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Feature Name County Type Latitude Longitude Alt USGS 7.5' Map
White Creek Fresno stream 361315N 1202947W - Alcalde Hills
White Deer Creek Fresno stream 364722N 1191337W - Luckett Mountain
White Deer Flat Fresno flat 364940N 1191027W 2600 Luckett Mountain
White Deer Saddle Fresno gap 365036N 1190855W 3565 Luckett Mountain
White Divide Fresno ridge 370148N 1184308W - Mount Goddard
White Fork Fresno stream 365314N 1182530W - Mount Pinchot
White Tank Spring Fresno spring 364710N 1192310W - Piedra
Whites Bridge Fresno bridge 364358N 1202029W - Tranquillity
Whites Bridge Post Office (historical) (Est. 1879) (1879-1893) Fresno post office n/a n/a - Tranquillity
Whitmores Ferry (historical) Fresno crossing 362530N 1194140W - Laton
Wide Gap Fresno gap 365906N 1182454W - Mount Pinchot
Wiesman Spring Fresno spring 365346N 1190050W - Patterson Mountain
Wilbur May Lake Fresno lake 372759N 1185713W - Graveyard Peak
Wild Flower Fresno pop place 363014N 1194056W 267 Conejo
Wild Flower Post Office (historical) (Est. 1878) (1878-1898) Fresno post office n/a n/a - Conejo
Wild Hog Canyon Fresno valley 363840N 1190301W - Miramonte
Wildcat Canyon Fresno valley 364953N 1205325W - Ortigalita Peak
Wildcat Creek Fresno stream 365230N 1192702W - Humphreys Station
Wildcat Mountain Fresno summit 365300N 1192546W 2227 Humphreys Station
Wildcat Rock Fresno pillar 360218N 1202802W 1929 Curry Mountain
Wildflower Fresno pop place 363014N 1194056W 267 Conejo
Wildman Meadow Fresno flat 365006N 1184214W - Cedar Grove
Wildwood Farm Fresno locale 364252N 1190652W - Miramonte
Willett Field Fresno airport 361203N 1200510W 353 Huron
Williams Creek Fresno stream 365515N 1190110W - Patterson Mountain
Willow Creek Fresno stream 363654N 1192336W - Reedley
Willow Creek Fresno stream 370844N 1192740W - Cascadel Point
Willow Lake Fresno lake 363334N 1194320W - Conejo
Willow Meadow Fresno flat 370901N 1190658W - Dogtooth Peak
Willow Spring Fresno spring 355838N 1201403W - Garza Peak
Willow Spring Fresno spring 360907N 1202955W - Alcalde Hills
Willow Spring Fresno spring 361108N 1203535W - Sherman Peak
Willow Springs Canyon Fresno valley 360636N 1202630W - Curry Mountain
Wilson Park Fresno park 364734N 1195014W - Fresno North
Wilson Ranch Fresno locale 362404N 1201135W - Westside
Wilsonia Tulare pop place 364406N 1185720W 6600 General Grant Grove
Wim-mel-che Fresno stream 365017N 1185229W - Wren Peak
Wimmilche River Fresno stream 365017N 1185229W - Wren Peak
Winchell Bay Fresno bay 370004N 1193934W - Millerton Lake West
Winchell Cove Campground Fresno locale 365944N 1193855W - Friant
Winchell Cove Cemetery Fresno cemetery 365939N 1193833W - Friant
Winchell Creek Fresno stream 365950N 1193856W - Friant
Window Peak Fresno summit 365323N 1182733W 2085 Mount Pinchot
Windy Canyon Fresno valley 365924N 1183554W - Marion Peak
Windy Cliff Fresno ridge 370028N 1183409W - North Palisade
Windy Cliffs Fresno cliff 364832N 1184902W - Wren Peak
Windy Gap Fresno gap 371249N 1190027W 7800 Dogtooth Peak
Windy Gulch Fresno valley 364850N 1184856W - Wren Peak
Windy Gulch Grove Fresno woods 364722N 1184945W - Wren Peak
Windy Peak Fresno summit 365821N 1183635W 8867 Marion Peak
Windy Ridge Fresno ridge 365736N 1183331W - Marion Peak
Wineland Fresno pop place 363230N 1193458W 305 Selma
Winfrey Campgrounds Fresno locale 365143N 1190247W 1260 Verplank Ridge
Winmiche River Fresno stream 365017N 1185229W - Wren Peak
Winton Park Fresno park 364859N 1192303W - Piedra
Wisdom Well (historical) Fresno well 364523N 1203335W - Broadview Farms
Wishon 97-118 Dam Fresno dam 370006N 1185812W - Courtright Reservoir
Wishon Dam Fresno dam 370011N 1185758W - Courtright Reservoir
Wishon Reservoir Fresno reservoir 370017N 1185802W - Courtright Reservoir
Wolf Fresno pop place 364143N 1193813W 331 Malaga
Wolfson Ranch Fresno locale 365951N 1203107W - Oxalis
Wonder Valley Fresno basin 364800N 1191815W - Pine Flat Dam
Wonder Valley Airport Fresno airport 364731N 1191833W 662 Pine Flat Dam
Wood Ranch Fresno pop place 364458N 1203817W 316 Chounet Ranch
Woodchuck Country Fresno area 370103N 1185316W - Courtright Reservoir
Woodchuck Creek Fresno stream 370114N 1185728W - Courtright Reservoir
Woodchuck Lake Fresno lake 370232N 1185242W 9949 Courtright Reservoir
Woods Creek Fresno stream 365200N 1183110W - The Sphinx
Woods Lake Fresno lake 365310N 1182301W - Mount Pinchot
Woods Ranch Fresno locale 361212N 1200144W 303 Huron
Woodward Park Fresno park 365153N 1194706W - Fresno North
Woolley Canyon Fresno valley 364024N 1190316W - Miramonte
Wooten Creek Fresno stream 363737N 1192055W - Orange Cove North
Wootten Park Fresno park 364320N 1200400W - Kerman
Wren Creek Fresno stream 364901N 1184414W - Cedar Grove
Wren Creek Fresno stream 365229N 1184823W - Wren Peak
Wren Peak Fresno summit 365019N 1184735W 9450 Wren Peak
Wright Mountain Fresno summit 361939N 1203209W 4566 Santa Rita Peak
Yearout Ranch Fresno locale 364443N 1201855W - Tranquillity
Young Pond Fresno lake 363535N 1193807W - Conejo
Yucca Point Fresno cape 364926N 1185219W - Wren Peak
Yucca Point Fresno summit 364944N 1185350W 5184 Hume
Zapato Canyon Fresno valley 360400N 1201350W - Avenal
Zapato Creek Fresno stream 360930N 1201100W - Guijarral Hills
Zapato Chino Canyon Fresno valley 360400N 1201350W - Avenal
Zapato Chino Creek Fresno stream 360930N 1201100W - Guijarral Hills
Zapatos Canyon Fresno valley 360400N 1201350W - Avenal
Zapatos Creek Fresno stream 360930N 1201100W - Guijarral Hills
Zebe Creek Fresno stream 365018N 1191801W - Pine Flat Dam
Zediker Fresno pop place 364526N 1193123W 399 Round Mountain
Zingheim Heights Fresno summit 371102N 1185121W 11138 Mount Henry
Zuburi Ranch Fresno locale 360546N 1201859W - Kreyenhagen Hills
Zumwalt Meadows Fresno flat 364729N 1183542W - The Sphinx

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