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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
Metz Post Office (historical) Monterey post office ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   Greenfield SW
Metz School (historical) Monterey school 362150N 1211357W   Greenfield
Michaels Hill Monterey summit 361218N 1214015W   Partington Ridge
Middle Cove Monterey bay 363125N 1215708W   Monterey
Middle Fork Monterey stream 355134N 1203557W   Ranchito Canyon
Middle Fork Devils Canyon Monterey valley 360439N 1213400W   Lopez Point
Middle Mountain Monterey ridge 355659N 1202951W   Parkfield
Midway Point Monterey cape 363401N 1215745W   Monterey
Miguel Campground Monterey locale 355644N 1212328W   Cape San Martin
Miguel Campground Monterey locale 355613N 1212329W   Cape San Martin
Milindee Canyon Monterey valley 361850N 1211942W   Paraiso Springs
Mill Creek Monterey stream 355858N 1212927W   Cape San Martin
Mill Creek Monterey stream 362215N 1215034W   Big Sur
Mill Creek Campground Monterey locale 355856N 1212919W   Cape San Martin
Mill Creek Campground Monterey locale 355855N 1212917W   Cape San Martin
Mill Creek Picnic Area Monterey locale 355857N 1212925W   Cape San Martin
Miller Canyon Monterey valley 362114N 1213900W   Ventana Cones
Miller Canyon Camp Monterey locale 362017N 1213728W   Chews Ridge
Miller Canyon Rustic Campsite Monterey locale 362034N 1213745W   Ventana Cones
Miller Canyon Trail Monterey trail 361927N 1213631W   Chews Ridge
Miller Fork Carmel River Monterey stream 362113N 1213900W   Ventana Cones
Miller Mountain Monterey summit 361909N 1213840W   Ventana Cones
Millers Ranch Monterey pop place 361507N 1212544W   Sycamore Flat
Milpitas Monterey civil 360417N 1211810W   Bear Canyon
Milpitas Reservoir Monterey reservoir 360416N 1211808W   Bear Canyon
Milpitas Reservoir Dam Monterey dam 360416N 1211808W   Bear Canyon
Mincey Canyon Monterey valley 355509N 1205741W   Hames Valley
Mine Mountain Monterey summit 355808N 1202553W   Parkfield
Miners Gulch Monterey valley 362250N 1211131W   North Chalone Peak
Mining Ridge Monterey ridge 360527N 1213336W   Lopez Point
Mission Creek Monterey stream 360038N 1211510W   Bear Canyon
Mission Memorial Park Monterey cemetery 363706N 1214910W   Seaside
Mission Park Monterey park 363949N 1213936W   Salinas
Mission Ranch Monterey locale 363228N 1215514W   Monterey
Mission San Antonia de Padua Monterey church 360055N 1211456W   Cosio Knob
Mission San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo Monterey church 363233N 1215507W   Monterey
Mission Soledad Monterey church 362417N 1212118W   Soledad
Mission Trails Park Monterey park 363251N 1215458W   Monterey
Mocho Camp Monterey locale 361331N 1213943W   Partington Ridge
Mocho Creek Monterey stream 361336N 1213934W   Partington Ridge
Molera Point Monterey cape 361648N 1215131W   Big Sur
Molus Monterey pop place 362805N 1212335W 165 Palo Escrito Peak
Monarch Peak Monterey summit 361304N 1204818W   Monarch Peak
Monastery Beach Monterey beach 363125N 1215534W   Monterey
Monroe Canyon Monterey valley 361611N 1211049W   Greenfield
Monroe Creek Monterey stream 361611N 1211049W   Greenfield
Monroe Lake Monterey lake 360847N 1204310W   Priest Valley
Monroe School (historical) Monterey school 354923N 1204214W   San Miguel
Monroe Valley Monterey basin 360907N 1204305W   Priest Valley
Monterey Monterey pop place 363601N 1215337W 60 Monterey
Monterey Bay Monterey bay 364800N 1215400W   Moss Landing
Monterey Canyon Monterey valley 364745N 1214913W   Moss Landing
Monterey County Cemetery Monterey cemetery 364145N 1213814W   Salinas
Monterey County Fairgrounds Monterey park 363543N 1215150W   Seaside
Monterey Harbor Monterey harbor 363642N 1215340W   Monterey
Monterey Marina Monterey locale 363613N 1215323W   Monterey
Monterey Municipal Airport Monterey airport 363520N 1215050W   Seaside
Monterey Peninsula Airport Monterey airport 363513N 1215034W   Seaside
Monterey Peninsula Regional Park Monterey park 363538N 1214959W   Seaside
Monterey Post Office Monterey post office 363546N 1215334W   Monterey
Monterey State Beach Monterey park 363605N 1215259W   Monterey
Monterey State Historical Park Monterey park 363610N 1215337W   Monterey
Mooney Canyon Monterey valley 360520N 1205354W   San Ardo
Morgan Winery Monterey locale 363719N 1214105W   Spreckels
Moro Cojo Slough Monterey stream 364809N 1214701W   Moss Landing
Moss Monterey pop place 364755N 1214706W   Moss Landing
Moss Beach Monterey beach 363636N 1215650W   Monterey
Moss Cove Monterey bay 363123N 1215600W   Monterey
Moss Cove Trail Monterey trail 363120N 1215555W   Monterey
Moss Landing Monterey pop place 364816N 1214709W 10 Moss Landing
Moss Landing Harbor Monterey harbor 364814N 1214717W   Moss Landing
Moss Landing Post Office Monterey post office 364756N 1214706W   Moss Landing
Moss Landing State Beach Monterey park 364849N 1214722W   Moss Landing
Moss Landing State Wildlife Area Monterey park 364905N 1214609W   Moss Landing
Mound Meadow Monterey flat 363047N 1215628W   Monterey
Mound Meadow Trail Monterey trail 363049N 1215625W   Monterey
Mount Carmel Monterey summit 362309N 1214714W   Mount Carmel
Mount Manuel Trail Monterey trail 361457N 1214623W   Pfeiffer Point
Mount Mars Monterey summit 354845N 1212025W   Burro Mountain
Mount Olds, Monterey summit 363833N 1212353W   Mount Harlan
Mount Olmstead Monterey summit 361400N 1214134W   Partington Ridge
Mount Toro Monterey summit 363134N 1213632W   Chualar
Mud Creek Monterey stream 364654N 1213506W   San Juan Bautista
Mud Creek Monterey stream 355150N 1212555W   Villa Creek
Mud Springs Canyon Monterey valley 354644N 1202805W   Cholame Hills
Muddy Creek Monterey stream 363609N 1212423W   Gonzales
Mudhen Lake Monterey lake 363738N 1214347W   Salinas
Mule Canyon Creek Monterey stream 361320N 1214540W   Pfeiffer Point
Mulero Ranch Monterey locale 361710N 1215028W   Big Sur
Mulligan Hill Monterey summit 364457N 1214749W   Marina
Municipal Wharf Number 2 Monterey locale 363612N 1215318W   Monterey
Murphy Crossing Monterey crossing 365420N 1214031W   Watsonville East
Murry Creek Monterey stream 355816N 1211015W   Jolon
Mustang Fire Control Station Monterey locale 361136N 1204539W   Monarch Peak
Mustang Peak Monterey summit 355829N 1202444W   Parkfield
Mustang Ridge Monterey ridge 361353N 1204908W   Monarch Peak
Nacimiento Monterey pop place 354833N 1204426W 620 San Miguel
Nacimiento Recreation Site Monterey locale 360021N 1212349W   Cone Peak
Nacimiento River Monterey stream 354535N 1205230W   Tierra Redonda Mountain
Nacimiento School (historical) Monterey school 355830N 1212027W   Alder Peak

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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
Nacimiento Station Monterey locale 360030N 1212656W   Cone Peak
Nacimiento Summer Camp (historical) Monterey locale 360103N 1212837W   Cone Peak
Nacional Monterey civil 363918N 1214046W   Salinas
Nashua Monterey pop place 364429N 1214553W 16 Marina
Nason Cabin Monterey locale 361918N 1213617W   Chews Ridge
Natividad Monterey pop place 364358N 1213544W   Natividad
Natividad Creek Monterey stream 364112N 1213824W   Salinas
Natividad Park Monterey park 364214N 1213815W   Salinas
Natividad Post Office (historical) Monterey post office ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   Natividad NW
Nattrass Valley Monterey valley 361131N 1205736W   Nattrass Valley
Negro Fork Monterey stream 355950N 1212251W   Cape San Martin
Negro Fork Nacimiento River Monterey stream 355951N 1212250W   Cape San Martin
Negro Hill Monterey summit 360958N 1204645W   Monarch Peak
Nelson Creek Monterey stream 360101N 1203523W   Smith Mountain
Nelson Flat Monterey flat 355314N 1210645W   Williams Hill
Neponset Monterey pop place 364343N 1214700W 20 Marina
New Monterey Monterey pop place 363653N 1215404W 140 Monterey
Nine Points Park Monterey park 363643N 1215520W   Monterey
Noche Buena Monterey civil 363814N 1214909W   Marina
Noche Buena Monterey civil 363546N 1215033W   Seaside
North Chalone Peak Monterey summit 362651N 1211139W   North Chalone Peak
North Coast Ridge Trail Monterey trail 360612N 1213145W   Lopez Point
North Fork Big Creek Monterey stream 360556N 1213436W   Lopez Point
North Fork Big Sur River Monterey stream 361439N 1214046W   Partington Ridge
North Fork Devils Canyon Monterey valley 360439N 1213400W   Lopez Point
North Fork Los Burros Creek Monterey stream 355232N 1211734W   Alder Peak
North Fork San Antonio River Monterey stream 360353N 1212313W   Cone Peak
North Fork San Jose Creek Monterey stream 363108N 1215428W   Monterey
North Fork Willow Creek Monterey stream 355410N 1212502W   Cape San Martin
North Moss Beach Monterey beach 363703N 1215628W   Monterey
North Parade Ground (historical) Monterey locale 364011N 1214806W   Marina
North Point Monterey cape 363127N 1215707W   Monterey
North Shore Trail Monterey trail 363119N 1215645W   Monterey
Northgate Park Monterey park 364236N 1213925W   Salinas
Notleys Landing Monterey pop place 362354N 1215409W   Soberanes Point
Nunez Canyon Monterey valley 355550N 1210937W   Jolon
Oak Canyon Monterey valley 355113N 1201956W   Cholame Valley
Oak Flat Monterey flat 355136N 1211145W   Burnett Peak
Oak Grove Canyon Monterey valley 355108N 1202002W   Cholame Valley
Oak Grove Trail Monterey trail 361502N 1214636W   Big Sur
Oak Hills Monterey pop place 364640N 1214254W   Prunedale
Oak Park Monterey park 362010N 1211236W   Greenfield
Oasis School (historical) Monterey school 360655N 1210454W   Espinosa Canyon
Oat Hill Reservoir Dam Monterey dam 360112N 1211206W   Cosio Knob
Oat Hills Monterey ridge 360550N 1211343W   Cosio Knob
Ojito Campground Monterey locale 360400N 1213156W   Lopez Point
Old Cruikshank Ranch (historical) Monterey locale 355124N 1212256W   Villa Creek
Old Hilltown Monterey pop place 363753N 1214006W   Salinas
Old Man Canyon Monterey valley 360004N 1211154W   Cosio Knob
Old Monterey Jail Monterey building 363552N 1215348W   Monterey
Old Salinas River Monterey gut 364626N 1214713W   Moss Landing
Old Veteran Trail Monterey trail 363115N 1215655W   Monterey
Ollason Trail Monterey trail 363456N 1214130W   Spreckels
Olson Ranch Monterey locale 362013N 1212023W   Paraiso Springs
One Suerte Monterey civil 364047N 1214432W   Salinas
Oro Fino Canyon Monterey valley 354738N 1205134W   Bradley
Oro Fino Canyon Monterey valley 355754N 1211236W   Jolon
Osborne Ridge Monterey ridge 362644N 1214326W   Carmel Valley
Osio-Rodriguez Adobe Monterey building 363602N 1215337W   Monterey
Outlaw Camp Monterey locale 361430N 1214348W   Partington Ridge
Overlook Trail Monterey trail 360931N 1214014W   Partington Ridge
P B S S P South Campground Monterey locale 361433N 1214631W   Pfeiffer Point
Pacific Grove Monterey pop place 363704N 1215456W 125 Monterey
Pacific Grove 642-003 Dam Monterey dam 363642N 1215500W   Monterey
Pacific Grove Acres Monterey pop place 363744N 1215544W   Monterey OE N
Pacific Grove Grammar School (historical) Monterey school 363704N 1215457W   Monterey
Pacific Grove Post Office Monterey post office 363709N 1215504W   Monterey
Pacific House Monterey building 363610N 1215339W   Monterey
Pacific Ocean Monterey sea 362558N 1215654W   Soberanes Point
Paisin (historical) Monterey pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Pajaro Monterey pop place 365415N 1214451W 42 Watsonville East
Pajaro Mobile Manor Monterey pop place 365420N 1214447W   Watsonville East
Pajaro Valley Monterey valley 365138N 1214827W   Moss Landing
Palo Colorado Canyon Monterey valley 362352N 1215417W   Soberanes Point
Palo Corona Monterey summit 362703N 1215207W   Mount Carmel
Palo Corona Ranch Monterey locale 363131N 1215429W   Monterey
Palo Corona Ranch Monterey locale 362909N 1215245W   Soberanes Point
Palo Escrito Peak Monterey summit 362418N 1212929W   Palo Escrito Peak
Paloma Creek Monterey stream 361623N 1212656W   Sycamore Flat
Paloma Creek School (historical) Monterey school 361941N 1212931W   Sycamore Flat
Paloma Mountain Monterey summit 362314N 1212809W   Palo Escrito Peak
Paloma Ridge Monterey ridge 362134N 1212454W   Sycamore Flat
Pancho Rico Creek Monterey stream 360058N 1205440W   San Ardo
Pancho Rico Valley Monterey valley 360105N 1205313W   San Ardo
Panorama Trail Monterey trail 361529N 1214950W   Big Sur
Paradise Canyon Monterey valley 364711N 1214449W   Prunedale
Paradise Valley Monterey valley 364813N 1214209W   Prunedale
Paraiso Springs Monterey spring 361953N 1212204W   Paraiso Springs
Paraiso Springs School (historical) Monterey school 362021N 1212027W   Paraiso Springs
Paraje de Sanchez Monterey civil 362719N 1212726W   Palo Escrito Peak
Paris Valley Monterey basin 360209N 1205613W   San Ardo
Parker Canyon Monterey valley 363431N 1213626W   Chualar
Parker Flats Monterey flat 363808N 1214658W   Marina
Parkfield Monterey pop place 355359N 1202554W 1535 Parkfield
Parkfield Cemetery Monterey cemetery 355200N 1202441W   Cholame Hills
Parkfield Post Office (historical) Monterey post office ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   Parkfield NW
Parson Spring Monterey spring 362452N 1211132W   North Chalone Peak
Parsons Creek Monterey stream 363610N 1212531W   Gonzales
Partington Canyon Monterey valley 361032N 1214146W   Partington Ridge
Partington Cove Monterey bay 361030N 1214148W   Partington Ridge

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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
Partington Creek Monterey stream 361032N 1214143W   Partington Ridge
Partington Point Monterey cape 361031N 1214149W   Partington Ridge
Partington Ridge Monterey ridge 361138N 1214150W   Partington Ridge
Pat Springs Camp Monterey locale 362148N 1214435W   Ventana Cones
Patriquin Mine Monterey mine 355737N 1202519W   Parkfield
Pauls Island Monterey island 364901N 1214659W   Moss Landing
Peachtree Canyon Monterey valley 360409N 1204627W   Pancho Rico Valley
Peachtree Valley Monterey valley 361625N 1205706W   Lonoak
Pebble Beach Monterey pop place 363359N 1215644W   Monterey
Pebble Beach Monterey beach 363400N 1215647W   Monterey
Pelican Point Monterey cape 363024N 1215624W   Monterey
Pelon Campground Monterey locale 360948N 1213525W   Zigzag Creek
Penvir Monterey pop place 363219N 1212859W 112 Gonzales
Peoples Park Monterey park 364602N 1214453W   Prunedale
Perry House Monterey building 363612N 1215343W   Monterey
Perry Ridge Monterey ridge 363730N 1214422W   Spreckels
Pesante Canyon Monterey valley 364617N 1213955W   Prunedale
Pescadero Monterey pop place 371518N 1222249W 31 ? ? ? ? ?
Pescadero Monterey civil 363448N 1215616W   Monterey
Pescadero Canyon Monterey valley 363327N 1215549W   Monterey
Pescadero Point Monterey cape 363339N 1215702W   Monterey
Pescadero Rocks Monterey island 363342N 1215635W   Monterey
Pettits Peak Monterey summit 361553N 1211836W   Paraiso Springs
Pfeiffer-Redwood Creek Monterey stream 361503N 1214711W   Big Sur
Pfeiffer Beach Monterey beach 361419N 1214859W   Pfeiffer Point
Pfeiffer Beach Recreation Site Monterey locale 361405N 1214839W   Pfeiffer Point
Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park Monterey park 361456N 1214654W   Pfeiffer Point
Pfeiffer Falls Monterey falls 361525N 1214650W   Big Sur
Pfeiffer Falls Trail Monterey trail 361517N 1214655W   Big Sur
Pfeiffer Gulch Monterey valley 361428N 1214626W   Pfeiffer Point
Pfeiffer Point Monterey cape 361408N 1214849W   Pfeiffer Point
Pfeiffer Ridge Monterey ridge 361544N 1214916W   Big Sur
Pfeiffer Rock Monterey island 361358N 1214838W   Pfeiffer Point
Pheneger Creek Monterey stream 361610N 1214824W   Big Sur
Piccadilly Park Monterey park 363317N 1215517W   Monterey
Pick Creek Monterey stream 361235N 1213758W   Partington Ridge
Picnic Canyon Monterey valley 363733N 1214358W   Salinas
Pico Blanco Monterey summit 361908N 1214837W   Big Sur
Pico Blanco Boy Scout Camp Monterey locale 361955N 1214746W   Big Sur
Pico Blanco Rustic Campsite Monterey locale 361822N 1214821W   Big Sur
Piedras Altas Monterey ridge 355205N 1211228W   Burnett Peak
Pigeon Point Monterey cape 361935N 1213011W   Chews Ridge
Pilarcitos Canyon Monterey valley 363759N 1214202W   Salinas
Pilarcitos Ridge Monterey ridge 363732N 1214311W   Salinas
Pinal Creek Monterey stream 360447N 1212341W   Cone Peak
Pinalito Canyon Monterey valley 361632N 1210615W   Pinalito Canyon
Pinalito Creek Monterey stream 360503N 1212230W   Bear Canyon
Pine Canyon Monterey valley 363532N 1213550W   Chualar
Pine Canyon Monterey valley 355659N 1210342W   Williams Hill
Pine Canyon Monterey valley 355723N 1202835W   Parkfield
Pine Canyon Monterey valley 361146N 1210825W   Thompson Canyon
Pine Canyon Mobile Estates Monterey pop place 361053N 1210855W   Thompson Canyon
Pine Creek Monterey stream 360356N 1205608W   San Ardo
Pine Creek Monterey stream 362428N 1214125W   Carmel Valley
Pine Creek Camp Monterey locale 362306N 1214606W   Mount Carmel
Pine Falls Monterey falls 361803N 1213839W   Ventana Cones
Pine Grove Youth Camp Monterey locale 365025N 1213955W   Prunedale
Pine Ridge Monterey ridge 363058N 1215633W   Monterey
Pine Ridge Monterey ridge 361638N 1213853W   Ventana Cones
Pine Ridge Camp Monterey locale 361625N 1213858W   Ventana Cones
Pine Ridge Trail Monterey trail 361708N 1213752W   Ventana Cones
Pine Ridge Trail Monterey trail 363052N 1215628W   Monterey
Pine Valley Monterey basin 361807N 1213803W   Ventana Cones
Pine Valley Monterey valley 360359N 1205604W   San Ardo
Pine Valley Rustic Campsite Monterey locale 361804N 1213804W   Ventana Cones
Piney Creek Monterey stream 361507N 1212504W   Sycamore Flat
Piney Creek Campground Monterey locale 361711N 1212844W   Sycamore Flat
Piney Creek Campground Monterey locale 361657N 1212811W   Sycamore Flat
Piney Woods Monterey woods 363057N 1215632W   Monterey
Pinkerton School (historical) Monterey school 355203N 1210045W   Bryson
Pinnacle Cove Monterey bay 363124N 1215713W   Monterey
Pinnacle Point Monterey cape 363127N 1215716W   Monterey
Pinnacle Point Monterey cape 363127N 1215714W   Monterey
Pinnacles Air Park Monterey airport 362649N 1211312W   North Chalone Peak
Pinyon Peak Monterey summit 361007N 1212249W   Junipero Serra Peak
Pinyon Peak Monterey summit 362920N 1214709W   Mount Carmel
Pitman Canyon Monterey valley 360455N 1204615W   Pancho Rico Valley
Plaskett Monterey pop place 355500N 1212804W   Cape San Martin
Plaskett Creek Monterey stream 355512N 1212816W   Cape San Martin
Plaskett Creek Campground Monterey locale 355514N 1212750W   Cape San Martin
Plaskett Creek Campground Monterey locale 355514N 1212752W   Cape San Martin
Plaskett Rock Monterey island 355515N 1212837W   Cape San Martin
Platt Park Monterey park 363638N 1215508W   Monterey
Pleyto Monterey civil 355100N 1205930W   Tierra Redonda Mountain
Pleyto Monterey pop place 355137N 1205933W   Tierra Redonda Mountain
Pleyto (historical) Monterey pop place 355140N 1205946W   Tierra Redonda Mountain
Pleyto Post Office (historical) Monterey post office ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   Tierra Redonda Mountain SW
Pleyto Well Monterey well 354834N 1205114W   Bradley
Point Alones Monterey cape 363708N 1215400W   Monterey
Point Cabrillo Monterey cape 363718N 1215410W   Monterey
Point Joe Monterey cape 363637N 1215719W   Monterey
Point Lobos Monterey cape 363118N 1215706W   Monterey
Point Lobos State Reserve Monterey park 363110N 1215641W   Monterey
Point Pinos Monterey cape 363820N 1215545W   Monterey OE N
Point Piños Light Station Monterey locale 363801N 1215557W   Monterey
Point Piños Lighthouse Reservation Monterey park 363800N 1215557W   Monterey
Point Sur Monterey cape 361819N 1215354W   Point Sur
Point Sur Lighthouse Monterey locale 361823N 1215402W   Point Sur
Point Sur Lighthouse Reservation Monterey park 361823N 1215402W   Point Sur
Poison Oak Hill Monterey summit 362159N 1213234W   Chews Ridge

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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
Poison Ridge Monterey ridge 362212N 1213258W   Chews Ridge
Poison Spring Monterey spring 361714N 1204243W   San Benito Mountain
Polar Star Mine Monterey mine 354548N 1211639W   Burro Mountain
Pole Canyon Monterey valley 360121N 1211014W   Cosio Knob
Ponciano Ridge Monterey ridge 362343N 1214454W   Carmel Valley
Portola Leslie Park Monterey park 363634N 1214928W   Seaside
Portola Plaza Monterey park 363605N 1215333W   Monterey
Portuguese Canyon Monterey valley 360445N 1205423W   San Ardo
Portuguese Canyon Monterey valley 354910N 1203947W   San Miguel
Portuguese Canyon Monterey valley 355142N 1204737W   Bradley
Portuguese Ridge Monterey ridge 362634N 1215317W   Soberanes Point
Posa De Los Ositos Monterey civil 361630N 1211146W   Greenfield
Post Creek Monterey stream 361433N 1214626W   Pfeiffer Point
Post Summit Monterey summit 361720N 1214726W   Big Sur
Posts Monterey pop place 361342N 1214548W   Pfeiffer Point
Posts Post Office (historical) Monterey post office ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   Pfeiffer Point
Potrero Canyon Monterey valley 363152N 1215159W   Seaside
Powell Canyon Monterey valley 355743N 1204958W   Wunpost
Powell Spring Monterey spring 360109N 1204041W   Slack Canyon
Pozo Hondo Creek Monterey stream 355009N 1211220W   Burnett Peak
Prattco Monterey ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Presidio de Monterey (historical) Monterey military 363547N 1215319W   Monterey
Presidio of Monterey Monterey park 363623N 1215421W   Monterey
Prewitt Creek Monterey stream 355607N 1212828W   Cape San Martin
Prewitt Ridge Campground Monterey locale 355814N 1212659W   Cape San Martin
Prewitt Ridge Campground Monterey locale 355813N 1212700W   Cape San Martin
Priest Valley Monterey basin 361113N 1204157W   Priest Valley
Princes Camp Monterey locale 362403N 1213931W   Carmel Valley
Prunedale Monterey pop place 364633N 1214007W 90 Prunedale
Prunedale School (historical) Monterey school 364717N 1214012W   Prunedale
Puerta del Diablo Monterey summit 362615N 1215354W   Soberanes Point
Puerto Suello Creek Monterey stream 361947N 1214442W   Ventana Cones
Punta De Pinos Monterey civil 363701N 1215623W   Monterey
Purd Camp Monterey locale 362107N 1212352W   Sycamore Flat
Quail Creek Monterey stream 363640N 1213249W   Chualar
Quail Creek Airport Monterey airport 363734N 1212928W   Mount Harlan
Quail Meadows Monterey pop place 363158N 1215207W   Seaside
Quail Top Monterey summit 355327N 1210644W   Williams Hill
Queen of Heaven Cemetery Monterey cemetery 364536N 1213930W   Prunedale
Quesada Spring Monterey spring 360026N 1202958W   Curry Mountain
Quicksilver Mine Monterey mine 355109N 1210819W   Burnett Peak
Quina (historical) Monterey pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Quinado Canyon Monterey valley 361056N 1210737W   Thompson Canyon
Radcliff Cabin (historical) Monterey building 355343N 1201713W   The Dark Hole
Ragged Point Monterey cape 354535N 1211936W   Burro Mountain
Rainbow Camp Monterey locale 361319N 1213915W   Partington Ridge
Rambo Spring Monterey spring 360424N 1203856W   Slack Canyon
Rana Creek Monterey stream 362612N 1213743W   Carmel Valley
Rancho De La Charra (historical) Monterey locale 355347N 1202607W   Parkfield
Rancho Del Monte Monterey locale 362937N 1214441W   Carmel Valley
Rancho Escondido (historical) Monterey locale 360823N 1212935W   Junipero Serra Peak
Rancho Palo Escrito Monterey locale 362205N 1213137W   Chews Ridge
Rancho San Lucas Monterey locale 360421N 1210220W   Espinosa Canyon
Rancho Tierra Grande Monterey pop place 363141N 1214810W   Seaside
Rat Creek Monterey stream 360530N 1213706W   Lopez Point
Rat Hill Monterey summit 363052N 1215615W   Monterey
Rattlesnake Campground Monterey locale 362207N 1214132W   Ventana Cones
Rattlesnake Creek Monterey stream 360425N 1212349W   Cone Peak
Rattlesnake Creek Monterey stream 362235N 1214102W   Carmel Valley
Rattlesnake Creek Trail Monterey trail 362240N 1214048W   Carmel Valley
Ray Evans Ranch (historical) Monterey locale 354838N 1212203W   Burro Mountain
Reason Mountain Monterey summit 360019N 1202925W   Curry Mountain
Red Hill Monterey summit 362343N 1213246W   Rana Creek
Redhead Canyon Monterey valley 360253N 1205451W   San Ardo
Redwood Creek Monterey stream 361450N 1214026W   Partington Ridge
Redwood Creek Camp Monterey locale 361518N 1214006W   Ventana Cones
Redwood Gulch Monterey valley 355001N 1212340W   Villa Creek
Redwood School (historical) Monterey school 360152N 1213301W   Lopez Point
Redwood Spring Monterey spring 360045N 1212728W   Cone Peak
Reeside Access Monterey park 363638N 1215343W   Monterey
Reliz Canyon Monterey valley 361819N 1211738W   Paraiso Springs
Reliz Canyon Camp Ground Monterey locale 361058N 1211744W   Reliz Canyon
Reliz Creek Monterey stream 361853N 1211737W   Paraiso Springs
Remco Flying Field (historical) Monterey airport 364200N 1213935W   Salinas
Retreat Monterey locale 363613N 1215147W   Seaside
Riley Cabin Monterey locale 355610N 1202142W   The Dark Hole
Riley Cabin (historical) Monterey building 355657N 1202157W   The Dark Hole
Rincon De Sanjon Monterey civil 364214N 1214155W   Salinas
Rincon School (historical) Monterey school 364406N 1214530W   Marina
Rincon de la Puente del Monte Monterey civil 363720N 1212630W   Gonzales
Rincon de las Salinas Monterey civil 364332N 1214707W   Marina
Rio Plaza Mobile Home Park (subdivision) Monterey pop place 361208N 1210751W   Thompson Canyon
Rip Van Winkle Open Space Monterey park 363636N 1215548W   Monterey
River Trail Monterey trail 361643N 1214953W   Big Sur
Roach Canyon Monterey valley 363225N 1215159W   Seaside
Roach Canyon Park Monterey park 363243N 1215159W   Seaside
Roberts Lake Monterey lake 363627N 1215126W   Seaside
Robertson Creek Monterey stream 362238N 1213339W   Rana Creek
Robinson Canyon Monterey valley 360037N 1210849W   Cosio Knob
Robinson Canyon Monterey valley 363107N 1214839W   Seaside
Robinson Jeffers Tor House Monterey building 363232N 1215548W   Monterey
Robles Del Rio Monterey pop place 362812N 1214356W 480 Carmel Valley
Rockland Landing Monterey locale 360029N 1213106W   Lopez Point
Rocky Creek Monterey stream 362247N 1215405W   Soberanes Point
Rocky Creek Monterey stream 361410N 1212928W   Junipero Serra Peak
Rocky Creek Camp Monterey locale 361450N 1213013W   Zigzag Creek
Rocky Creek Campground Monterey locale 361543N 1213037W   Chews Ridge
Rocky Point Monterey cape 362411N 1215448W   Soberanes Point
Rocky Ridge Monterey ridge 364519N 1213101W   San Juan Bautista
Rocky Ridge Trail Monterey trail 362801N 1215447W   Soberanes Point

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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
Romie Lane Monterey ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Roosevelt Creek Monterey stream 360725N 1212810W   Cone Peak
Rooster Canyon Monterey valley 363451N 1212024W   Mount Johnson
Round Mountain Monterey summit 361406N 1204007W   Priest Valley
Round Rock Camp Monterey locale 361835N 1214034W   Ventana Cones
Round Spring Monterey spring 355444N 1211958W   Alder Peak
Round Tree Hill Monterey summit 360503N 1213103W   Lopez Point
Royal Oaks County Park Monterey park 365026N 1213953W   Prunedale
Ruby Canyon Monterey valley 355854N 1211148W   Jolon
Rude Spring Monterey spring 360411N 1203756W   Slack Canyon
Rudolph Ridge Monterey ridge 360604N 1211457W   Cosio Knob
Saddle Mountain Monterey ridge 363040N 1215005W   Seaside
Saddle Mountain Monterey summit 363057N 1214954W   Seaside
Saddle Rock Monterey summit 360928N 1214020W   Partington Ridge
Saint Johns Cemetery Monterey cemetery 363544N 1215300W   Monterey
Salinas Monterey pop place 364040N 1213916W 53 Salinas
Salinas Air Base (historical) Monterey airport 364011N 1213701W   Natividad
Salinas Municipal Airport Monterey airport 363947N 1213622W   Natividad
Salinas National Wildlife Refuge Monterey park 364430N 1214810W   Marina
Salinas Post Office Monterey post office 364026N 1213923W   Salinas
Salinas River Monterey stream 364458N 1214809W   Marina
Salinas River State Beach Monterey park 364659N 1214740W   Moss Landing
Salinas Valley Fairgrounds Monterey park 361217N 1210737W   Thompson Canyon
Salmon Cone Monterey summit 354839N 1212152W   Burro Mountain
Salmon Creek Monterey stream 354830N 1212145W   Burro Mountain
Salmon Creek Monterey stream 355052N 1211135W   Burnett Peak
Salmon Creek Ranger Station Monterey locale 354857N 1212151W   Burro Mountain
Salmon Head Monterey summit 354937N 1212142W   Burro Mountain
Salsipuedes Creek Monterey stream 360337N 1212604W   Cone Peak
Salsipuedes Creek Monterey stream 362650N 1214912W   Mount Carmel
Sam Jones Canyon Monterey valley 355416N 1210743W   Jolon
San Antonio Rustic Campsite Monterey locale 360340N 1212624W   Cone Peak
San Antonio 1008-002 Dam Monterey dam 354754N 1205300W   Tierra Redonda Mountain
San Antonio Dam Monterey dam 354755N 1205305W   Tierra Redonda Mountain
San Antonio River Monterey stream 355135N 1204806W   Bradley
San Ardo Monterey pop place 360114N 1205415W 459 San Ardo
San Ardo Field Monterey airport 360133N 1205427W   San Ardo
San Ardo Oil Field Monterey oilfield 355750N 1205245W   Hames Valley
San Benancio Gulch Monterey valley 363413N 1214238W   Spreckels
San Benito Monterey civil 360820N 1210308W   San Lucas
San Bernabe Monterey civil 361044N 1210625W   San Lucas
San Bernardo Monterey civil 360319N 1205615W   San Ardo
San Carlos Beach Monterey beach 363635N 1215340W   Monterey
San Carlos Canyon Monterey valley 362002N 1211119W   Greenfield
San Carlos Cemetery Monterey cemetery 363545N 1215304W   Monterey
San Carlos Ranch Monterey locale 362713N 1214815W   Mount Carmel
San Carlos Ranch (historical) Monterey locale 362019N 1210953W   Greenfield
San Carpoforo Campground Monterey locale 354745N 1211644W   Burro Mountain
San Carpoforo Creek Monterey stream 354552N 1211926W   Burro Mountain
San Clemente 642 Dam Monterey dam 362606N 1214224W   Carmel Valley
San Clemente Creek Monterey stream 362554N 1214246W   Carmel Valley
San Clemente Dam Monterey dam 362609N 1214227W   Carmel Valley
San Clemente Ridge Monterey ridge 362515N 1214535W   Mount Carmel
San Clemente Trail Monterey trail 362347N 1214336W   Carmel Valley
San Francisquito Monterey civil 362806N 1214759W   Mount Carmel
San Francisquito Flat Monterey flat 362725N 1214817W   Mount Carmel
San Jose Creek Monterey stream 363125N 1215530W   Monterey
San Jose Y Sur Chiquito Monterey civil 362758N 1215425W   Soberanes Point
San Lorenzo Monterey civil 361147N 1204908W   Monarch Peak
San Lorenzo Monterey civil 361707N 1210901W   Greenfield
San Lorenzo Monterey civil 362200N 1210508W   Pinalito Canyon
San Lorenzo County Park Monterey park 361225N 1210907W   Thompson Canyon
San Lorenzo Creek Monterey stream 361146N 1210734W   Thompson Canyon
San Lucas Monterey civil 360513N 1210135W   Espinosa Canyon
San Lucas Monterey pop place 360744N 1210110W 406 San Lucas
San Lucas Canyon Monterey valley 355831N 1210457W   Williams Hill
San Lucas Post Office Monterey post office 360746N 1210109W   San Lucas
San Martin Rock Monterey island 355317N 1212754W   Cape San Martin
San Martin Top Monterey summit 355242N 1212403W   Cape San Martin
San Miguel Canyon Monterey valley 364559N 1214012W   Prunedale
San Miguel Creek Monterey stream 355651N 1211758W   Alder Peak
San Miguelito Monterey civil 355724N 1211611W   Alder Peak
San Miguelito Ranch Monterey locale 355627N 1211639W   Alder Peak
San Vicente Monterey civil 363006N 1212331W   Gonzales
Sand City Monterey pop place 363702N 1215050W 60 Seaside
Sand Creek Monterey stream 361548N 1212549W   Sycamore Flat
Sand Dollar Beach Monterey beach 355526N 1212803W   Cape San Martin
Sand Dollar Picnic Area Monterey locale 355515N 1212757W   Cape San Martin
Sand Dollar Picnic Area Monterey locale 355515N 1212757W   Cape San Martin
Sand Hill Monterey summit 363103N 1215700W   Monterey
Sand Hill Cove Monterey bay 363100N 1215657W   Monterey
Sand Hill Trail Monterey trail 363103N 1215701W   Monterey
Sandholdt Pier Monterey locale 364804N 1214720W   Moss Landing
Sandholt Bridge Monterey bridge 364800N 1214712W   Moss Landing
Sandstone Ridge Monterey ridge 363758N 1214334W   Salinas
Sandy Beach Monterey beach 363025N 1215618W   Monterey
Sans (historical) Monterey pop place 355824N 1212018W   Alder Peak
Santa Lucia Creek Monterey stream 361322N 1212948W   Junipero Serra Peak
Santa Lucia Creek Monterey stream 360506N 1212502W   Cone Peak
Santa Lucia Memorial Park Monterey park 360708N 1212751W   Cone Peak
Santa Lucia Range Monterey range 360304N 1212805W   Cone Peak
Santa Rita Monterey civil 364329N 1214111W   Salinas
Santa Rita Monterey pop place 364326N 1213918W 80 Salinas
Santa Rita Park Monterey park 364331N 1213901W   Salinas
Sapaque Creek Monterey stream 354747N 1210537W   Bryson
Sapaque Valley Monterey valley 354747N 1210536W   Bryson
Sapaywis (historical) Monterey pop place ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?   ? ? ? ? ?
Sarah Canyon Monterey valley 355322N 1205002W   Wunpost
Sargent Canyon Monterey valley 355703N 1205143W   Wunpost
Sargent Creek Monterey stream 355704N 1205144W   Wunpost

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