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I have opened our bookstore to help make it easier to find resources that will assist you in your search for your treasures.

At present I felt it would be best to post this page as a search engine for the materials that you want. As time goes on I will
be researching and making recommendations. I have a rather extensive library and I will be adding reviews for whatever has been read. If you have a favorite book and would like to review it, I will post your review if you keep it to less than 100 words. I am always open to recommendations for  new titles and ways to improve this site for everyone's use. Please use the search engine at the bottom for selecting your choice or just browsing around. Thank you.

For starters, here are a few sample recommendations of searches and their results:
(bear in mind that not all titles are applicable and that some are out of print)

Search - treasure hunting    result = 58 titles
Search - metal detecting result = 6 titles
Search - gold panning results = 23 titles
Search - relic hunting  result = 1 title
Search - ghost towns  results = 221 titles
Search - mines  results = 2232 titles
Search - cemeteries  results = 370 titles
Search - railroad sidings  results = 0 titles
Search - historical railroads  results = 60 titles
Search - 49'ers  results - 39 titles
Search - buried treasure  results = 597 titles
Search - historical markers  results = 62 titles
Search - Mojave trail  results = 6 titles
Search - tonopah  results - 8 titles
Search - sutter  results = 77 titles
Search - placerville  results = 14 titles
Search - mother lode  results = 21 titles

Anyway, you get the idea. Here is the search engine.
We hope there is treasure at the end of your search.

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We have started taking submissions from people on books that they have read or written.
We are going to list the titles and you can copy and paste them into the above search box.

A Guidebook to Mining in America     by John R. Park   2 separate volumes

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