park 364225N 1213656W   Natividad
Steloglamo (historical) Monterey pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Steve Creek Monterey stream 355043N 1211159W   Burnett Peak
Stevenson House Monterey building 363550N 1215333W   Monterey
Stillwater Cove Monterey bay 363350N 1215627W   Monterey
Stillwater Cove Access Monterey park 363359N 1215632W   Monterey
Stillwell Park Monterey park 363819N 1214840W   Marina
Stockdale Mountain Monterey summit 355915N 1203449W   Stockdale Mountain
Stokes Adobe Monterey building 363548N 1215342W   Monterey
Stone Canyon Monterey valley 360043N 1203452W   Smith Mountain
Stone Canyon Mine Monterey mine 360101N 1203250W   Smith Mountain
Stone Corral Canyon Monterey valley 354658N 1201736W   Cholame Valley
Stone Corral Flats Monterey flat 354836N 1201633W   Cholame Valley
Stonewall Canyon Monterey valley 362647N 1211720W   Soledad
Stonewall Creek Monterey stream 362436N 1211819W   Soledad
Stony Creek Monterey stream 355541N 1211635W   Alder Peak
Stony Valley Monterey valley 355743N 1211643W   Alder Peak
Strawberry Camp Monterey locale 361214N 1213600W   Zigzag Creek
Strawberry Canyon Monterey valley 364947N 1214402W   Prunedale
Strawberry Valley Monterey valley 361146N 1213551W   Zigzag Creek
Subazama (historical) Monterey pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Sugar Tail Spring Monterey spring 355321N 1201537W   The Dark Hole
Sugarloaf Monterey summit 362107N 1213114W   Chews Ridge
Sugarloaf Peak Monterey summit 364607N 1213537W   San Juan Bautista
Sullivan Canyon Monterey valley 363106N 1212126W   Mount Johnson
Sulpher Springs Camp Monterey locale 362054N 1213934W   Ventana Cones
Sulphur Canyon Monterey valley 354740N 1205221W   Bradley
Sulphur Spring Monterey spring 360516N 1203556W   Smith Mountain
Sulphur Spring Monterey spring 362053N 1213934W   Ventana Cones
Sulphur Spring Canyon Monterey valley 360027N 1211426W   Cosio Knob
Sulphur Springs Monterey spring 355945N 1202840W   Parkfield
Sulphur Springs Camp Monterey locale 362052N 1213939W   Ventana Cones
Summit Trail Monterey trail 360818N 1213301W   Zigzag Creek
Sunset Grammar School (historical) Monterey school 363305N 1215512W   Monterey
Sunset Point Monterey cape 363410N 1215811W   Monterey
Sur Breakers Monterey area 361722N 1215322W   Point Sur
Sur Hill Monterey summit 361841N 1215048W   Big Sur
Sur Rock Monterey bar 361658N 1215315W   Point Sur
Susie Spring Monterey spring 361712N 1205127W   Hepsedam Peak
Swain Valley Monterey valley 355332N 1205016W   Wunpost
Swamp Creek Monterey stream 364421N 1212821W   Mount Harlan
Sweetwater Canyon Monterey valley 361142N 1210458W   San Lucas
Sweetwater Creek Monterey stream 361545N 1212117W   Paraiso Springs
Sweetwater School (historical) Monterey school 361309N 1210020W   San Lucas
Swiss Canyon Monterey valley 364948N 1214350W   Prunedale
Swiss Canyon Monterey valley 361713N 1215159W   Big Sur
Swope Canyon Monterey valley 363752N 1212135W   Paicines
Sycamore Canyon Monterey valley 361418N 1214853W   Pfeiffer Point
Sycamore Creek Monterey stream 355027N 1210919W   Burnett Peak
Sycamore Flat Monterey pop place 361600N 1212333W   Sycamore Flat
Sycamore Flat Campground Monterey locale 355345N 1212609W   Cape San Martin
Sycamore Gulch Monterey valley 362637N 1213849W   Carmel Valley
Sycamore Reservoir Dam Monterey dam 355000N 1210800W   Burnett Peak
Sycamore Spring Monterey spring 355512N 1211812W   Alder Peak
Sykes Camp Monterey locale 361455N 1214104W   Partington Ridge
Tan Bark Trail Monterey trail 361054N 1214110W   Partington Ridge
Tan Oak Camp Monterey locale 361149N 1213552W   Zigzag Creek
Tan Oak Creek Monterey stream 361146N 1213550W   Zigzag Creek
Tash Creek Monterey stream 361804N 1212826W   Sycamore Flat
Tassajara Creek Monterey stream 361310N 1213004W   Zigzag Creek
Tassajara Creek Campground Monterey locale 361249N 1213139W   Zigzag Creek
Tassajara Hot Springs Monterey pop place 361403N 1213252W 1540 Zigzag Creek
Tassajara School (historical) Monterey school 362329N 1213748W   Carmel Valley
Taylor Ranch Monterey locale 355322N 1202105W   The Dark Hole
Taylor Spring Monterey spring 360459N 1203622W   Smith Mountain
Tecolom (historical) Monterey pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Tembladero Slough Monterey stream 364624N 1214715W   Moss Landing
Terrace Creek Monterey stream 361457N 1214331W   Partington Ridge
Terrace Creek Camp Monterey locale 361447N 1214341W   Partington Ridge
Teshaya (historical) Monterey pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   Cosio Knob
Tetachoya (historical) Monterey pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Texja (historical) Monterey pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
The Basin Monterey basin 361907N 1212441W   Sycamore Flat
The Bear Trap Monterey ridge 361950N 1213319W   Chews Ridge
The Caves Monterey locale 361627N 1213504W   Chews Ridge
The Dry Lake Monterey lake 361627N 1212525W   Sycamore Flat
The Glass House State Historic Landmark Monterey park 365232N 1214527W   Watsonville West
The Indian Monterey locale 360619N 1212606W   Cone Peak
The Lakes Monterey lake 361354N 1212900W   Junipero Serra Peak
The Links at Spanish Bay Monterey locale 363558N 1215647W   Monterey
The Lone Cypress Monterey locale 363409N 1215806W   Monterey
The Mesa Monterey summit 361608N 1213447W   Chews Ridge
The Narrows Monterey ridge 355435N 1203356W   Stockdale Mountain
The Pallisades Monterey ridge 355157N 1211246W   Burnett Peak
The Pinnacles Monterey bar 363323N 1215803W   Monterey
The Pinnacles Monterey bar 363331N 1215801W   Monterey
The Pit Monterey bay 363117N 1215607W   Monterey
The Rocks Monterey ridge 360948N 1211822W   Reliz Canyon
The Rocks Monterey ridge 360949N 1211824W   Reliz Canyon
The Shut-in Monterey valley 354949N 1210852W   Burnett Peak
The Slot Monterey channel 363048N 1215648W   Monterey
Thompson Cabin Monterey locale 364028N 1212521W   Mount Harlan
Thompson Canyon Monterey valley 361336N 1210959W   Thompson Canyon
Thorndyke Top Monterey summit 354840N 1212107W   Burro Mountain

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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
Three Peaks Monterey summit 355053N 1211820W   Burro Mountain
Three Peaks Campground Monterey locale 355036N 1211839W   Burro Mountain
Three Peaks Campground Monterey locale 355036N 1211839W   Burro Mountain
Tickner Canyon Monterey valley 360813N 1205148W   Monarch Peak
Tide Rock Monterey bar 355704N 1212933W   Cape San Martin
Tierra Redonda Mountain Monterey summit 354616N 1205906W   Tierra Redonda Mountain
Tiger Spring Monterey spring 355241N 1201449W   Garza Peak
Timber Top Monterey summit 361306N 1214243W   Partington Ridge
Tin House Monterey locale 362104N 1213658W   Chews Ridge
Tin House Campground Monterey locale 361720N 1214524W   Big Sur
Tiubta (historical) Monterey pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Todds Spring Monterey spring 355054N 1202704W   Cholame Hills
Todds Spring Canyon Monterey valley 355146N 1202417W   Cholame Hills
Tom Valley Monterey valley 361130N 1205736W   Nattrass Valley
Tomasini Canyon Monterey valley 363049N 1214623W   Seaside
Tongue Ridge Monterey ridge 363711N 1214513W   Seaside
Topo Creek Monterey stream 362318N 1210947W   North Chalone Peak
Toro Regional Park Monterey park 363500N 1214000W   Spreckels
Torre Canyon Monterey valley 361132N 1214247W   Partington Ridge
Toyon Ridge Trail Monterey trail 363451N 1214018W   Spreckels
Tract of Land in Monterey County Monterey civil 364129N 1214440W   Salinas
Tract of Land in Monterey County Monterey civil 364021N 1214236W   Salinas
Trail Spring Camp Monterey locale 360330N 1213005W   Lopez Point
Trampa Canyon Monterey valley 362332N 1213726W   Rana Creek
Trinity Park Monterey park 363617N 1215053W   Seaside
Tukutnut (historical) Monterey pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Tularcitos Creek Monterey stream 362752N 1214247W   Carmel Valley
Tularcitos Guard Station Monterey locale 362729N 1214221W   Carmel Valley
Tularcitos Ranch Monterey locale 362633N 1213832W   Carmel Valley
Tularcitos Ridge Monterey ridge 362525N 1213926W   Carmel Valley
Tularcitos School (historical) Monterey school 362803N 1214243W   Carmel Valley
Tule Canyon Monterey valley 355406N 1210502W   Williams Hill
Tunnel Canyon Monterey valley 355220N 1203913W   San Miguel
Turkey Flat Monterey flat 355254N 1202113W   The Dark Hole
Turkey Springs Campground Monterey locale 354849N 1211804W   Burro Mountain
Turkey Springs Campground Monterey locale 354848N 1211803W   Burro Mountain
Turner Creek Monterey stream 362230N 1214954W   Big Sur
Turner Creek Camp Monterey locale 362242N 1214835W   Mount Carmel
Turner Creek Trail Monterey trail 362211N 1214736W   Big Sur
Turtle Creek Monterey stream 354755N 1210625W   Bryson
Twin Cottonwoods Trail Monterey trail 361630N 1214931W   Big Sur
Twin Peak Monterey summit 360310N 1213026W   Lopez Point
Twin Peaks Monterey summit 362218N 1212533W   Sycamore Flat
Twin Peaks Monterey summit 361318N 1203845W   Priest Valley
Twin Peaks Monterey summit 362405N 1214927W   Mount Carmel
Twin Valley Creek Monterey stream 355213N 1211023W   Burnett Peak
Two Suertes Monterey civil 364052N 1214432W   Salinas
Uncle Sam Mountain Monterey summit 362028N 1214219W   Ventana Cones
Upper Higgins Campground Monterey locale 361022N 1213630W   Zigzag Creek
Urabe Park Monterey park 364048N 1213852W   Salinas
Vado Campground Monterey locale 361815N 1214719W   Big Sur
Valleton Monterey pop place 355322N 1204217W   Valleton
Valleton Post Office (historical) Monterey post office ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   Valleton
Valley View Trail Monterey trail 361524N 1214659W   Big Sur
Van Winkleys Canyon Monterey valley 362910N 1215144W   Mount Carmel
Vaqueros Creek Monterey stream 361553N 1212009W   Paraiso Springs
Vasquez Knob Monterey summit 362805N 1214538W   Mount Carmel
Vega (historical) Monterey pop place 365345N 1214123W   Watsonville East
Vega Del Rio Del Pajaro Monterey civil 365301N 1213948W   Watsonville East
Vega School (historical) Monterey school 365351N 1214056W   Watsonville East
Ventana Camp Monterey locale 361535N 1214430W   Ventana Cones
Ventana Cone Monterey summit 361705N 1214040W   Ventana Cones
Ventana Creek Monterey stream 361531N 1214440W   Ventana Cones
Ventana Double Cone Monterey summit 361750N 1214250W   Ventana Cones
Ventana Mesa Creek Monterey stream 361853N 1214052W   Ventana Cones
Ventana Trail Monterey trail 362119N 1214326W   Ventana Cones
Ventana Wilderness Area Monterey park 360725N 1213005W   Lopez Point
Ventura Rocks Monterey island 362035N 1215423W   Point Sur
Veterans Memorial Park Monterey park 363559N 1215430W   Monterey
Via Paraiso Park Monterey park 363535N 1215413W   Monterey
Vicente Creek Monterey stream 360239N 1213505W   Lopez Point
Vicente Flat Monterey locale 360145N 1212915W   Cone Peak
Vierra Canyon Monterey valley 364700N 1213450W   San Juan Bautista
Vierra Canyon Monterey valley 364732N 1214000W   Prunedale
Vierras Knoll Monterey summit 363031N 1215616W   Monterey
Villa Campground Monterey locale 355113N 1212323W   Villa Creek
Villa Creek Monterey stream 355058N 1212429W   Villa Creek
Vineyard Canyon Monterey valley 354632N 1204211W   San Miguel
Vineyard of Mission Soledad Monterey locale 361951N 1212154W   Paraiso Springs
Vizcaino-Serra Landing Monterey locale 363618N 1215335W   Monterey
Vosti Park Monterey park 362522N 1211915W   Soledad
Wachanaruka (historical) Monterey pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   Salinas
Wagner Creek Monterey stream 354912N 1211626W   Burro Mountain
Walker Canyon Monterey valley 355831N 1204802W   Wunpost
Waller Creek Monterey stream 355010N 1210911W   Burnett Peak
Walters Canyon Monterey valley 355736N 1204423W   Valleton
Warner Lake Monterey lake 365248N 1214432W   Watsonville East
Washington Park Monterey park 363712N 1215540W   Monterey
Waste Water Ponds 647 Dam Monterey dam 413712N 1213742W   Little Glass Mountain
Waterdog Creek Monterey stream 354742N 1210616W   Bryson
Waterfall Trail Monterey trail 360933N 1214007W   Partington Ridge
Watkins Gate Monterey locale 363856N 1214332W   Salinas
Watson Creek Monterey stream 363444N 1214312W   Spreckels
Watsonville Monterey pop place 365437N 1214521W 29 ? ? ? ? ?
Watsonville Junction Monterey pop place 365342N 1214441W 25 Watsonville East
Watsonville Slough Monterey stream 365112N 1214828W   Moss Landing
Wayland Creek Monterey stream 360101N 1203523W   Smith Mountain
Weferling Canyon Monterey valley 355745N 1210431W   Williams Hill
Welby Monterey pop place 361119N 1210407W 320 San Lucas
Welch Ridge Monterey ridge 363810N 1214800W   Marina

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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
West Fork Limekiln Creek Monterey stream 360047N 1213057W   Lopez Point
Weston Beach Monterey beach 363045N 1215636W   Monterey
Weyland Camp Monterey locale 361442N 1214621W   Pfeiffer Point
Whale Peak Monterey summit 362707N 1215532W   Soberanes Point
Whaleboat Rock Monterey island 355222N 1212648W   Villa Creek
Whalers Cove Monterey bay 363112N 1215615W   Monterey
Whalers Knoll Monterey summit 363114N 1215642W   Monterey
Whalers Knoll Trail Monterey trail 363113N 1215643W   Monterey
White Mine Monterey mine 355409N 1201624W   The Dark Hole
White Oaks Camp Monterey locale 361932N 1213424W   Chews Ridge
White Rock Lake Monterey reservoir 362443N 1214617W   Mount Carmel
White Rock Number One Monterey bar 354828N 1212147W   Burro Mountain
White Rock Number Two Monterey bar 354903N 1212253W   Villa Creek
White Rock Ridge Monterey ridge 362522N 1214943W   Mount Carmel
White Valley Campground Monterey locale 355605N 1212759W   Cape San Martin
White Valley Campground Monterey locale 355605N 1212758W   Cape San Martin
Wild Cattle Creek Monterey stream 355803N 1212904W   Cape San Martin
Wildcat Canyon Monterey valley 363704N 1214507W   Seaside
Wildcat Canyon Monterey valley 355629N 1210422W   Williams Hill
Wildcat Canyon Monterey valley 362415N 1215304W   Soberanes Point
Wildcat Creek Monterey stream 362953N 1215607W   Soberanes Point
Wildcat Ridge Monterey ridge 363623N 1214454W   Spreckels
Wildhorse Canyon Monterey valley 361047N 1210331W   San Lucas
Wilkins Canyon Monterey valley 360612N 1210842W   Cosio Knob
Williams Canyon Monterey valley 355508N 1210202W   Williams Hill
Williams Canyon Monterey valley 362847N 1215117W   Mount Carmel
Williams Hill Monterey summit 355706N 1210002W   Williams Hill
Willow Creek Monterey stream 361254N 1213142W   Zigzag Creek
Willow Creek Monterey stream 355338N 1212738W   Cape San Martin
Willow Creek Camp Monterey locale 361225N 1213324W   Zigzag Creek
Willow Creek Picnic Area Monterey locale 355337N 1212731W   Cape San Martin
Willow Peak Monterey summit 355518N 1212344W   Cape San Martin
Willow Spring Monterey spring 354846N 1202751W   Cholame Hills
Willow Spring Monterey spring 355207N 1201703W   Cholame Valley
Willow Spring Monterey spring 361644N 1204242W   San Benito Mountain
Willow Springs Canyon Monterey valley 354612N 1202848W   Cholame Hills
Windmill Canyon Monterey valley 360444N 1204634W   Pancho Rico Valley
Windy Point Monterey cape 354653N 1211618W   Burro Mountain
Wizard Gulch Monterey valley 360333N 1212353W   Cone Peak
Wizard Gulch Monterey valley 360139N 1212231W   Cone Peak
Wolf Hill Monterey summit 363516N 1214527W   Seaside
Woll School (historical) Monterey school 360258N 1203731W   Slack Canyon
Wood Canyon Monterey valley 354714N 1201451W   Tent Hills
Woodside Park Monterey park 363947N 1213951W   Salinas
Woodtick Canyon Monterey valley 361418N 1212635W   Junipero Serra Peak
Work Memorial Park Monterey park 363545N 1215046W   Seaside
Workfield Siding Monterey locale 363840N 1214917W   Marina
Wreck Beach Monterey beach 361405N 1214753W   Pfeiffer Point
Wunpost Monterey pop place 355552N 1205144W   Wunpost
Yamat Cemetery Monterey cemetery 363921N 1213747W   Salinas
Yankee Point Monterey cape 362932N 1215638W   Soberanes Point
Yankee Point Breaker Monterey bar 362900N 1215659W   Soberanes Point
Yankee Point Rock Monterey island 362926N 1215647W   Soberanes Point
Yaqui Canyon Monterey valley 361807N 1205414W   Lonoak
Zanjones Monterey civil 363230N 1212842W   Gonzales
Zassalete (historical) Monterey pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Zigzag Creek Monterey stream 361011N 1213242W   Zigzag Creek
Zigzag Rustic Campsite Monterey locale 361146N 1213427W   Zigzag Creek
Zmudowski Beach State Park Monterey park 365014N 1214805W   Moss Landing
Zumblito (historical) Monterey pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?

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